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No Longer in Operation.
Many viewers have asked me if there is any submarine tour in Bermuda that shows the underwater coral reefs and the marine life. Well, there used to be a submarine called Enterprise. It was used for underwater excursions in Bermuda. 
It could go to a depth of 200 feet and show spectacular views of reefs and marine life that are otherwise not visible from above the water surface. So for those who couldn't dive, this was a great way to experience the underwater marine life and corals. 
Mr. Harry Soares, owner of the submarine, originally bought the vessel in 1989. The submarine tour excursion used to start from Royal Naval Dockyard. As it went through the Western Blue Cut area, one could see some of the greatest coral reefs and shipwrecks. Tourists on both sides of the vessel had a wonderful view of the reef area. 
Captain Ralph Richardson and Reggie Matthie were the pilots of this submarine. However, the submarine operation did not become financially viable and Mr. Soares had to discontinue with the submarine tour in 1994. During the five years of its service, it took some 35,000 tourists under the water. 
In 2001, the submarine Enterprise became a showpiece in Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute for a year. Visitors could go on board the submarine to take a look inside. After that, it has remained moored off Grotto Bay in Ferry Reach. 
So, what are the next best options to get underwater experience and see underwater reefs and marine life in Bermuda? Well there are actually many alternatives. 
1. You can visit Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute where you can take a virtual simulated 7-minute dive on a state of the art submersible Nautilus-X2 (which is something like a submarine) which takes you to a depth of 12,000 ft into the water and you discover many mysterious creatures. 
2. Helmet diving is like walking on the seafloor without having to know swimming. You can see some of Bermuda's best marine life and reefs. Visit Helmet Diving for the details. 
3. There are glass bottom boat tours. As they take you to great places in the ocean and stop the engine, you can sea lots of fish and corals through the glass bottom floor. Check out Boat Tours to know about the best operators in Bermuda. 
4. If you like to scuba dive, there is no better place in the world than Bermuda, and you can see and touch the reefs and the wrecks. Check out Scuba Diving
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