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Aquatic Bermuda lost its boat - the Coral Reefer(Update: June 29, 2013) 
Another sad story. The boat trip on Coral Reefer was one of our great favorites. It can not be more tragic that Captain Tony had to sell it off to meet his family medical expenses. Read on for more updates.
Who doesn't want to eat cheap and that too piping hot and good quality food served fast? This is the reason why so many mobile food suppliers are growing in the island and increasingly becoming popular with both islanders and tourists.
Bermuda Work Permit: Spouse of a Bermudian needs one? (Update: June 27, 2013) 
If you are a foreign born spouse of a Bermudian and living in the island, do you need a work permit to work in Bermuda? Read the Visitors Reviews and Comments section to know what the law says.
Bermuda's Local food and drinks -what's so unique? (Update: June 27, 2013) 
While Bermuda may not be the place for the best food in the world, there are several food items, cuisine and drinks which the islanders have created from their own innovative skills. You won't easily find them anywhere else and they are unique in their own ways. Read on to know about them and where to get them in the island.
Which are the shallow water areas in Bermuda that are teeming with marine life and also offer beautiful corals? Read the 'Visitors Reviews and Comments'
Bermuda Travel Documents (Update: June 24, 2013) 
Planning a visit to Bermuda? Do you know all the travel document requirements like passport, visa etc for your country? Read on...
Bermuda Work Permit - How does it work for an expat's spouse? 
(Update: June 22, 2013) 
Is it easy to get a work permit in Bermuda for a spouse whose husband is already an expat worker in the island? Read the 'Visitors Reviews and Comments'
Bermuda Nightlife... where is that bar gone? (Update: June 21, 2013) 
Retired Royal Navy officer hasn't forgotten the days of Longtail Bar on Front Street Hamilton. But unfortunately it's hard to find any trace of that. Read the 'Visitors Reviews and Comments' Section.
Great Beaches of Bermuda... but how to avoid tourists? (Update: June 21, 2013) 
Two seniors arriving in Bermuda like to visit a nice beach near the dockyard which is not invaded by hundreds of tourists. Does such a beach exist? Read the 'Visitors Reviews and Comments' Section.
Snorkel Park - broken glasses on the beach? (Update: June 17, 2013) 
In recent times there have been several instances where the visitors have reported problems with broken glasses lying on the beach of Snorkel Park and even underwater. This has resulted in cuts and bruises. And in the last such incident, a kid had to go through 14 stitches. Shocked? Read on ...
Best of shopping in Bermuda (Update: June 15, 2013) 
Which is that 3-storeyed building in Hamilton where you can find virtually everything at reasonable prices ... gifts and Souvenirs, perfumes and cosmetics, accessories and bags, sunglasses, chocolates and candies and lot more. Read on to know ...
Some times (in fact most times during the high cruise season) the buses run full. How will you visit the beaches then? Or what if you are in a group of 15 and want a pick up and drop service for visiting a place in the island. Minibuses can then be very handy. And some destinations are not served by regular buses.
Bus and ferries are great public transports and they are quite efficient and frequent, and the most popular. But what should you do if you are in a group of 15 and like to attend a private party and come back? Read on to know all transport options..
If you are planning to take up an apartment rental with a kitchen during your vacation in Bermuda, an important factor is to stay close to a good grocery store. Several of these stores also offer pre-cooked hot food and meals at a very reasonable price. This will be crucial to eat cheap and well. So which are those top stores, what do they offer, their location, open hours, contacts etc etc? Read on...
Planning for a deep sea fishing in Bermuda? Targeting a Blue Marlin or a Wahoo? Find out the best seasons for different types of fish in Bermuda's water, the great water locations and fishing charters.
Most won't believe that it's actually possible to have a Bermuda vacation on budget. Well we have done it several times. Like to know how? Then read on...
Gombey dancing has long roots in Bermuda which started during the days of slavery. Today it has grown in richness and become a signature folk art of the island which people from all over the world come to see. Find out how you can see the dance in its full flow when you visit the island.
You won't see these reef fishes off the US coast. They are different and unique. How do you go about getting the best reef fishing experience in Bermuda? Read on to know the best options and what can you expect to catch.
Love game fishing? Bermuda waters has plenty to offer ... shore, reef and deep sea fishing. But you must know the locations and some tips and tricks. Here are the best water areas around Bermuda for a great fishing experience.
Bermuda's Sovereign Rating (Update: June 8, 2013) 
How are Moodys and Fitch rating Bermuda currently? Sadly the rating is coming down with negative outlook due to continuous bad patch in economy, high fiscal deficits and increased government debts. Read on for full updates...
The Best Bermuda Beaches (Update June 6, 20113) 
There are so many lovely pink sandy beaches and coves in Bermuda. All are so beautiful in their own ways. But which are the ones that should be the first choice to visit when you are with your kids or grand kids? That's the question visitors are asking me in recent times. Read on for my answers... 
Bermuda Island Information and Facts (Update: June 5, 2013) 
Bermuda is not just about beaches and great tourist attractions. There are many other beautiful sides of Bermuda including its friendly and warm people, culture, traditions and local customs, wonderful flora and fauna, marine life and lot more. From its first human settlement way back in 1609, Bermuda has grown to become a country with one of the highest per capita income in the world. Read on to know about Bermuda's journey over the last five centuries and get information about various areas...
Johnny Barnes - The angel of love (Update: June 1, 2013) 
Who doesn't know about this man who has taken up the highest possible level of living and committed himself only to spreading love in the island. Even those who haven't visited the island know about him. Read on for his full story and recent comments from the viewers ...

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