Hurricane Categories

Hurricanes in Atlantic and therefore those that hit Bermuda are categorized based on Saffir-Sympson intensity scale. 
The scale or category of hurricane indicates the level of damage and flooding that the hurricane can reach. A hurricane category 3 and above is considered to be intense and therefore dangerous. 

Atlantic Hurricane Categories

Wind Speed 
Level of damage
This is the least intense hurricane, considered as Minimal. Damage is minimal and can be easily controlled with proper preparatory measures. Damages are caused mostly to shrubbery, trees and foliage. 
This is considered moderate hurricane. Considerable damage may happen to the shrubbery and foliage. Trees can also fall down. There may also be damages caused to the house roofs. 
Here is when the hurricane starts getting Intense. Trees start getting torn apart. Large trees may be blown off and fall. Mobile or small homes and structures can be badly damaged. There is also normally flooding that takes place along the coast line. 
This category of hurricane is known as Extreme. Major destruction of trees and foliage takes place. Small houses and residences may get completely damaged. Extensive beach erosion normally takes place. Massive evacuation may be required for those who are living within 500 meters of the shoreline. 
Above 155
This category is called Catastrophic. This scale of Hurricane results into massive damages including houses getting completely overturned, huge flooding, trees falling down and large structures collapsing etc. 

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