3 days in Bermuda

Below, I have discussed a 3-Day Itinerary that should give you an all-round flavor of the island and you can return home with the satisfaction that you had optimized your time perfectly in Bermuda. However, note that all days in the island are not the same. For example, on Sundays and public holidays, most shops, outfitters and establishments remain closed. Public transports such as buses and ferries run in reduced frequency on Saturdays and Sundays. In winter season (i.e. from November to March), several attractions, tours and activities in Bermuda remain closed due to lack of demand.  
In the itinerary below, I have considered a Sunday although the plan for Sunday will work for a weekday as well. You can interchange the days depending on your schedule. And in case you happen to visit Bermuda at a time that overlaps with a Public Holiday such as Bermuda Day, suggest you go through the forum on what can you do in Bermuda on public holidays
Following my suggested 3-day plan below, there are forum discussions where you will find numerous other real plans being made by visitors and many practical tips. 

Day 1: Aquarium, Caves and Culture

Day 1 is designed assuming it's a week day. 
Get to Hamilton and start your day with a fresh hand-roasted coffee at Rock Island Coffee which is one of the best coffee shops in the island and the only one to hand-roast coffee in-house. It's all about enjoying a cozy and charming home-like environment in a typical Bermudian house filled with artwork. Accompany your coffee with a choice of fresh brownies, scones, muffins, breads, macaroons, croissants or cakes. If you prefer tea instead, they have excellent selection of tea as well. 
Fresh Coffee   Scone 
Source: Rock Island Coffee 
If your cruise ship is docked at Royal Naval Dockyard, the easiest option is to take the morning Blue Route ferry and get to Hamilton in 20 minutes. Otherwise, take a bus or a taxi. 
Get to Bermuda, Aquarium, Museum and Zoo located in Flatts Village. You can take bus #10 or 11 from Hamilton to get there. Here you can see stunning collection of Atlantic marine life that comprises of more than 200 species of fish and other marine creatures. The 140,000 gallon tank 'North Rock' here is one of the largest collections of live coral reefs in the world where you get to see a large number of fish and other marine life both from shallow and deep water. 
Bermuda Aquarium (BAMZ) 
Photo: Brian Gratwicke, cc-by 2.0 
The Natural History Museum here showcases geological formations and human development in Bermuda. The Zoo is small but houses some 300 species of birds, reptiles and small animals collected from various islands in the world. There is a cafe inside and also washroom facilities. You can purchase tickets at the counter and get in. But, get in early. It's open daily from 9am-5pm. 
Continue on bus #10 or 11 and get off at Blue Hole Hill Circle bus stop. A short walk along Wilkinson Avenue and you will reach the famous Crystal and Fantasy Caves Complex. This twin caves are the largest subterranean caves in the island and have stunning formations of stalactites and stalagmites which you can see as you walk over a lake on a foot bridge inside the cave. It's an experience you won't forget. There is a cafe inside as well as washroom facilities. 
Crystal Cave Bermuda 
Source: Wikimedia Commons 
For light lunch, I suggest you walk back to Blue Hole Hill Circle and there you will notice another famous landmark of Bermuda - The Swizzle Inn Pub. This is the oldest pub in the island that opened in 1932 and in a way represents a piece of the island's tradition and culture. The walls of the pub are full of gratifies and it has been a long drawn practice that guests scribble their names on the walls. 
This is a great place to enjoy true Bermudian vibe and it's frequented by both locals and tourists. They mainly serve pub fares... but the Swizzle Burger, Chili Nachos and even the Fish n Chips or the Chicken Tenders are excellent. Don't forget to try out the Rum Swizzle here, an island cocktail that is made with Bermuda's Gosling Black Seal Rum, orange and pineapple juices, and bitters. The pub boasts of having invented this drink and the islanders go even a step ahead calling it the National Drink. 
From the Swizzle Inn Pub, you can easily walk down to Bailey's Bay Ice Cream Parlor (only a few yards away). They make the best ice creams in Bermuda, but are open only during summers. They have some exceptional flavors such as Mango, Dark n Stormy (another famous island cocktail), Tomato Jam, Coconut Rum Raisin and lot more. 
