Coronavirus (Covid-19) Status in Bermuda


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Updated: April 5, 2021 
Bermuda COVID-19 Hotline: +1(441) 444-2498 
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Several restrictions and guidelines have been put in place due to the changing Covid-19 situation in the island. You can see the details on this Government of Bermuda page. Below is a summary: 
  • Masks must be worn at all public places. There is a curfew in place from 11pm to 5am. 
  • Public Buses and ferries are in operation with proper physical distancing and mask wearing. The capacity will be limited. 
  • Minibuses and taxis can operate with updated guidance
  • Masks must be worn indoors in all public places. Masks must be worn outdoors as well if physical distancing can not be maintained. 
  • Group gathering is not permitted for more than 10 persons. For events and functions involving larger than 10 persons, a special permission needs to be taken from the ministry. 
  • Retail and grocery stores can operate with up to 20% capacity. 
  • All indoor Gyms, health clubs, dance studios are closed. For outdoor facilities, all gym employees to wear masks while at work and physical distancing must be maintained. Patrons must maintain a 10ft physical distance. 
  • Indoor movie theatres, museums and all other indoor public recreation venues, are closed. 
  • Restaurants open for outdoor dining only although indoor dining is permitted for hotels' in-house restaurants for their own guests. 
  • Bars and nightclubs are permitted to operate with outdoor table service only (max 6 persons per table). No bar service is allowed. 
  • Parks, Beaches, Golf Courses and Pools are open subject to physical distancing. 
  • Recreational boating is allowed up to 8pm. 
  • Travel: Commercial flights are allowed to operate to Bermuda airport (see the next section for further information on travel). 

    Information for Travelers

    All travelers to Bermuda are required to follow specific test requirements. This is applicable for both visitors and returning residents. They also need to apply for Travel Authorization and follow specific travel guidelines. Find details here

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    Visitors' Reviews and Comments

    Edward Owen (April 2021) 
    As a fellow guide book writer I appreciate your diligence! However, those if us wanting to get to Bermuda face an obstacle race of red tape and Covid tests that at one stage were billed to cost $300 per person plus indefinite quarantine in an hotel room because no one knows how to do quick tests (already done in the US a day before for bearing flights on us lot who are fully vaccinated). It's like trying to go to Cuba! 
    How many Bermudans are fully vaccinated, especially those working in hospitality? If you know of anyone in authority who knows the regs for a trip end of May, you may open the flood gates - and sell some books! Your help would be appreciated!