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Go through my top picks of restaurants in Bermuda when it comes to culinary skills in International cuisine including Italian, French, Indian, Sushi, Chinese and Portuguese food. 
Fine dining in Bermuda (December 2015) 
Know about the great elegant restaurants in Bermuda which can give you an exceptional experience in dining with their ambience, cuisine and service. 
While Bermuda Government has not made any official restriction to cliff jumping, it certainly remains as an area of contention because of the level of inherent risks associated with it. Having said that, Bermudians have been cliff jumping since decades, interest are growing by the day, several new areas are being discovered for cliff diving, jaw-dropping videos being taken & circulated, and many tourists & visitors are now joining in this fun activity. 
Large rocks that emerge out of the waters of Bermuda are quickly becoming great choices for rock climbing - both for sport climbing where gears are used and Deep Water Soloing where no gears are used to climb the rocks. 
The first stage of the grand yachting race (35h America's Cup) is being held in Bermuda between October 16 to 18, 2015. Other than four races over two days, there is an event village set up with many festivities planned during the two days. Six international teams are featuring in the competition and Oracle Team is the defender of the cup. 
Know the options in the island to sit on the sand and have cocktails, dine, watch stunning sunset, enjoy bonfire and listen to live music, and even watch live cooking stations and barbecue on the beach. 
Make use of the new minibus services to get to the beaches and several other attractions including historic museums, forts and churches in the eastern end of Bermuda. Just buy a day ticket and make an excellent self guided tour. 
Mark the days June 13th and 14th when the biennial festival to celebrate Bermuda's ancestral connections with native Americans will take place at the St. David's Cricket Ground. The celebration will include Grand Entry of the groups, Libation & Dedication ceremonies, traditional dance performances from local and overseas dancers (mainly native American), drums & songs, Bermuda Gombey performances, traditional St. David's food, Art & Craft stalls and more. This is a great opportunity to meet with locals and understand their age old cultures and traditions. 
Many visitors have asked me how could they see live performance of Gombey Dancers in Bermuda. Here is a great opportunity and that too with a bonus. On every Saturday from June until October-end you can visit Queen Elizabeth Park and watch not only Gombey performances, but also live Steel Pan Music which is an old traditional music of Bermuda. Visit the link for more information about venue, timings etc. 
Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson has now opened a restaurant in Hamilton Princess Hotel with sweeping views of the harbor and boasting wood-burning grill for the first time in the island. Food reflects Bermudian culture. 
The cruise season has begun and like earlier years, the Tourism Authority and WEDCO have come up with a schedule of weekly activities at the Royal Naval Dockyard so that the cruise ship passengers and others get plenty of options to spend some fun and entertaining time at the dockyard both during day time and evenings. 
A guided walking group tour has been recently introduced where you walk through the narrow winding alleys of St. George after dark while listening to a story teller about the history of the olde towne and the island. On the way you will encounter ghosts of famous residents of the town whose character roles are played by actors. Great fun and entertaining way to know about Bermuda's history which is more than four centuries old. 
More and more restaurants are offering gluten free and vegan options and catering to those who have special dietary requirements. Here I have discussed about all such eateries, food & grocery stores that offer such options. 
Take a flying tour and see Bermuda from the sky as you sit on a 4-seater Cesna. It can fly low and slow so that you can see the spectacular landscapes in details as well as all the activities on the ground. There are several theme based flying tours available both for short and longer duration. 
Uptown Market in Hamilton City is being introduced from May 23rd, 11am to 4pm (May 2015) 
A street market is being launched at the car park of Jamaican Grill on Court Street. Vendors will set up stalls and sell local handmade food, fresh veggies, handmade jewelry, clothes etc and there will be music and family entertainment. Great chance to meet with locals and purchase local items. The market is scheduled to run on every Saturday. 
While exploring the historic past and heritage could be the main reasons for visiting St. George's, there are some excellent restaurants, bars, cafes and even local fast food eateries that can make your day just perfect. 
Visit St. George and see some of the old traditional homes that feature the styles and designs of bygone era. They are all well maintained, reflect the old charm and will take you back to the days of early settlers of the island. 
There was a time in Bermuda when onions became a major part of island's economy and the islanders took pride in calling themselves onions. This annual event is celebrated to recognize that aspect of Bermuda's heritage. 
While the full schedule of weekly events and cultural programs at the dockyard is awaited and will be published before the cruise ships start anchoring at the berths here, the Sunday programs have already kicked off with puppet shows, castle making, shopping bonanza offers etc. 
Great Eco excursions in the month of April to explore the island's flora & fauna, historical landmarks, reserves, forested lands and enjoy the scenic vistas of the landscapes and coastline. 
