Getting Around Exuma Islands

The whole of Exuma can be divided into three zones... the Exuma Cays (i.e. the string of small cays and islets located at the northern end of Exuma), followed by the largest island of Exuma known as Great Exuma where George Town is located, and then the Little Exuma island that has small towns like William's Town and is joined to Great Exuma by a road bridge. 
Local transportation options will depend on which part of Exuma you will be staying at. For example, taxi and car rental services are available in Great Exuma and Little Exuma. In the Exuma Cays, you will need to use boats for transfers between cays and then use a golf cart or walk. 
Water Taxi, Exuma 
Photo: Craig Dennis, flickr, cc by 2.0 
There are 365 cays and islands in the whole of Exuma. One of the most well-known cays is Staniel Cay located in the Exuma Cays... it's a boating hub and home to Staniel Cay Yacht Club. Big Major Cay where the famous Pig Beach is located is only a short boat ride away from Staniel Cay. This is where many tourists visit by boat to feed and swim with the pigs. At the top of the cay chain is Allen's Cay which too is a popular tourist spot... it is home to the endangered Iguanas. 
Another popular cay with nice beaches is Stocking Island that’s a small boat ride away from Great Exuma (there are water taxi or ferry services available for transfers). About 18 miles away from Great Exuma is Little Farmers Cay that’s another relatively popular spot for tourists. 
Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park has many other cays like Little Wax Cay, Hawkbill Cay, Little Pigeon Cay, Cistern Cay, Long Cay, Halls Pond Cay, Shroud Cay, Little White Cay, Bell Island Cay, Pasture Cay, Rocky Dundas etc… all these can be explored only by boats. Organized boat and kayak trips mostly originate from Staniel Cay to explore Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park through various routes. So you need to get to Staniel Cay first and then take boat trips to the park. 
In Great and Little Exuma, there is only one main road (Queen's Highway) which runs through the islands starting from William's Town in Little Exuma all the way up to Exuma Point Beach located at the north western end of Great Exuma (near Rolleville). There is no public bus service in Exuma. 
You can get to Exuma directly from the US or Canada, or from Nassau. Depending on your origin, you can get there by flight, fast ferry or even mail boats. Visit Getting to the Exuma to know how to know the various ways you can reach the islands of Exuma from your starting point. 


If you are landing at Exuma International Airport at Moss Town (Great Exuma), there are taxis available for hotel transfers. If your hotel is in George Town, expect a taxi fare of around $35 between the airport and your hotel. Taxi service is available in Great and Little Exuma, but not in the cays. Note that it's common here to share taxi rides, so don't be surprised if you see the driver allowing co-passengers to share the ride with you. 
Some of the well known taxi service in Exuma are: 
  • Exuma Travel and Transportation Limited 
  • They are operating since 2003. They offer airport transfer services on private SUV (starting from $75 + tax), mini van ($35 + tax). 
    Phone: (242) 345 - 0232 
    Exuma International Airport, Moss Town 
  • Junior Taxi Service 
  • Phone: 242-345-0641; 242-336-2519 
    Exuma International Airport, Moss Town 
  • Luther Rolle Taxi Service 
  • Great Exuma 
    Phone: 1-242-345-5003 (home); 1-242-357-0662 (Cell) 
  • Leslie Dames Taxi Service 
  • Phone: 1-242-357-0015 

    Minibus Transfers

    There are some private minibuses that are mainly used for airport transfers. The company Exuma Travel and Transportation Limited has minibus which waits outside the airport and picks up passengers to drop them at hotels in George Town... fare starts from $10 per person. 
    Phone: (242) 345 - 0232 
    Exuma International Airport, Moss Town 

    Car Rentals

    You can rent a car to go around in Great and Little Exuma, although there are no major US based car rental agencies here because of lack of demand. If you rent a car, it is normal courtesy here to let locals take a ride on your car and dropping them at a convenient point on your way. Car rentals start at $65 - 70 a day (small cars) and there is usually a security deposit of $200 taken in advance. Note that in the whole of Bahamas including The Exuma, driving is on the left side of the road. 
    There is a gas station near the Exuma International Airport (Rubis Gas Station), one at Farmer's Hill (Independent Gas Station), and another one at George Town (Shell Gas Station). The gas stations are usually open from Monday to Saturday from 8am-5pm, and Sunday from 8am-12pm. Exuma Yacht Club at George Town also offers fuelling to the motorized vehicles rented from them (Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm & Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at yard). 
    Below are some of the well known car rental companies in Exuma: 
  • Airport Car Rental, Moss Town, Great Exuma 
  • They have a range of cars including sedans, SUVs, 10 and 15 seater passenger vans, Jeeps etc. 
    Phone:+1 (242) 345-0090 or (242) 225-4267 
  • Don’s Car Rental, Moss Town, Great Exuma 
  • Phone:(242) 345-0112 
  • Thompson's Car Rental  
  • George Town, Great Exuma 
    Phone: +1 (242) 336-2442 
  • Berlie's Car Rental 1-242-357-0305 
  • Exuma Yacht Club 
  • George Town, Great Exuma 
    Phone: 242-336-2578/432-3982 

