Eco Tours to Celebrate Spring 2015

Bermuda is now offering a series of Eco tours to celebrate spring (the health month of April). All these tours are aimed towards enjoying the nature and the scenic beauty of the island while breathing in fresh air amidst pure mother nature. These tours will be valid through the month of April. Some are free tours while others have charges. 
Train Trolley Ride on Railway Trail 
Although Bermuda's railway operation has long ceased, the railway trail along which the train once operated between 1931 and 1948 still remains. The famous Railway Trail connects the west end to the east end and goes mostly along the north shore with beautiful view of the coastline, flora and fauna. And what more, now is the opportunity to recreate those moments of 1900s and experience what it was like riding the train. 
Although not a real train, the train trolley on wheels will operate on the railway trail during April and help the tourists and islanders explore the western end of the trail. This is a 2-hour ride which starts from Royal Naval Dockyard and returns to the dockyard. You can board the train just across the Bonefish Bar &áGrill restaurant at the dockyard. The tour starts Every Monday at 2:30pm and returns at 4:30pm. Ticket price: $25 (in cash only) and available at the Visitors Information Canters at both Dockyard and Hamilton City. With audio commentary, you will learn about history of the island and many landmarks that you pass by, and of course while enjoying the lovely views of water and nature. á 
South Shore Eco Walking Tour 
This is a guided walking tour of about one and half hours to explore the lovely South Shore Beaches. This eco tour is offered FREE and for a group of maximum up to 25 persons. You will start from the parking lot of Warwick Long Bay beach located at the western end of the beach. From here you will walk along the trail towards west and all the way up to Horseshoe Bay Beach. You will not only enjoy the view of the south shore water, but also learn a lot about Bermuda's centuries old history, coastal habitats, boiler reefs, flora and fauna, and lot more. The free eco walking tour takes place every Tuesday from 10:am till 12noon. 
Tour of Coopers Island Nature Reserve 
This 12 acres unspoiled nature reserve is located in Coopers Island in St. David's at the eastern end. A guide will take you through this wonderful nature reserve where you will come to know about Bermuda's diverse animal and plant life. This reserve is a nesting place for Bermuda's pelagic bird Longtails. From this reserve you will also get a wonderful view of Nonsuch Island which is a conservation area for Bermuda's National Bird Petrel (also known as Cahow). To know more about the reserve and what you can experience there, visit Coopers Island Nature Reserve
Ticket price is $50 per person (in cash only). Up to 6 persons in a group. Private transport and water will be provided. This tour takes place on Thursdays between 10:30am to 12:30pm. Call (441) 799 8888 to book the tour. 
Tour of Spittal Pond Nature Reserve 
Located in Smith's parish and spreading across an area of 64 acres, this is certainly the best nature reserve in Bermuda with wide range of flora and fauna. This is also a great bird sanctuary and a bird lovers' paradise. As you hike with a guide, you will get to know about the plantations and animal life, see strange geological formations, and of course will enjoy sweeping vistas of the south shore. More about Spittal Pond Nature Reserve... This is a FREE guided tour and takes place on Thursdays between 10am to 11:30am. Meeting point is at the western car park opposite the dairy farm. 
Hidden Gems of Bermuda 
This tour is conducted by the Bermudian lady Ashley Harris who operates her company Hidden Gems. The eco exursion starts from the dockyard and returns to the dockyard. You will explore several historical landmarks including forts, visit Crystal caves, reserves and also the only true jungle in Bermuda (i.e. Tom Moore's Jungle in Hamilton Parish). 
Ticket is $100 per person and includes transportation, backpack with packed lunch and gears, and of course your guide. Call (441) 236 1300 for booking. The tour takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 3pm. 
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