Coronavirus (Covid-19) Status in Bermuda

Updated: November 16, 2022 

COVID-19 Cases

Bermuda COVID-19 Hotline: +1(441) 444-2498 
Total Tests 
Total Tests
Positive cases
Negative Cases
Positive Cases 

Covid-19 guidance to be followed

Go through this Government of Bermuda page for a detailed guidance related to Covid-19 protocols that need to followed in the island by all visitors and residents. Below is a quick summary: 
Mask-wearing: You must wear a mask indoors when travelling by bus, ferry (excluding the outdoor decks), taxi, limousine or minibus – both passengers and operators, working in or visiting health services, such as a hospital, dental facility, laboratory, residential care facility etc., and, health service providers such as a doctors or dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, etc., visiting or working at Corrections facilities, and, inside the airport building. 

Information for Travelers to Bermuda

Find out the detailed travel guidance here for visitors and residents
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

George Ruchti (March 2022) 
At this stage of Covid, I never would have expected these restrictions, especially in an island atmosphere.  Had I known, I question if I would have booked. 
Edward Owen (April 2021) 
As a fellow guide book writer I appreciate your diligence! However, those of us wanting to get to Bermuda face an obstacle race of red tape and Covid tests that at one stage were billed to cost $300 per person plus indefinite quarantine in an hotel room because no one knows how to do quick tests (already done in the US a day before for bearing flights on us lot who are fully vaccinated). It's like trying to go to Cuba! 
How many Bermudans are fully vaccinated, especially those working in hospitality? If you know of anyone in authority who knows the regulations for a trip end of May, you may open the flood gates - and sell some books! Your help would be appreciated! 
Linda Barnes (April 2021) 
It is very confusing, for a person who lives here too, to understand the regulations of travel. Planning to go anywhere is impossible. When will it end? Are we to be afraid of ourselves and each other forever? Time to end all of the testing. Get vaccinated and deal with it; whatever it is.