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Bermuda Beachfest (New: July 30, 2013) 
This is a grand beachfest which includes lots of beach games, fun activities, beach contests, performances by local and international talents, and all these combined with cash bars, food and beverage stalls etc. A great festive vibe and a family event. This year it is scheduled in Snorkel Park Beach on August 1, 2013.
Daniel's Head - Sunset Kayak Tour (Update: July 30, 2013) 
Have you ever had the experience of kayaking in the dark after sunset with kayaks outfitted with LED lights, illuminating the water and viewing the fishes in the dark? No? Then read on to know how to have this amazing experience...
3 Day itinerary for Bermuda (New: July 30, 2013) 
So visiting Bermuda for 3 days or little less? Then check out this forum discussion to plan your days and get the most out of your vacation.
Want to avoid the tourists? Here are the beautiful coves and beaches in Bermuda that are secluded sandy paradise and offer you romantic setting in privacy.
Beaches near Kings Wharf (Dockyard) (New: July 27, 2013) 
A very pertinent question from the cruise passengers - which are the nearest and the best beaches close to Kings wharf where the cruise ships dock? Because nobody wants to waste time in commuting when time is so precious. Read on to know.
Great snorkel boat tours in Bermuda (Update: July 26, 2013) 
Planning a day to snorkel to your heart's content? There are snorkel cruises in Bermuda that take you to fascinating reef, wreck and island beach sites to snorkel.
Great beaches for kids and families (Update: July 26, 2013) 
Want to know about the beaches that are ideal for families with kids? Ones that have shallow and calm waters, good facilities etc? Then read on...
Bermuda Sea Glass Beaches (Update: July 25, 2013) 
Viewers are debating hard whether the sea glasses should be removed from the beaches or not. Visit the link and read the Visitors Reviews and Comments section.
Cup Match: What can you do on these two days? (Update: July 25, 2013) 
Other than watching cricket live at the stadium or on TV, is there anything else a tourist can plan to do on the cup match days? Read on (see the Visitors Reviews and Comments section).
Touring Bermuda: An economical way for a small group (Update: July 20, 2013) 
What is an economical way of touring around Bermuda for 3-4 hours for a small group? Like to know? Then visit the link and read the Visitors Reviews and Comments section.
Stand up paddle boarding in Bermuda (New: July 17, 2013) 
Know about the great guided paddle boarding tours in Bermuda as well as paddle board rentals. This water activity is fast catching up in Bermuda.
Jobs in Bermuda - Is it easy for the British? (Update: July 17, 2013) 
Bermuda is a British Overseas Country. Does that make it any easier for the British to get a job in Bermuda and relocate? Read the Visitors Reviews and Comments section of the page where I have answered such a question.
Hog Bay Beach and Park - One of the best kept secrets (Update: July 17, 2013) 
If you want a beach exclusively to yourself for couple of hours, then proceed to Hog Bay Beach. It requires a bit of a hike though through the steep trail of the park.
Bermuda Post Offices to release Gombey stamps (Update: July 16, 2013) 
Bermuda post offices will be shortly releasing stamps with colorful pictures of the Gombey costumes and dance movements. This is an attempt to publicize one of the rich traditional folk art of the island.
Guide Bike and Beach Tour (New: July 16, 2013) 
Take a boat shuttle from the dockyard to reach the harbor in Somerset and then set out for the bike tour through the scenic western section of Railway Trail, pass by beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks and estates.
Guided Eco Kayak Adventure (New: July 14, 2014) 
A great kayak adventure tour that explores the western coast line including its rocky formations, uninhabited islands and beaches, bird life and even underwater corals and marine life through glass bottom panels in the kayak.
Great Nature Hikes in Bermuda (New: July 13, 2013) 
Explore the western section of the Railway Trails through a guided nature hike. This is a combination tour which includes a boat ride followed by hike.
Hidden Gems of Bermuda (New: July 12, 2013) 
Explore some of the best kept secrets of Bermuda through this guided combination tours which includes both bus rides across the island and hiking.
Sandys 360 Foundation (Update: July 12, 2013) 
This non-profit community center has grown to cater to some 13,000 members offering a host of sporting and social activities including Swimming pool, Gym and Fitness Centers, Enrichment Programs, classes and more. Read on to know about the latest programs and activities in the center and what you too can leverage.
Bermuda Eco and Adventure Tours (New: July 8, 2013) 
Great Eco and Adventure tours in Bermuda like exploring jungles and caves, nature hikes, kayak and stand up paddle board tour exploring coastline, cycling tour etc.
Snorkeling - Which are the best and worst beaches? (Update: July 7, 2013) 
A beach in Bermuda is reportedly getting nasty when it comes to snorkeling. There are some horrifying experiences in the beach in recent time. And there are few beaches that remain our top favorites for snorkeling. So which are those good and the bad ones? Read on (see the Visitors Reviews and Comments section).
Bermuda Golfing - Which courses offer economic tee time and how to book? 
(Update: July 7, 2013) 
Should you book Tee time in advance if you are planning a round of golf in Bermuda? Knowing that tee time in Bermuda is not exactly cheap, which courses can offer more economical tee time? And what is the best way of booking Tee time? Read on (see the Visitors Reviews and Comments section).
Wedding in Bermuda - What can you bring? (Update: July 5, 2013) 
Planning a wedding in Bermuda? Can you bring party favors and other stuff to Bermuda from your home country? Read on (see the Visitors Reviews and Comments section).
Canada Day celebrated in Bermuda in great spirit (Update: July 2, 2013) 
Canada Day was celebrated at the Warwick Long Bay Beach on July 1st and over 600 expat Canadians joined the spirited party on the beach. Read on for details...
Black Bay Beach - Now has more attractions (Update: July 1, 2013) 
Black bay beach was always a great place for amazing sunset views, sea glasses and natural coves. But it never had any facilities nor promoted. Things are changing now with rentals like beach chairs, umbrellas, snorkel gears and even hammocks made available here. Read on for full details.
Charter Cruises in Bermuda - So many options now (Update: July 1, 2013) 
If you are planning to charter a cruise, there are plenty of options now starting from small motor boats with 10 persons capacity to large sailing yachts that can easily take 100 persons on board.

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