Bermuda Weather in December

December is the time in Bermuda when the winter starts setting in. But it's still warmer than many places in the U.S, Canada and Europe. The cruise ships are long gone from the ports resulting in low tourists in December. And the island is ready to be enjoyed in its full originality. 
The December temperature usually varies between 70 degree high to 63 degree low on an average. You should use a light jacket in early mornings and evenings. 
The average air temperature during the day remains generally at 66.7 degree Fahrenheit. The water or the sea temperature averages 67.5 degree during December. The water visibility is excellent during this time and ranges from 150 to 200 feet (45 to 55 meters). 
The time is ideal for water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling, although you may need to wear wet suits. Here is a picture of how a typical December day looks in Bermuda. 
Typical Bermuda Weather in December 
Bermuda Weather in December 
A chart showing average high and low temperatures (°F) in Bermuda in December. 
Air Temp High
Air Temp Low
Sea Temp Avg.
Note that the above temperatures are average over the whole month of December. A particular day may have highs or lows that may be slightly different from the above. 
Here is what you may experience on a typical December day in Bermuda. The following chart shows average temperature in December by time as a typical day progresses. As you can see in the chart below, the early morning temperature is quite low at 65.8 degrees and then it rises during afternoon to 68.7 degrees, and finally the temperature drops to 66.1 degree in the evening. 
A typical December day temperatures (°F) in Bermuda by time: 
Early Morning
Early Evening
Other important Bermuda weather information in December: 
Avg. Humidity:
Avg. Rainfall:
4.5 inches (Rains about 13 days in the month, but in short spans)
Avg. Sunshine:
On an average you will get 5 hours of clear sky and sunshine in a day.
Avg. water visibility:
150 - 200 feet (50 - 70 meters)
Hurricane: Bermuda's hurricane season ends in November. So from December onwards, you have one more worry out of your back. Can still hurricane strike? I haven't seen one though yet. 
Bermuda public events in December 
Accessing golf courses and getting tee time is relatively easy during December as the demands are low. The hotel rates during December are also significantly lower compared to the high season which is April to November. December is also a festive month in Bermuda. The spectacular boat parade in Hamilton harbor takes place during Christmas. New Year’s Eve Celebrations in St George is also a great attraction to both locals and tourists. 
Other annual events in December includes: 
  • Lighting the Tree Ceremony: Trees are lit, Santa Claus arrives. Held usually in City Hall in Hamilton 
  • Santa Claus Parade 
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