The Taunton
Sunk in Bermuda Waters on Nov 24,1920

The Norwegian cargo steamer, Taunton, was built in 1902 in Copenhagen. She was 228 feet in length. On November 24, 1920, the Taunton was wrecked on Bermuda's northern reefs. At the time, she was en route from Virginia to St George with a cargo of coal. 
She was under the command of Captain Olsen and sailing through a misty fog when she hit the reef. Today, the Taunton rests in 20 feet of water on the northeast reef. Her wreckage is broken up and scattered, but her engine and boilers still stand upright. She is a great shallow dive and a beautiful wreck. 
We heard an interesting side story to this wreck from Teddy Tucker, the legendary underwater treasure diver from Bermuda. He said that he found and recovered the ship's bell. The bell was later used as a prop in the movie, "The Deep". 
The Taunton's bell can now be seen in the Gibbs Hill lighthouse museum. 
Check shipwreck map to get an idea about the location of this wreck in Atlantic. 

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