Exclusive Resort planned in
Hawkins Island Bermuda


Feb 6, 2010

Hawkins Island is the largest island in Bermuda's Hamilton Harbor. The owner of the island, the Cox family plans to set up an exclusive resort covering some 25 acres of land. This will take up about 16% of the total island area. 
The ambition is to set up something similar to the Necker Island located at the British Virgin Islands and owned by the celebrity billionaire Richard Branson. Necker island accommodates groups of up to 28 for an overnight charge of $53,000. It provides exclusive cottages and platforms around the island for guests to have unique experience of private dining, views and stay. 
To pursue such similar concept, the Cox family has appointed architect firm OBM International to create such exclusive resorts in Bermuda for the first time. Idea is to provide the elite guests with the experience of Bermuda's traditional cottage environment and exclusive views. The capacity of the resort will be limited to only 20. 
There will be two tennis grass courts that are planned to be set up. A portion of the resort's land area crosses through an woodland reserve. The architects hope to create a path through it so that the guests can enjoy the walks. There will also be platforms set up all around the island for guests to have exclusive enjoyments such as having a private massage or an exclusive dinner and such. 
The plan is to have a main building and two units of cottages as part of the resort. 
The Hawkins Island proposal for such exclusive resorts is the first of its kind in Bermuda. The Department of Tourism and and Ministry of Environment are supportive of the scheme. 
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