Starling Bird Bermuda

Starling birds are small black birds that have spots of white and brown on them. You can see them commonly on parks and gardens, and also on road sides. While these birds had been coming to Bermuda since long and during their migration over the Atlantic, they started nesting in the island only since 1950s. This is when large scale destruction of cedar trees took place in the island which led o a lot of open space.  
This suited the birds that feed on worms and grubs from open ground. Starlings have black body. Their feathers are shiny and teal green in color. They can grow up to a size of about 8.5 inches when fully matured. They have sharp long bill and relatively short legs. 
You can often see them plucking out the insects from ploughed grounds with the help of their sharp bill. They also eat discarded human food and other animal matters. Starlings nest between March and July. They normally lay 4 to 5 pale blue eggs. They nest at the cliff holes, or the at the hollows of trees and even in drainage pipes and chimneys. 
Photo: Akulatraxas, flickr, cc by 2.0 
The starlings are considered as invasive species in Bermuda since they cause a lot of problems in the island. First they compete with Eastern Bluebirds for food who also feed on insects and worms. The starlings also feed on fruits of invasive plants like the  Brazil Pepper and Surinam Cherry. They spread the seeds of these plants all across the island which leads to further growth of the plants. 

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