Take a bus towards St. George (bus #1, 3, 10 or 11) from the Blue Hole Circle stop and get off at Kings Square which is the center of the Town of St. George. St. George is steeped in history and culture, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is home to many historical sites, churches and monuments. This is where the first human settlement of Bermuda started way back in 1609. St. George was the former Capital of Bermuda, before the capital was moved to Hamilton City. 
St, George, Bermuda 
Photo: Charles Lewis, Shutterstock 
At Kings Square, look at the Stocks and Pillory that are placed right in front of the Bank of Butterfield building. These were once used to punish people committing petty crimes like getting drunk in public places. The bank itself is the oldest bank in Bermuda. This building was constructed in 1776 and used as a mess by the troops during the American Revolution. It subsequently became a hotel and later taken over by the bank in 1950s. 
Walk along the narrow cobblestone alleyways that still bear the names of local personalities from the historic past. Look at the pastel houses made of limestone. You will feel that time has slipped back into history by centuries. Walk down to St. Peter's Church, originally built around 1612, this is the oldest continually operated church in the western hemisphere. 
St Peter's Church 
St Peters Church Bermuda 
Photo: JoeyBagODonuts, cc by sa 3.0 
Take a minibus from Kings Square and get to Fort St. Catherine - the most formidable fortress of Bermuda which showcases many military exhibits of the British era. From Kings Square you can also walk down to the fort in about 20 minutes and on the way see the Unfinished Church, another historical landmark... a church whose construction could not be completed due to parish infighting. 
From the fort, you can easily walk down to Tobacco Bay Beach (in fact as you walk, the beach will come first and then the fort). It is better to visit the fort first because it closes at 4pm. Tobacco Bay is a small sheltered beach and excellent for snorkeling and swimming. There are many rock formations in the water that are ideal for spotting colorful fish. The beach has all facilities including a Beach Bar and Cafe, beach and snorkel rentals, other watersport rentals like kayaks and paddleboards etc. 
Tobacco Bay Beach 
Tobacco bay beach Bermuda 
On Fridays, a sunset bonfire along with live Soca music is held on Tobacco Bay Beach. It's great for couples and families and offers a nice beach party vibe. Enjoying the bonfire and lovely sunset with a cocktail could be a perfect way of finishing off your day. The bar and cafe hours are extended on the weekends including Fridays until its dark. Otherwise it's open until 6pm. 
On Fridays however, there are several other options of evening entertainment other than getting into a bar or a nightclub in Hamilton. One such option is to join the 'Marina Nights' that's held at Hamilton Princess Hotel on Fridays in their marina dock located within their resort premises. Many islanders join along with hotel guests, happy hour cocktails are served along with nice snacks and music is played in the background... an excellent island party vibe. 
You can then follow it up with a great alfresco dining at 1609 Bar and Restaurant of Hamilton Princess located right behind the Marina Nights venue. The restaurant overlooks the harbor and offers great food and ambience. 
Another option on any weekday is to take a Sunset Sailing Cruise that usually depart from Hamilton and Royal Naval Dockyard. You should book one in advance. They usually take you to the western water area of Great Sound and show you wonderful sunset and offer cocktails on board. 
However, if it's a Wednesday during the summers, then do not miss out on Harbor Nights, the biggest and the best street festival of Bermuda that takes place on Front Street in Hamilton City. It starts at 7pm and ends at 10pm. Numerous vendors set up stalls on the street selling local food, trinkets, souvenirs and craft items. There are live performances on the street. It's a great opportunity to see the Gombey Dancers performing island's most famous traditional dance along with rhythmic music and drumming. Thousands of tourists and locals throng the festival... it's like a big street party. Ferry hours to Dockyard are extended on this day. Restaurants and shops remain open until late. 

