Bermuda jobs scenario in 2010


July 9, 2010

The effect of global recession is now evident in a small island like Bermuda as well. Job Market Employment Brief from Department of Statistics stated that there is a decline of jobs in Bermuda in 2009 compared to 2008. 
A total of 693 jobs have been lost last year. And this is the first time after 2003, that employment in Bermuda has plummeted. From a total of 40,213 in 2008, total count of jobs in 2009 was reduced to 39,520. 
Most of the sectors have been affected including Tourism and Construction. Jobs in Hotel industry fell by 223 last year and in Construction industry it came down by 161. 
International business, which has always grown in employment over the last 25 years, has been hit by a 7% loss in jobs. 
The report from Department of Statistics in Bermuda stated that "The drop in the total number of jobs in the international business sector was fuelled by company mergers, job redundancies and business closures during the turbulent year."  
Many truck and taxi drivers have also lost jobs in Bermuda in 2009. Truck driving positions were fewer by 43 and taxi driving by 55. 
Among all these negative news about employment in Bermuda, there is one silver line though. The average salary of an islander has gone up by 3% in 2009. From an average of $54,867 in 2008, the average salary of a serviceman in Bermuda in 2009 had gone up to $56,429. 

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