Bermuda Plan - 2011 Vision from Premier


November 6, 2010

Premier of Bermuda Ms Paula Cox recently delivered her debut Throne speech and shared the plans along with her vision for Bermuda. Governor Sir Richard Gozney had read out her speech on the Cabinet grounds. 
Some of her main focus areas of work included large savings, bringing down gang violence in Bermuda and helping the businesses in Bermuda to come out of their struggling times. 
The Throne speech unveiled a plan for the next one year. She pledged $150 million of savings in her first year of operation. She stated that the Bermuda Government will be leaner and efficient, and will lead by example. 
As per her statement, there would be no such notion like "business as usual". All departments of ministry will be tasked not only to reduce cost, but also to bring maximum value for money. The entitlement culture will be replaced with a need-driven culture to ensure better oversight and accountability in public services. 
Ms Cox promised to address the gang crime in Bermuda that has been in the rise and has become a major source of problems. She proposed that a special task force would be set up to tackle the gang violence. This team will comprise of the police, customs, prison and government, and will involve the US consulate by sharing intelligence information. 
The Economic Empowerment Zone in North East Hamilton will be further extended. Similar such initiatives will be taken up in Sandy's Parish and in St. George to attract more business. The government will encourage new businesses to come up through Bermuda Economic Development Corporation. 
The tax exemption period for the international companies will be extended from 2016 to 2035. The immigration law will be cleaned up. Differential pay between males and females will be addressed through Equal Pay Act. 
There will be increased transparency brought into government operations by creating special funds for independent legal council to Auditor General and Ombudsman. A first major review will be taken up for civil services after a decade. 
Senior and even retired school masters would be brought back as principal masters to help mentoring the teachers and improve teaching quality in Bermuda. 
Some of the other key action plans include conservation of the Coral Reefs, resolving illegal dumping, energy conservation and green practice etc. In healthcare, she talked about more affordable health insurance schemes would be available in the island. 
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