Bermuda Dockyard to Warwick Long Bay
Bus or Taxi?

I will be arriving in Bermuda via NCL cruise, can I get a taxi from the port to Warwick Long Bay Beach and approximately how much will it cost? Also, is there a bus from the cruise line port to the beach and what is its schedule and cost?  I would very much appreciate your response.  
Janice Guttman (February 2011) 
NCL cruise ships dock at the Kings Wharf dockyard located at the western end of Bermuda in Sandy's parish. There are taxi stands and taxis are readily available at the dockyard. But what about your return? Unless you prearrange a taxi to pick you up from the beach, getting a taxi back can be a problem. Also, taxis are quite expensive. Will cost approximately $25 to reach you to Warwick Long Bay. 
The best option is to take bus #7 which goes along the scenic south shore via many of the lovely beaches including Warwick Long Bay. The bus stop is right at the end of the cruise birth at the dockyard and it leaves almost every 20/30 minutes (except towards late evenings, Sundays and public holidays when the service is slower). It will take about 30 minutes to reach the beach. 
For details about bus information and schedules, check out Bermuda Bus 
Hope this helps. 
Raj ( February 2011 
Some time ago you provided me with info regarding transportation from the NCL cruise ship to Warwick Long Bay. It seems however that instead I will be arriving in June on Holland American Line which I believe docks elsewhere. Can you tell me about transportation from Holland American dock location to Warwick Long Bay. 
I very much appreciate your response. 
Janice Guttman (April 2011) 
I understand that the Veendam from Holland American Line will be anchoring at two places in Bermuda, first at St. George's and then in Hamilton City. While in St. George's, you are better off visiting the beaches there around like the Tobacco Bay Beach, which is also an excellent snorkeling beach.  
Warwick Long Bay will be a little far from St. George's. You will need to take a bus to Hamilton City and then change over to bus #7. Better is to visit the beach when you are docked at Hamilton City. It should take about 30 minutes to reach Warwick Long Bay by bus #7.  
However, I would advise you to check the scheduled cruise stoppages in Bermuda with your cruise line before you make the plan. 
Raj ( April 2011