Great Vacation Rentals in Exuma

Vacation rentals are aimed at those who wish to take a long holiday. These rentals are more like homes than hotels and provide a homely peaceful retreat. You will probably have to cook your own meals in the kitchen though some rentals provide cooks and catered food. Rentals will have a minimum stay requirement…usually it is 3 to 5 days. 
The average rent of a vacation rental home in Exuma on a per day basis is 200 USD and above. 

February Point Vacation Rentals

Address: February Point Queen's Highway, Georgetown 
Phone: +1 242-336-2660 
If you have the wish of experiencing the idyllic and luxurious life that the affluent look for when they purchase a home in the out islands then you should go to February Point. This is an actual gated community and resort and there are 27 villas (out of the 40) that are available for rental arrangements. Almost all of the villas are two storied and are painted in cute pastel shades….there are lovely views of Elizabeth Harbor from the windows. 
Choose from 3 bedroomed villas to 6 bedroomed ones…sometimes the owner may also allow you to rent a part of the villa. Housekeepers will come every alternate day and you can use the gym, infinity pool, tennis court etc. that are a part of the gated community. 
There is also a restaurant called Rusty Anchor with nice water views and a moderately diverse menu that has world cuisine along with Bahamian local stuff (try the lobster dishes). The special advantage of staying here is that it feels like a home away from home. Elizabeth Harbor, George Town and Stocking Island are all nearby so location wise this is good. However there is some or the other construction work going on inside the community in intervals and that’s kind of bothersome. 

Island Time Villas

Address: Jolly Hall Queens Highway, Georgetown 
Direct Phone: 1.242-336-2787 Toll Free: 1-888-396-0606 
True to its name the Island Time Villas offer an idyllic island atmosphere with its proximity to the beach (only 3 minutes away), candy colored buildings and outdoor pools and BBQ pits. There are 3 kinds of accommodation options on offer; Studio Rooms, One bedroom villas and two bedroom villas. The studio rooms have a kitchenette with toaster, coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave etc. along with a dining table and chairs. There is also a private patio with seating arrangement. The one bedroom villa has 2 full bathrooms, one bedroom and private patio. Two bedroom villas has 2 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large private patio along with a private garden. 
Guests staying on Island Time can use all resort facilities of Exuma Hideaways Beachfront resort…it’s just next door. Guests will get access to the gym, indoor games room, water sports cell and other amenities. There is however a great in-house restaurant, bar and grill called Splash Bar and Grill that is well known for its stuffed burgers and pizzas. These restaurant is open for outsiders too apart from guests so you might face privacy issues. 

Breezy Hill

Address: Breakwater Drive, George Town, Exuma 
Phone: 242-358-4080 
If you want spectacular views at an affordable price then this is the place to stay. This property has a range of self-catering homes that can be rented on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis. The location is on a hillock about 62 feet above sea level which is why the view is so great and you get access to an utterly secluded beach that’s nearby along with a coral reef with lots of marine life. This place is good for exploring both sides of the island. On the north there is Cocoplum beach and boat tour hubs while on the south there is Tropic of Cancer Beach and Georgetown. 
The property is divided into a main house and a guest house. The main house has 2 large bedrooms with king size beds and extra daybed, living room, 2 bathrooms and kitchen. The guest house has two smaller bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen and dining area…ocean views are available from the deck. If you wish you can rent part of the property i.e. one bedroom, kitchen and bathroom only or in any other combination. 
The rental homes have WI fi, cable TV, free Vonage phone and standard furniture along with a furnished kitchen. The staff (Larry and Esther manage the homes) will happily guide you towards the best restaurants, bars, attractions in town. There are special discounts for retired people and members of US military services. The downside is that you need to deposit all the money prior to your arrival and the cancellation policy doesn’t allow refunds. 

Bay View Vacation Rental

Address: Rolle Town, Near George Town, Great Exuma 
If you are on a long honeymoon or are looking for some quiet time with family then the Bay View Vacation Rental is an ideal option. The location is quiet and private (a 15 minute cab ride from George Town) and you will have good opportunities of kayaking across the bays and exploring the white beaches and coves all around on Man O War and Moriah Harbor Cay. The ocean stretch on the front is known for good bone fishing. There is a sun deck and gazebo right in front of the waters. 
This is a small very tidily maintained property consisting of two units (you can rent half or both the units). Each unit has 2 bedrooms…one bedroom has a queen bed while the other has twin beds. There is fully furnished kitchen and bathroom with pleasant amenities in each unit. There is A.C, washer and dryer and a BBQ Grill and the owner is a professional bonefish guide. 
The owner Charlie Rolle has built most of the property structure himself and he generally goes out of his way to accommodate requests from guests. He and his family manage the vacation rentals. They have a tie up with 4 C’S Adventure tours and can arrange snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, fishing and popular day tours for you. 
Mysteriously, the Rolle family do not provide a direct phone number for booking. You can contact them through popular hotel booking websites. 

Grocery and Deli Store

If you are staying in a vacation rental with a kitchen or are planning to cook some of your own meals then this is where you should shop for your meats, groceries and takeaway salads. 
Exuma Markets 
Queen's Highway, George Town, Bahamas 
Phone: +1.242.336.2033; Email: [email protected] 
Hours of Operation: 
Mon-Thu 8:00am – 6:00 p.m. 
Fri-Sat 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. 
Sun 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. 
It's a grocery store in George Town offering fresh produce, dairy, meat and groceries.  There is a free parking lot in front. They also have a free dinghy dock for boaters. 
Prime Islands Meat and Deli 
La Famillia Plaza Bay, Great Exuma 
Phone: 242-336-3627 
Given that so many people choose to cook their own meals in rental homes and even hotel rooms with a kitchenette…Prime meats and Deli deserves a mention. This is the best place to buy meats, cooked salads (chicken salad, tuna salad, potato salad, Cole slaw, broccoli and pasta salad etc.), and New York Loin strips, rotisserie chicken and prime cuts on Exuma. 
They also keep bacon, lobster tails, chicken roast and steaks.  Look out for their collection of cheese, salami, turkey….these guys will also marinate your prime ribs for you so all you need to do is to grill the meat. There are vegan and gluten free options too in their well-stocked grocery section. 
One of the major advantages of this place is that they accept credit cards without an extra free and that’s a big advantage on the islands. The location is nice….it’s near the airport so whichever property you stay on your vacation do stop here en route and stock up….they don’t really have much competition. This is where you should head too if you need to rustle up elaborate meals at your island vacation home. Also this is the place to go to if you need some packed cooked food on the go. 
You might find the meat prices expensive but the quality is always great. The only disadvantage of this place is that they don’t stock alcohol.  
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