Day 2: Beach, Hamilton and Nightlife

Day 2 is designed assuming it's a Saturday or a week day. 
Get to Horseshoe Bay Beach, one of the most scenic and famous beaches in the world that gets regular mentions in world magazines. And so expect the beach to be crowded. From dockyard there are regular beach shuttles that operate to the beach. You can also take bus #7 to get there. 
Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda 
Photo: Captain-tucker, Wikimedia Commons, CC by SA 4.0 
It has all facilities including a beach bar that also serves nice Bermudian snacks, beach rentals, showers and changing rooms etc. If you want a quieter spot, keep walking towards east (i.e. left as you face the water) towards the end of the beach and you will find lovely pink sandy patches with large rock formations jutting into the turquoise water. 
If you want more seclusion, keep walking towards east and take the South Shore Beach Trail that will take you to several stunning coves including Chaplin Bay, Stonehole Bay and then another scenic gem - the Jobson's Cove with its pink sands and blue water surrounded by jagged cliffs... a perfect picturesque cove for swimming and snorkeling. A short walk away is another great beach Warwick Long Bay which has basic toilet facilities near the car park. 
Your next destination is Hamilton City. Take ferry from dockyard otherwise a bus to get there. There are numerous restaurants of all types in Hamilton. For lunch, try out the classy and elegant Port O Call for excellent seafood or the stylishly done up Barracuda Grill, for authentic traditional Italian cuisine, Little Venice is the place to go, if you are craving for some great Indian food, then try out Ruby Murry's, and for European fares, visit the small yet very popular and lively Mad Hatters
Hamilton is the best place for shopping in Bermuda. Walk along the Front Street, Reid Street, Church Street and get into the alleyways... there are numerous shops of all kinds including apparel, jewelry, gifts and souvenirs, art and craft, accessories and perfumes and more. 
If you are not fond of shopping, then a good option is to walk and see some of the city attractions... The City Hall and Arts Center houses grand exhibition hall and National Art Gallery, Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity is a historic church built in Neo Gothic architecture, Queen Elizabeth Park is a nice city park where you can relax among the greenery and flowers. Alternatively, you can take a Train Trolley Tour and get a quick glimpse of several important city landmarks while listening to an audio commentary. 
Between 3 to 5pm, Bermudians continue to follow the English tradition of afternoon tea complete with finger sandwiches, scones and sweets. Several restaurants in the island offer such traditional afternoon tea so that visitors are able to experience this integral part of Bermuda's tradition. One of the most popular places in Hamilton for this is the Crown & Anchor Restaurant which is part of Hamilton Princess Hotel on Pitts Bay road. Go through Bermuda's Traditional Afternoon Tea for details. 
Hamilton is known as the hub of nightlife in Bermuda. There are numerous bars, lounges and several nightclubs here that spring to life with locals and tourists as the sun goes down. If you are looking for a traditional British style pub, head to Hog Penny, this is the oldest pub in Hamilton that opened in 1957 and popular with both locals and tourists. If you like a casual bar vibe, then Bermuda Bistro at the Beach is a good choice. They have DJs on Fridays and Saturdays. 
If you instead want a nightclub with a dance floor, then Cosmopolitan Ultra Lounge on 95 Front Street offers a great vibe with its walls paneled with LED lights that change patterns of colorful lights. You can enjoy live band with pop, dance and soca. A retractable roof makes the sky visible from inside. 

