Living experience in Flatts village

A Bermuda Story by Ed 
I lived in what I think I remember was called "The Bridgehouse" (there was an upstairs, not used most of the year, but I lived in a 3br downstairs, near the pump room) in Flatt's Village from 1991 to 1993. The property at that time belonged to a family in Tennessee. It was the property immediately south of the Flatt's Bridge, across from the Aquarium. 
It seemed the entire community felt they could come and fish off the property there, but I had to shoo them away long enough to clean up the trash, fishhooks and fowled fishing lines they left behind.   
I was told Parliament had met there at one time. I also learned first hand that it had at least one ghost.  I have photos from when I lived there, but pictures of it that I find today on the internet show a completely different structure, so maybe the name of the house I stayed in was different...maybe I remember it was painted white and there were structures in back...might have been stables or something... and a small dock in my backyard where the saltwater inlet pipes were located. 
My ghost? Think of the Jack on any deck of cards...that was my impression when I woke up from what I thought was a scary nightmare my first week of renting the place. I woke up to find this character at the doorway to my bedroom.. he did not speak... did not move...just appeared there. 
Freaking out, I "awoke" (thinking I was asleep and having a nightmare--but it seemed so real!). The following week I paid my rent (to Ann? I think was her name) and she asked me how I was getting along at the house.  I told her fine, except for one nightmare of this character in the doorway... but I had not described him...and that is when she asked me if he looked like, basically, the Jack in a deck of cards. If she could describe my vision, then I feel it must have really been a ghost. 
She explained that long ago Parliament had met there. I could send photos if you wish. 
- Eddie Reusch (April 2011) 
Ed, Thanks for sharing your experience. Flatt's is a beautiful sleepy village in the Hamilton Parish and we always try to make it there whenever we are in the island. 
Unfortunately, I do not seem to know about the Bridge House of Flatts Village where you lived. The only Bridge House that I know of is in St George, which is one of the oldest (17th century) buildings in Bermuda and where some of the governors of Bermuda lived. Those days St. George was the capital of Bermuda and not Hamilton City. 
Will look forward to your photos. Please send them as an attachment to your email reply. Thank You, 
Raj ( April 2011 
It took me a while to find my old house...I lived on the property at the bottom left...downstairs in the big house... at the top right, of course you know that is the aquarium. When I rented the downstairs, I also had access to upstairs in case the owner had guest you know what has become of that property now? 
Ed Reusch (April 2011) 
Photo Sent by Ed