Concession Stand
Church Bay Bermuda

Here is a note I received from the person who runs the concession stand (food stall) at Church Bay beach Bermuda. He wrote ... "My name is Louis and I have taken over from Boyd in running the concession stand. I snorkel frequently in Church Bay n like to share some information.  
Firstly the concession is open from Monday to Saturday 9 till 6+ depending on sea conditions and weather. There are no life guards on duty so swimmers and snorkelers are advised to wear a life or snorkeling vest. There are an abundance of fish varieties very close to shore but the coral formations, sea fans and both hard and soft corals are much 'prettier' on the outer reef approximately 75 yards from shore. 
We rent mask n snorkel for $8, fins for $7, vests for $7 ,lounge chairs for $10 or sand chairs for $8. Umbrellas are $10 large or $8 regular. Bottled water or sodas at $2. We have noodles n boogie boards, underwater cameras and also brand new US divers mask n snorkel for sale. Entry to water is better/safer on the left side of beach as the right side is very slippery.  
Stop by to talk to us, want you all to have a great n safe time in Church Bay and else where in Bermuda. Also have advice on other beaches on the 'leeward' side n other stuff to do should sea conditions be unfavorable for snorkeling.  
Have a Bermudaful day you all." 
UPDATE June 2012: Louie has moved to 9-beaches at Daniel's head (in Sandys parish) and runs the concession stand there. So the concession stand in Church Bay may remain closed for a while till it's run by someone else. 
UPDATE July 2012: Louie's Response 
"The Church Bay rentals concession remains open for the duration of the 2012 season. prices are the same as 2011 i.e. mask n snorkel $10 add fins $15 umbrellas $8 -$10 and chaise lounge  $10.Bottled water and sodas $2. The concession is open daily sunrise to sunset ,7 days a week. Please rent/ use a life jacket/ vest for your personal safety. If a person is not there to serve you the trailer is unlocked for 'self service'. We appreciate your honesty in selecting the right /appropriate equipment and depositing the correct amount of money.  
If weather conditions are unfavourable on the South Shore please consider the 'other' or leeward side of the Island which maybe much safer and are also just as beautiful if not different from the South.9 Beaches in Somerset is closer for our Cruise Ship passengers and have shallow, calm and sandy beaches. We also have beautiful reefs and the Wreck of the Vixen just beyond Daniel's Island. It is a good choice for snorkeling or swimming. 
Please speak to VIC (visitors info centre) or your friendly bus or taxi driver for more information. Have a Wonderful Day in Bermuda!! We look forward to serving you all". 
UPDATE May 2013: Louie no longer runs the concession. Here is what he wrote to me: 
"Hi guys, thank you for allowing me to serve you, assist you or save you for the last 2 years. Unfortunately my permit has not been renewed  by the Parks Department and So am unable to provide any help, service, rentals for visitors, guests and locals for the 2013 season +++.? Thank You so much for the patronage and I hope and wish the 'New Operator 'would continue to serve all persons with professionalism, courtesy and efficiency". 
Check out Church Bay to know this great beach of Bermuda.