Bermuda Casino and Gambling Possibilities

The subject of gaming, introduction of casinos and gambling in Bermuda has been a long drawn debate in the government. Due to its long cultural background, Bermuda has not officially allowed casino or gambling to run in the island. With increasing pressure to generate more tourism revenue, the Premier of Bermuda had introduced a green paper to the House of Assembly in 2010. 
The intent of the green paper is to enable a full debate on the subject of gaming based on two reports that are part of this green paper. The reports have been developed based on extensive public meetings, written submissions and detailed research. 
In 2008, the cabinet appointed Innovation Group to study all aspects of legalized gaming in Bermuda. In 2009, the Bermuda Premier appointed another task force to further augment the study. The two reports that came out of the studies, emphasize on the following points related to gaming in Bermuda and introduction of Casinos and Gambling. 
  • A lottery is unlikely to meaningfully enhance tourism, 
  • Hosting internet wagering is unlikely to stimulate tourism, 
  • Some form of casino gaming be permitted, 
  • A suitable site in the City of Hamilton is recommended for a casino, 
  • All gaming permitted in Bermuda be incorporated under one omnibus piece of legislation, 
  • The casino be privately owned and operated, 
  • There be no restriction on Bermudian participation, 
  • Casino opening hours would mirror existing nightclub liquor licensing laws, 
  • A 10% gross revenue tax be levied on a casino, 
  • An advanced social service safety net be adapted to address the negative effects of the introduction of gaming. 
    Update October 2013 
    Cruise ships are now allowed to keep on-board casinos open between 9pm to 5am while docked in the ports of Bermuda. 

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    Viewers' Reviews and Comments

    Delores (September 2012) 
    Is gambling allowed on the cruise ships while docked in Bermuda? I am taking a cruise and will be docked for 3 days. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. I don't drink so bars are out of the question. 
    Raj (, September 2012) 
    Hi, On-board gambling at Casinos are not yet allowed while the cruise ship is docked in Bermuda. It is still under a proposal stage and being assessed by the cabinet.