How to find best Bermuda deals & packages

So how do you find the best Bermuda packages, then go about booking your entire trip and ensure that you get the best deal? If you are taking a cruise, best is to check the Bermuda Cruises, understand the onboard facilities and then visit the cruise line websites to compare the prices. Do check Save Cruise Cost to make the best out of the deal. 
If you are travelling to Bermuda by air, you will need to book both your flight and the hotel. Do not jump into a flashy package offer. More often you get a lot less than what you pay for. For example the package may restrict you to a limited choice of hotels in Bermuda which may not be the best in their category, or not located in a place where you really want to be. 
So for the budget you have, first figure out which hotel you would like to stay at. There are large number of hotel choices in Bermuda. I have done extensive reviews of the best accommodations in Bermuda, mostly from our own experiences.  
For budget category, visit Bermuda Budget Hotels for the top cheap hotels. For luxury stay, check out Luxury Hotels in Bermuda. 
Once you have decided on the hotel, the next step is to book your trip. Ideally you should try to combine air and hotel booking together through an online travel agent. This way, a combined booking is like a package and the overall cost can be quite lower than booking hotels and flights individually. Go for only the well known online agents or package operators, websites like: or or even 
Shop around a bit. There may be a far better offer a few clicks away. Do check the websites, and as well. Compare the prices before deciding on the package.  
In an online booking, it's important to understand what exactly you are buying. For example, in case of discounted air tickets, what happens if you decide to cancel? Do you get any refunds? Refund restrictions almost always apply in such cases. Similarly, hotel cancellation clauses can also be non-standard in package offers. 
Well, you will be lucky if you get the exact Bermuda flight-hotel combination that you are looking for through the online agent. In many cases we have seen that the package operator does not have the Bermuda hotel of our choice listed in their offers. In fact when it comes to Bermuda, most of the booking agents have tie ups only with a select few hotels. 
So what do you do? Well before you give up exploring the package offers, there are some more nice sites to look at. Most of the major airlines like Delta, American Airlines and others have websites that offer similar services like that of international travel agents. Depending on the time of your travel, they sometimes offer great packages and take care of other necessities like the health insurance, airport/hotel transfers etc. 
So, do look at the following websites for possible great deals for Bermuda: 
American Airlines Vacation Website - 
Delta Vacations Website - 
US Airways Vacations Website - 
British Airways Website offering vacation packages - 
There are some more great sites that we scan as well. These are large package operators and they send their own inspectors regularly to the hotels to ensure that things are the way they should be. Here they are: 
Apple Vacations - 
Vacation Express - 
Classic Custom Vacations - 
Insight Vacations - 
Travel Impressions - 
Horizon Tours - 
Well, if you are still unable to find your chosen Bermuda hotel in any of the sites above, only thing you can do is to call up the hotel and do a direct booking. We have done it many times and it works perfect. You will get all the contacts (phones nos. and in most cases email addresses) in the hotel reviews in my website itself. If you don't get response by emails, call them up over phone. Some of the hotels in Bermuda are not too efficient with email system. 
One big plus point for a direct booking is that you can even make a request for a particular room of your choice, probably one that is closest to the water and has the best ocean view. You don't generally have this choice in an online package offer. 

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