Day 3: Water Tour, Nature, Dockyard

Day 3 is designed in a way that it will also work for Sundays as well as any other day of the week. 
On Sundays, most Bermudians settle down for a hearty codfish breakfast to start their day. This practice is being continued since the early years. This heavy breakfast comprises of boiled and salted codfish, and accompanied with boiled eggs, slices of banana and avocado. If you like to try this out, then Paraquet Restaurant in Paget or Bouchee in Hamilton are two great options. Bouchee is however well known for even traditional western breakfast, so you will have good choices there. 
Go for a water based tour... there are multiple options. You can choose a sightseeing sailing cruise which is combined with glass bottom views of corals and marine life, or an offshore snorkeling cruise like the one offered by Snorkel Bermuda who takes you to couple of shipwreck and reef sites or Restless Native that takes you to a shallow and calm water area near a pristine island cove. Alternatively you can go for kayaking to explore the coastline, Jet Skiing to explore harbor and sound areas of Bermuda at high speed, or even Scuba Diving on some of the great shipwreck and reef sites. 
Photo: Restless Native 
Note that most of the water based activities operate from Royal Naval Dockyard and some from Hamilton. It's advisable to book such a tour in advance. 
If you want to skip water based tour, and rather like to explore Bermuda's nature on foot, then choose a section of Bermuda's Railway Trail and hike... you will be amazed to see the beauty of Bermuda's coastline, landscapes and flora. One of the most scenic sections is the one that starts near Bermuda Aquarium (described in the above link). 
Alternatively, visit the Blue Hole Park in Hamilton Parish. This is locally known as Tom Moore's Jungle. It's a forested land and trails through that will lead you to amazing Blue Holes (where you can even swim), get to several hidden subterranean caves, and of course explore the flora and fauna. 
Blue Hole Park Bermuda 
Next is Royal Naval Dockyard... the cruise port itself is a historic hub and a large complex full of great tourist attractions. Shops and attractions in dockyard remain open on all days including Sundays (except few exceptions like Christmas day). There are several restaurants and bars here. For lunch, you can visit Bonefish Bar & Grill for great seafood, or Frog & Onion which is a large and classic British style pub and has the only brewery inside that makes locally crafted beer in Bermuda. 
While all attractions within dockyard are walkable, there is also a free train trolley that moves around the dockyard passing by the major landmarks... you can hop on and hop off. 
Visit the National Museum which is housed in a historic fortress... you will know about Bermuda's maritime history, its slavery period and its rich heritage among others. Within the museum complex is Dolphin Quest which is a dolphin show and training center... here you can participate in various interactive programs with dolphins or watch the shows. 
National Museum of Bermuda (Old Fort Complex) 
National Museum of Bermuda 
Go down to Dockyard Glassworks and see how flame artists make exquisite glass figurines using blowing technique. In the same building is Bermuda Rumcake Company which makes exceptional cakes that are flavored with Bermuda's original Black Seal Rum. You can sample and buy if you like. 
Bermuda Arts Center is located in the dockyard. It's a gallery and a working studio of local artists and artisans. You can see outstanding paintings, photographs and work of craft including cedar work and jewelry. One small corner of the building is occupied by an outlet of Bermuda Bookstore (the original branch is located at Hamilton which is considered the best bookstore in Bermuda). 
Walk down to Clock Tower Mall... a shopping arcade that houses many boutique stores selling dress materials, art and craft, souvenirs and gifts, accessories, jewelry etc. This air-conditioned mall is a nice place to cool off, do your left-over shopping in leisure and finally end the day. 

