Renewal of wedding vow in Bermuda

Hello, My wife and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary with our 2 young children in Bermuda in late August. We are looking for a minister or pastor to oversee a very informal renewal and vow exchange with just the 4 of us on a beach/cliff on the island. 
I understand Bermuda has stringent rules for marriages on the island, but we were hoping there was someone that would essentially minister a blessing of or renewed vows?? Does anyone know of where I can look for someone? Many thanks 
VP Grec (July 2014) 
Hi, Renewal of wedding vows in Bermuda does not require you to follow any marriage legislation or other formal process in the island. It can be done at any church and the clergy can help with the process and appoint someone from the church to oversee the same. You can contact any church and organize that in advance or while in the island. Here is the link for churches in Bermuda (choose the one which is convenient to you and write to them): Churches in Bermuda along with location and contact info 
However if you specifically want a minister or a pastor to oversee your vow renewal and make it a more formal occasion, best is to go through a wedding consultant or a planner in Bermuda. Visit the following link for the well known planners in the island who can help you with that: Planners in Bermuda 
Raj ( July 2014 
My husband and I came to Bermuda for our 10 year Wedding Anniversary and are planning on coming back for our 15 year Wedding Anniversary. We fell in love with the Heydon Trust Chapel and I would like to surprise him by renewing our Vow's in Bermuda at Heydon Trust Chapel. Is there someone that would be able to help me accomplish this? Our Anniversary is June 23, so it would be for June 23, 2016. 
Jayme Glawson (June 2015) 
Hi, suggest you contact Heydon Trust (Phone: 441 - 234 1831) and find out how to go about it. 
Raj ( June 2015 
Hello...I would like to celebrate our 20 year Anniversary in Bermuda and just thought of renewing our vows. I would like to have the entire ceremony on the beach. We will be coming by way of Cruise. I see there are a number of beaches near the dock but I want the most romantic and private and easy to get to. Also,will a pastor of my choice come to beach, or can I bring my own? I would hope to have at least 20 guest including my teenage children. Tables, chairs benches would be necessary. Hopefully a restaurant will be near to service food.Thank you for your attention, hope to hear from you soon. 
Mrs Daniela Jecty (November 2015) 
Hi, Pastor can come to the beach if you make necessary arrangements. You can also bring your own for renewal of vows. Stonehole Bay and Astwood Park (both on south shore) are quite popular for weddings and vow renewals. However you won't get a restaurant there. I suggest you go through a wedding/event planner in the island who can arrange everything including pastor, transports, tables/chairs/tents, and even catering. Visit the page Planners in Bermuda for information (including contact details) of wedding planners in Bermuda. 
Raj ( November 2015 
Hi we are coming in on a cruise ship this September. We are renewing our wedding vows at Jobson's Cove. How do I make arrangements ahead of time ? Thank you. 
Kim Stauble (April 2016) 
Hi, suggest you contact a wedding planner who can arrange all logistics. If you are looking only for transport, then there are plenty of taxis available at the dockyard. You will get information about planners and their contacts here
Raj ( April 2016 
My husband and I are taking a cruise to Bermuda in September for our 20th wedding anniversary, we would like a simple ceremony, maybe on the beach, I've heard people talk about Jacob's cove.? could you please tell me who to contact about this thanks! 
Cathy Mart (March 2017) 
Hi, it's not Jacob's cove, it's Jobson's Cove. Stonehole bay next to it may even be better. Contact an event or wedding planner in the island and they will help you (since you are looking for simple arrangement, better contact a low profile company). Go through the link below for event/wedding planners in Bermuda.... Bermuda Wedding/Event Planners
Raj ( March 2017 
Hi, my wife and I will be in Bermuda on a Disney cruise on Oct 26 and were looking to renew our vows.  We don't want anything fancy but were looking for an officiant and to do basic ceremony at Jobsons cove with us and about 6 family members.  We just wanted to be simple and easy.  Any ideas on an officiant and how to get the permit to have at jobsons cove? 
Anthony Berger (August 2018) 
Hi, you should ideally go through an event/wedding planner who can arrange all logistics... 'To Have And To Hold' could be a good choice... 
Mobile: 441.532.1019; Email: [email protected] 
Raj ( August 2018 
Hello, I am wondering if you can help me find someone for a vow renewal ceremony for my husband and I. I am searching on google and am finding packages in the $2000 range and that is just not in our budget. we just wanted a quick no frills vow renewal something simple on the beach and it is just the two of us. we are coming in on a cruise in May 2019. Any info would be helpful. Thank you 
Maria (September 2018) 
Hi, I suggest you contact one of the local planners in Bermuda who can arrange a simple vow renewal for you. 'All The Trimmings' and 'To have and to hold' are two planners who also arrange small events like vow renewals. They will get you an officiant as well as photographer and transport to the venue. You can get their details at: Bermuda Planners
Raj ( September 2018 
Hello, I have rented a house in Bermuda in May of 2023.  The property is Villa at Cedar Brae in Southampton Parish. I'm just wondering if we need a license to have 6 -8 people on a beach for a quick renewal ceremony??? we are already legally married for 35 years when we come to Bermuda!!! Just friends with us. Please let me know if there is anything we need to do and actually what beach is close to the property we rented....Thank you so much. 
Christine Reardon (February 2022) 
Since you want to hold the event on a public beach, you need to take a Special Permit which is issued by Bermuda's Depart of Parks for designated public beaches and parks... there is a fee for the permit. The permit fee for a small group of up to 19 persons is $50. You can contact the Department of Parks at +1 (441) 236-5902 or e-mail: [email protected] for further details. Horseshoe Bay and several other picturesque south shore beaches such as Jobson's Cove and Stonehole Bay are nearby. There is also enough outdoor space in the villa itself including its terrace where you can hold a small event. You may like to talk to the villa owner for ideas. 
Raj ( February 2022 
Hi coming to Bermuda via Cruise ship in Oct. 22. First time there and will be our 36th Wedding Anniversary. We want to renew our vows. When you do this is there some kind of a paper document that documents the renewal outside of applying for a formal marriage certificate? 
Bob Martin (March 2022) 
Hi, there is usually no documentation involved during the process of the vow renewal, unless you specifically want so and that can be arranged through a wedding/event planner (some do a video recording of the event). Vow renewal in Bermuda is not considered a formal official process. 
Raj ( March 2022 
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