Green Bermuda Day Parade

Bermuda Day Parade in 2010 on May 24th, is going with a green theme. The theme is called "Green: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow". Usually every year, the Bermuda day parade is a colorful spectacle. But in 2010, it's going green with a strong message to community that it's time for Bermudians to follow green environment practices. 
So what is green practices. It is all about following the natural ecological cycle and reducing wastes and recycling them. To give you an example, the plants absorb carbon dioxide (the harmful gas), and produce oxygen and green vegetables. We inhale this oxygen and buy the vegetables from the grocery stores. We may think that there may be huge wastage taking place at the grocery stores. But actually it does not happen. 
All plant or even animal wastes are composted into fertilizers or top-soil and that goes back to feed the plants. Thus the natural green ecological cycle is maintained. In the green environment, there is no waste. 
Bermuda has realized that their community should also contribute to the ecological system, help maintain the delicate balance, and reduce and recycle wastes. Bermuda has taken up such green theme for the 2010 Bermuda Day Parade. This is with the hope that it will trigger understanding within the Bermudian community at large that they should slowly give up the traditional style of living and embrace the green practices of reducing and recycling wastes.  
In fact, many Bermudian families have already started taking small but important steps of recycling, growing their own vegetables, installing solar panels, using natural beauty products, buying natural foods and organic produce where possible, using non-toxic cleaning supplies, and engaging in backyard composting.  
Ms. Butterfield, Culture Minister and former Environment Minister of Bermuda said: "The community can help preserve a green Bermuda by looking at how we consume energy at home, at school, in the workplace, and as we move around the Island. And we must ask whether our lifestyles contribute to a sustainable future".  
"We also expect the Green Heritage Month theme to reflect the present and how we as a people are tied to our environment in a very real and tangible way". 
During the Bermuda Day Parade of 2010, the floats will also be encouraged to take creative inspiration from the green theme and use it in their design. This is again to inspire the Bermudians to start thinking about green practices in life to sustain Bermuda in the long run. 

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