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Here you will know about our latest findings in the island and interesting things happening. 
Updates 2020 
Update March 20, 2020: COVID-19 (Corona Virus) is not sparing Bermuda either. There are two positive cases detected already and several others are being tested. The government is taking a slew of measures to control the spread. 
Updates 2018 
2018 Restaurant Weeks have started in Bermuda (Jan 18 - Feb 4) with more than 50 restaurants participating and offering great deals in lunch and dinner. This is a great opportunity for tourists and islanders to savor authentic Bermuda inspired food and its many variations. 
Updates 2017 
While there is a notion that many attractions and activities close down during winter (I.e. November to April), the fact is there are lots happening in the island during this time. Bermuda Tourism Authority initiates many tours, tournaments and festivals apart from ones that continue throughout the year. 
Updates 2016 
Find out how best to reach the two attractions and make a great day trip in Bermuda. 
Hexagonal clouds seem to be air bombs and are seen forming over Bermuda Triangle.... 
For the first time food truck festival was held in the island on October 9, 2016. Hundreds of people turned up to relish on a range of island food and beverages from mobile trucks and vans while listening to local live bands. The festival was held at Hamilton.  
The Culture Passport (available for $25) covers several attractions in the east end of Bermuda including historic forts, churches and museums that reflect the rich history and culture of Bermuda since the past four centuries. 
This is the most tragic incident in 33 years. The cargo ship El Faro was well on its course to Peurto Rico when a tropical storm turned into a disastrous hurricane and engulfed the ship. Read on to know what happened next. 
A parish full of lovely south shore beaches, historical churches, parks, reserves and great restaurants. 
Explore the lovely west coast beaches, nice restaurants, parklands, historical forts, cemeteries, churches etc. 
Use a rental scooter or a public transport like a bus or taxi and explore Southampton and all its attractions. 
Over the years dockyard has become a major hub of tourist attractions that includes National Museum, Art and Craft centers, golf, beach, restaurants and bars and lot more. Many water and land based tours operate from here, and so do many watersports. Take a self guide tour of the dockyard and systematically explore all its attractions and facilities. 
Cafes and Bistros are about relaxed casual ambience and serving non-spicy food that are like homemade. Find out about the best cafes, grills and bistros in the island. 
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