The fourth City Food Festival will be held in Hamilton City starting from March 16th. Great chefs from the island will compete to make best canapés you have ever tasted. Some of the finest red and white wine will be available for sampling. A Street Food Festival will take place on the final day where dozens of top restaurants, bars, food vendors will participate to showcase their specialty dishes and cocktails. 
Walk down the streets of St. George and explore the amazing display of local talents including pottery, paintings, woodcraft, weaving, live music, instruments, dance, singing, spoken words and more. This festive event takes place on February 27th 2015 (Saturday) between 6pm to 10pm. 
This ever growing festival changed its name from City Fashion Festival to Bermuda Fashion Festival making it a global destination for international and local designers. It's week long activity full with runway shows, make up & hair styling shows, social and cultural events, and is likely to draw a huge audience. 
So you think that all paths in this tiny island of Bermuda is well beaten and all the hidden gems have been discovered and experienced by many? Honestly although most such paths may have been treaded, there are some such paths & hidden treasures which many tourists haven't even heard of. If you are a returning visitor or want to stay away from the crowd and like to come close to the nature, then this link is for you. 
Information for couples of same sex planning to visit Bermuda, how they are likely to be treated, any friendly places for them, tourism and living conditions, and my personal views. 
This year among several other regular cruises, The Liberty of the Seas, a Freedom class cruise ship from Royal Caribbean will also be calling port at Bermuda several times. This massive cruise ship (second largest in the world) with awesome offerings of activities and entertainment, can be a great choice for making a cruise trip to Bermuda. Go through the link above for my detailed review of Liberty of the Seas. 
Bermuda Restaurant Weeks (January 2015) 
The Restaurant Weeks is now on its way (January 15 to February 5, 2015). 44 restaurants are participating this year from all over the island and offering special 3-course dinner at fixed yet attractive price levels of $29, $39 and $49. As many as 31 of them are offering special Bermuda inspired cuisine and many are sourcing the ingredients locally. This is a great time and opportunity to savor the authentic local dishes. 
Looking for excellent beef cuts on steaks? And that too in an upscale elegant ambience with a choice of inside dining or at outside patio with wonderful view of the harbor? Head for Red Steakhouse & Bar. 
Having started its full operations only in October 2012, Ms. Wales has mastered the art of making her cafe into one of the coolest cafes in the island. With a laid back relaxed atmosphere, you get great breakfast, lunch and coffee at fair trade prices and excellent quality. 
I know it's winter time... but that shouldn't stop you from planning your next swimming venue. Look for calm and shallow waters in the island that are ideal for swimming. There are several beaches that are surrounded by coral reefs or rocks keeping the beachside water area protected from high water current and wave actions. They are excellent for swimming and some great even for snorkeling. 
This will be the Ruby (40th) anniversary and a very special one for the festival. And as expected, the preparations are already in advanced stage with the complete line up of performances already in place. The event will commence on January 23, 2015 and will run up to March 7, 2015. The highlight is the participation from the internationally celebrated cellist Yo Yo Ma. 
Looking to dine outdoor in Bermuda while enjoying the sunset views over the Atlantic or watching the sail boats pass by in a harbor? Several restaurants & bars in Bermuda offer such great experience and more. 
Flyboarding in Bermuda (September 2014) 
Great exciting water sport now in Bermuda. From a personal water craft and with the help of water jets and a hose pipe, you will be lifted to as high as 35-ft above the water. And you will fly through the air! 
Planning to renew your wedding vow in Bermuda? You can find out how to do so and the places. 
Thrilling idea to have a drink on a pirate ship? It's now possible in Bermuda for the first time. An old ship has been converted into a pirate themed ship with couple of bars and anchored on the water at Dockyard. Relatively cheap drinks, innovative cocktails, great views of water and music ... go for it. 
How about getting a tattoo done on yourself and taking a permanent memory back home of your time in Bermuda? Here are some of the great tattoo shops in the island that are clean and reputable. 
Not all restaurants in the island are suitable for kids and families. But some make special provisions including kids menu and even activities. 
After long many years, there seems to be some evidence that the wreckage of a torpedo bomber that was found in Everglades (Broward County) in 1989 could be one of the five Flight-19 planes that went missing in 1945 at the Bermuda Triangle and was never traced again. Read the full story ... 
Looking to stay cheap and that too in Hamilton City? Then Sunflower Guesthouse may be the answer. Two clean rooms with many small amenities including kitchenette and high speed wi-fi. Very conveniently located, easy walk to both ferry and main bus terminals.... Read on. 
If you are planning your vacation in Bermuda, the first thing you must sort out is the location of your stay, and then you can choose your hotel. Because the location decides what you get in & around that place, while the hotel only provides amenities. 
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