Bermuda Casino Gambling
Visitors give thumbs down


Jan 28, 2010

Casino and Gambling in Bermuda has been banned all along. This probably has a lot to do with the Bermudian culture and value system, and also due to the big say from the churches and other holy institutions. 
However casino and gambling has always remained as a controversial subject in Bermuda. There is no denying that huge amount of money can pour in from the Casinos that can go a long way to boost Bermuda's tourism. 
In June 2008, the Premier and Minister of Tourism and Transport of Bermuda finally allowed Night casinos to run in the cruise ships while docked at the port. Even that was earlier disallowed.  
However this has been done on certain conditions with the shipping lines. Conditions include the cruise lines having to commit heavily on participating in many Bermuda events and other activities like at the Harbor Nights at Hamilton City. 
Royal Gazette, the prime daily of Bermuda published an exclusive report recently stating that nearly 50% of the present visitors to Bermuda have said that they will definitely not visit a Casino if one is opened in Bermuda. This poll has been taken from Bermuda Tourism department's own exit survey for the visitors of Bermuda. 
Here are the survey results on opening Casino Gambling in Bermuda: 
  • Almost 50% visitors said they will definitely NOT go to a casino 
  • 11% said that they will definitely go to a casino 
  • 60 percent of visitors said casino gambling would make the Island less appealing 
    So all these inputs are likely to be considered before final decision is taken on Casino gambling in Bermuda. 
    However, there are some good news for Bermuda tourism irrespective of whether casinos get a green signal in the island. Here is also what those polled visitors said: 
  • 70 percent of those polled said they would definitely be coming back to Bermuda. 
  • And of those visitors who had been to another island destination, 85 percent said they preferred Bermuda. 
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