Spring time birds in Bermuda

The spring time migration of birds starts as early as February and lasts till Mid of April. This migration takes place from Central and South America to regions in North America. Since Bermuda falls somewhat in between the migration route, you can see bright colored beautiful birds in Bermuda during this time.  
Birds like the Blue Grosbeaks, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Indigo Buntings, and Scarlet Tanagers are quite common. Although quite rare, there is always a chance to see Warblers and even the Swallow-tailed Kite. 
During the spring time, there are three species of birds that come to Bermuda for breeding - The Bermuda Petrel or The Cahow which is the national bird of Bermuda, the white tailed tropic bird found in tropical ocean and known locally as the Bermuda Longtails, and the Common Tern. 
In March and April, if you look around the ponds and farm fields, you can see Swallows and Purple Martins who come for feeding on insects. You can also see resident birds like Northern Cardinal, Grey Catbird and White-eyed Vireo.  
In April, try to get a binocular or a telescope and look over the ocean with some patience, you will be rewarded. You can see shearwaters, terns and petrels making long sea journeys. You will also be able to see Flying fish. 
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