Bermuda Cabinet Team of Paula Cox


November 5, 2010

Premier Ms Paula Cox of Bermuda declared her new cabinet team. There has been many changes and reshuffles in the ministry. She has been maintaining that it won't be "business as usual" from here on. She stated that there would be many changes brought about with a leaner and effective government. Checkout her plans for details. She feels that the members of the new cabinet are dynamic, able and persons of integrity to do the job. 
Here are the key roles for the new cabinet of Bermuda. 
Ms Paula Cox - Premier of Bermuda and Finance Minister. 
Derrick Burgess - Deputy Premier and Public Works. 
Dame Jennifer - Education, her first Cabinet position since resigning as Premier in 2003. 
Michael Scott - Attorney General. 
Senator Kim Wilson - Economy, Trade and Industries Ministry, including work permits and labor. 
Senator Burch - National Security Ministry and takes up border controls. 
Terry Lister - Transport. He was the main rival of Paula Cox for the Premier's position and  takes up the Transport Ministry. Paula Cox mentioned that it's after all politics, elections are over and it is time to move on without getting caught into personalities. 
Mrs. Patrice Minors - Business Development and Tourism. 
Walter Roban - Environment Ministry. 
Glenn Blakeney - Youth Affairs and Families, which includes sports and responsibilities from earlier Social Rehabilitation Ministry. 
Zane DeSilva - Ministry of Health. 
Neletha Butterfield - Public Information Services Ministry.  
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