Acceptability of Credit Cards in Bermuda

Bermuda is known as electronically one of the most wired countries in the world. No wonder that all kinds of credit cards are widely accepted in Bermuda like the Master, Visa and American Express. Almost all stores, restaurants and big hotels will accept credit cards. 
However remember that some small hotels like guesthouses or inns, as well as some small stores and eateries take only cash and may not accept cards. 
I have used my Amex and Master cards for taking cash advance from ATMs in Bermuda. They have worked without any problems. Visa cards will also work similarly. 
HSBC Bermuda and Butterfield Bank have 24 hours ATMs all around the island. These credit cards can also be used to take advances from any of the local bank branches. Travelers Checks are accepted in all banks. 
If you are looking for any other assistance related to money advance or transfers from home, here are the two financial service companies that you should contact: 
  • Western Union: Located at Gibsons Deposit Company (Phone: 441/296-6969) within Hamilton City 
  • Bermuda Financial Network: This is a Bermuda based local company offering many financial services including electronic payments and ACH (Automated Clearing House). They also provide assistance with American Express cards. Check out the link for details and contacts. 
    Hi my 2 daughters and I are taking a cruise to Bermuda in August. We were wondering what is the best thing to use over there cash or credit cards. And if credit cards which one works the best we are thinking about getting Prepaid credit cards what do you think about all this thanks for any help you can give us. 
    Karen Morgan (June 2015) 
    Take some cash because some small stores and eateries won't take credit cards. Otherwise credit card could be quite handy (but remember international charges will apply). Visa and master cards are accepted almost everywhere. Also note that ATMs dispense Bermuda currency. So if you take cash against your cards from the ATMs, you will need to use up all that money before you leave. 
    Raj ( June 2015 
    Hello, I wanted to know if credit cards are accepted at the beaches, crystal cave, national museum and fort, etc. Shuttles and taxis are cash or credit card? Thank you for the information. 
    ANDREA GATTI (October 2016) 
    Hi, most retail outlets and visitors sites would accept credit cards. However most taxis and shuttles take only cash. Other than Dockyard Visitors Information Centers (VIC), all other VICs accept only cash for issuing bus/ferry tokens, passes etc. 
    Raj ( October 2016