    Bike & Scooter Rentals

    You can rent bi-cycles or scooters in some locations of Exuma such as in George Town, but not in the Cays. Scooter rent starts from $50 a day. They are handy if you want to get around the island at your own pace and time. There are no earmarked bicycle lanes though in Exuma. 
    Here are a few Scooter rental companies in Exuma. 
  • Balfour Brothers Scooter Rental 
  • George Town, Great Exuma 
    Phone:(242) 524-0832, (242) 428-9402 
  • Exuma Yacht Club 
  • George Town, Great Exuma 
    Phone: 242-336-2578/432-3982 


    Most of the cays and the small islands scattered around Exuma can only be accessed by boats. MAny tourists go out on boat excursions to places like the Pig Beach (on Big Major Cay) to feed the swimming pigs, to Allen's Cay to feed the rare Iguanas, to Staniel Cay to swim with nurse sharks or to explore the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park, etc. There are operators who offer such boat tours. 
    For nearby island such as Stocking Island which is only a short boat ride away from George Town and located in Elizabeth Harbor, there are ferry (water taxi) services available from the Government Dock in George Town as well as Augusta Bay. While you can charter a water taxi for half/full day, the usual transfers work on per person rate. You need to book the water taxi service in advance. 
    Water Taxi Service 
  • Elvis Water Taxi 
  • They have two boats... a 28-foot open hull boat and a 26-foot catamaran. They offer roundtrip water taxi service from Exuma Yatch Club (George Town) to Stocking Island including the popular Chat ‘N’ Chill beach bar ($15 per person), roundtrip water taxi service from Augusta Bay Bahamas to Stocking Island ($20 per person), Elizabeth harbor tours (starting at $40 per person), customized boat tour, etc. 
    Contact: Captain Elvis Ferguson, George Town, Great Exuma 
    Phone: 1-242-464-1558 
    Note: Peace & Plenty Resort (George Town) also takes this ferry booking for transfers. The transfers are free for their own guests but chargeable to others. 
  • A1 Water Taxi Exuma 
  • They offer transfers to Stocking Island, Harbor Tours, Visit to Chat 'n' Chill, Sandbars, Tours to feed Stingrays, Snorkeling Tours, Excursion to Pig Beach to feed Swimming Pigs, Feeding Turtles, Visit to Allen's Cay to feed Iguanas, Blue Hole visit, etc. 
    Phone: +1 242-816-0390, +1 242-357-0544 
    Boat Tours 
  • Exuma Water Sports 
  • This company is owned & operated since 2006 by the Lightbourns - a Bahamian family. They are a well known company offering Exuma excursions such as Swimming Pigs Tour, Feeding Iguanas, Watching wild Stingrays etc. They also offer chartered boat tours that can be customized. 
    Location: Little Town of Barraterre, Great Exuma 
    Phone: 1-242-357-0770; Email: [email protected] 
  • Island Boy Adventures 1-242-357-0459  
  • Services and activities include swim with nurse sharks at Compass Cay, fishing charters, secluded beach tour, snorkeling in the cays, swimming with pigs, feeding Iguanas, private boat charters etc. 
    Location:1 Island Boy Drive, Georgetown. 
    Phone: (242) 422-2697 OR (242) 357-0459 
  • Sugar Adventure Company  
  • They offer snorkel tour at Thunderball Grotto near Staniel Cay, swimming with nurse sharks at Compass Cay, feeding the swimming pigs at Pig Beach etc. 
    Phone1-242-524-8093; Email: [email protected] 
    Boat Rentals 
    Minns Water Sports located at George Town rents different kinds of boats for a day or multiple days. They have 15' and 17' Boston Whalers, 19' and 20' Power Cats. The 15' Boston Whaler rents for $198 per day (although the rate comes down for 3 days or more rent). There is a security deposit of $200. 
    Phone: +1 242 336 3483; Mobile: 242 524 8212 

    On Foot

    Some places in Exuma, particularly the cays where walking is the only option, so prepare for some exercise as you get around such a place. George Town itself is designed for walks. If you are staying outside George Town, depending on the distance you can take a taxi and get there. Some hotels like Exuma Beach Resort located near the Jolly Hall Beach offers shuttle service to the town. 
    You can take a leisurely walk and get around the town and explore some of its attractions such as the tree shaded Straw Market, the Fish Fry shacks, churches, go down to the dock and have some fresh conch salad etc. One of the best scenic walks is around the Victoria Harbor located near the Government Dock. You can also walk along the Queen’s Highway and enjoy the glimpse of the turquoise ocean through the palms and casuarina pines... lovely sight. 

    Golf Cart

    Golf Carts are available for rent in some cays such as Staniel Cay and Black Point. Golf Carts are quite common throughout the Exuma and it's a fun way of getting around the island. 
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