Bermuda Cardiac Health Center (CORE)

A new cardiac prevention and outreach center has come up in Bermuda to help people who have the risk of developing heart related disease. This is the first of its kind center where people can get all the help needed to avoid cardiac problems. Bermuda Heart Foundation has collaborated with many corporate companies to create this cardiac center called CORE which stands for Cardiac Outreach, Renewal and Education center. 
This is a state-of-the-art facility that serves persons having potential risks of developing heart problems including those who are pre-diabetic, diabetic, obese, or suffer from hypertension. It helps people who are looking to improve their overall health and reduce their risk of having a heart attack or even take steps to prevent a second heart attack from occurring. Bermuda historically has abnormally large number of people with heart disease. In 2007, nearly half the people who died in Bermuda had heart related problems. 
Photo: CORE 
The foundation has engaged with renowned surgeon and television personality Mehmet Oz, and collaborated with the New York Presbyterian Hospital to set up this cardiac health center in Bermuda. Individuals will need to be referred to the center by doctors. And the Center will provide tailor made programs to support and guide the individuals for proper fitness, healthy eating and cardiac awareness. 
They help you undertake rigorous exercise programs utilizing treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, water rower and other modern training machines. They employ cardiac fitness specialists, qualified   gym trainers etc. to take you through the cycles, do stress management, deal with high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. 
CORE has psychologists to help a person make the necessary mental adjustments to be sensitive towards all the good practices for cardiac health and there will be nutrition specialists to help with the appropriate dietary requirements. 
This program has also been added to insurance benefits by Bermuda insurance companies like Argus, BF&M and Colonial. 

Location and Contacts

CORE is located at 87 Front Street entry via Chancery Lane, Hamilton. 
For further information call Bermuda Heart Foundation at (441) 232-7812, (441) 232-2673 

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