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We stayed @Harmony club in 1988 on our honeymoon. We loved the place and staff sooo much we went back for 12 more years. Balcony 66 was our favorite. We renewed our vows in 1998 in the gardens under the moongate. 
The moongates and God up above continued to bless and protect our marriage. April 23rd we will be married for 23 years. We thought on our 25th we could renew those vows again @ Harmony Club. 
- Bill and Carol (April 2011) 
Great to know that you chose Bermuda for your honeymoon and that your marriage has been such success. Thanks for sharing your experience. 
Regret to let you know that Harmony Club closed down in 2008 and no longer available as commercial accommodation to visitors. This used to be even one of our own favorites in the island. Bermuda Government has now taken over Harmony Club and uses it to accommodate government officials and overseas police hires.  
This adults only resort used to offer all-inclusive packages until 2005. After that it switched to regular plans with rates including only breakfast and room. It continued to run as an adults resort until it was sold out to the Bermuda Government in 2008. 
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Raj  (April 2011) 
We watched all our videos last night. 
In 1988 here in Cape May, NJ and our 10th anniversary 1998 in Bermuda. Dennis Sherlock did the video and after our vows in the garden, we had a carriage take us to Astwood park for pictures. Heaven on earth. 
We were very friendly with Mr. Bill Griffith who came to manage the property and then was part owner. 
We knew it stopped being all inclusive. 
We loved the Harmony property. Is the Government still maintaining the gardens? 
I was checking on line to see if there were any pictures of the property under the Government but no success. 
Is the statue of Mr. Bermuda still Hamilton? We loved to scoot by and see him waving and saying "I love you, I love you." We were saddened when he passed. 
Maybe you could recommend another wonderful place when we return for our 25th? 
Happy Easter 
Bill and Carol (April 2011) 
Yes, the property is still being maintained by the Government. In 2009, the Government of Bermuda carried out a $1m renovation work at the Harmony Club. 
Just to let you know that Bermuda's Mr. Happy Man Johnny Barnes is still alive and healthy. You may have heard some rumor or about some other person with the same name. He continues to greet the commuters at the Crow Lane Circle and his bronze statue stands few meters away. 
He had recently accepted into festivals in Florida, Colorado, Tennessee and Massachusetts. A new film documentary about him named "Mr. Happy Man" has been recently played at several film festivals including the Florida Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival and the Independent Film Festival Boston. 
Raj (April 2011) 
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