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Captain Keith Ward and his wife Gwen operate this snorkel cruise on their 38-foot trimaran Hat Trick sailing boat (with three hulls, while catamarans have two hulls). The bright yellow boat with its huge white sails looks gorgeous. The boat can accommodate up to 12 persons. Keith has over 15 years of experience in charter sailing. 
They run regular group snorkel trips in the morning as well as in the afternoon. However you can also charter the boat for a private snorkel cruise. They usually take you to outer reefs - The Blue Hole. It's about 6.5 miles away in the north western water area of Bermuda. The reef is full of colorful corals and fascinating marine life. The water depth here varies between 4 to 40 feet. If you are a beginner, Keith will even offer you a snorkel lesson. 
Out of the total 3 hours snorkel cruise trip, it takes one hour to reach the offshore snorkel area, one hour of snorkeling and one hour to get back. However the above offshore location is subject to favorable weather condition. In rough weather, Keith usually chooses another sheltered calm water area. Keith is not only a good captain but also quite knowledgeable about the island and its history. He'll share a lot of his knowledge with you along the way. 
The tour includes snorkel gears, life vests, complimentary refreshments like sandwiches and Bermuda's signature Rum Swizzle. They also keep child gears and vests. 
Some key features of this snorkel trip are: 1) The boat has enough space 2) Keith takes you to a place where you won't find many other snorkeling boats 3) Both Keith and Gwen are excellent hosts. Keith's knowledge about the island and marine life is unbeatable. Over all a great value for money. 
Apart from the Blue Hole this tour also offers to take you to some of the shallower reefs along the outer edge which is quite convenient if you are not a very experienced snorkeler or have children with you. In refreshments- Gwen's egg salad and tuna sandwich is a highlight of the tour. Note that aerosol sun-sprays are not allowed. 
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Location and Timings

They are located at the western end in Sandy's and therefore will be convenient for the cruise ship passengers docked at Kings Wharf. The boat leaves from Mangrove Bay Public Wharf in Somerset next to H20 Watersports on Cambridge Road. The morning trip leaves at 10am and the afternoon trip leaves at 2pm. 

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Phone: (441) 335 5077 
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