White Eyed Vireo Bermuda

Bermuda's White eyed Vireo is a small cute songbird and is scientifically known as Vireo Griseus Bermudianus. This species is endemic to Bermuda which means it can not be seen anywhere else in the world, although similar species with variations can be seen in North America and few other places. In fact Bermuda's white eyed vireo is a sub species of the ones found in North America. 
The songbird in Bermuda is also popularly and dearly known as the Chick of the Village. White-eyed vireo is quite small in size. An adult is about 13 – 15 cm in length. The bird has a yellow patch around its eyes. The belly is yellowish white. Wings, top and tail are olive green in color. There are two distinct white bars on each of the wings. 
The bird lays three to five eggs. Both male and female share the incubation of eggs and spend about a total of 12-16 days incubating. After hatching, the young birds leave the nest in about 9-11 days. The song of the white-eyed vireo is quite unique from the other birds and unmistakable. It has three to nine (and commonly five to seven) distinct notes, some short and others longer and strongly accented, something like chick tick wade chickero chick. 
White Eyed Vireo 
White Eyed Vireo 
Photo: Greg Schechter, flickr, cc by 2.0 
The birds can be found all across the island in shrubs and grown pastures. They mostly feed on insects, spiders, and other animal matters. The population of white eyed viero in Bermuda has come down following the 2nd World War when large numbers of cedars had been destroyed. However they continue to thrive in parklands and other forested areas. 

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