Ordered by older to newer posts

My friend and I are coming to City of Hamilton in May for the first time. We don't want to confuse it with Hamilton Parish. We plan to stay 3 days and want to do everything in Hamilton City. We like sightseeing tours, hiking, beaches, museums and a night club with live music, preferably jazz. What would you recommend? Should we ferry to some other parts?  
Brenda Cowan (October 2011) 
Hi Brenda, There are literally so many things to do in Hamilton City and around, it's very difficult to layout a single plan that may work perfectly for all. So let me give you some useful links that you may like to study and come back with an initial plan that you like. I can then certainly use my experience and help you to fine tune your plan. 
Check out the link Hamilton City to know about what you can expect there including the attractions like historic buildings, museums, parks etc, activities and entertainment options and so on. In that page you will also find a link for the nightlife in Hamilton including Jazz bars and clubs, nightclubs, pubs and more. While there are some nice small beaches like Clarence Cove in Pembroke parish where Hamilton City is located, most of the great beaches are in South Shore for which you will need to take a bus or other transports. For sightseeing tours, refer to my page on Bermuda Tours
Have a great time in Bermuda! 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, October 2011) 
Hi Raj, I've gotten a great amount of information from your website and was hoping to get your opinion on my itinerary. we are sailing on celebrity summit next week. 
Aug 29. arrive into kings wharf. get 3-day multi-day passes and catch the #7 bus to Gibbs lighthouse. then #7bus to horseshoe bay beach. eventually do the beach walk to warwick and catch the #7 bus back to ship. Or maybe start at warwick and walk back to horseshoe? We have 6:00 main dining and want to be back to the ship around 4:30. After dinner catch the ferry to Hamilton for Harbor Nights. 
Aug 30. catch the first ferry to St. George's and try to make the 10:30 walking tour and eventually head to tobacco beach. again we want to be back to the ship around 4:30. i know we should catch the 3:45 ferry back. 
Aug 31. go to crystal and fantasy caves then back to kings wharf to walk around a bit and shop. to get to the caves I know we should catch the first ferry to Hamilton and then the #10 or #11 bus and then do the reverse to head back. 
We are a group of 9 ranging in age from 5 to 71. I don't want to overplan any day and want to account for travel time. should I reverse days 1 and 2? 
Thanks for your help, Ellen 
Ellen (August 2012) 
Hi Ellen, I must say that you have a great itinerary. My only concern is the age range in the group and I have no idea how fit all are physically. For example having climbed up to the top of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and then hiking the beach trail may not be easy for a 71-year old person (on an average I mean). So you will need to carefully handle that part... who goes up the stairs and who doesn't. 
Second, check out the extra ferry timings on Wednesday. Although they provide additional ferries for Harbor Nights, the timings may vary. If they don't provide for some reason, either you will need to plan to get back by the usual last ferry of 8:30pm or take a taxi (in fact couple of them due to your group size). You will know about the additional ferry timings from the Visitors Information Center at Kings Wharf itself. 
I would suggest that you keep the first day a little lighter. You arrive after a long sea journey. So yes, interchange day1 with day2. 
Have a great time in Bermuda!! 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) August 2012 
Hi, We are arriving on NCL Aug 23-25. The 23rd is a Sunday. We have a 17 year old and 14 year old. We'd like to experience as much as possible in those three days including Hamilton and the South Shore beaches. How would you suggest we spend the three days? should we do the beaches on Sunday and Hamilton Monday? We have to be back on the ship by 2 p.m. on Tuesday, so we assumed that would be the day to explore the Dockyard sights. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 
Tim (July 2013) 
All stores and establishments in Hamilton remains closed on Sundays. So keep Sunday for the South Shore beaches. Buy 2-day bus/ferry passes from the Visitors Information Center at the dockyard. That will give you unlimited access to both buses and ferries for two days. Take bus #7 for any south shore beach like the Horseshoe Bay Beach. The beach is likely to be very crowded. 
A good option is to take the sandy trail from Horseshoe and walk towards east (i.e. keeping the ocean on your right). You will pass by several lovely coves and beaches including stonehole bay, Chaplin Bay, Jobson's cove and finally reach Warwick Long Bay Beach. You will be able to enjoy several lovely beaches. Check out the following link for more information about south shore beaches and the trail: South Shore Beaches 
On Monday, go to Hamilton City. Take the Blue Route ferry from the dockyard ferry dock (same pass will work). It takes 20 minutes to reach Hamilton. You can then consider the following self guided tour of Hamilton City and finally do some shopping before you get back: Hamilton City Tour 
On the third day, go around the attractions within the dockyard itself. You can visit Snorkel Park beach, National Museum, Dolphin Quest, Craft Market, Dockyard Glass works etc etc. Here is from where you can get more information:  
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) July 2013 
We are arriving in Bermuda Sun 9/15 at 3 pm and leave Tues at noon. I was thinking whether to do Hamilton and Southampton when we get there or Southampton and Somerset for several hours before returning to the ship for the night. Which would be easier? The next full day I was thinking ferry to St. George and then go to South Shore beaches for the pm. Is there a party on Monday nights on the island? The last am I thought we check out the Dockyard before returning to the ship to depart. I really appreciate your advice. Which ferries and buses would be helpful to. I know I am asking a lot but it make my planning less stressful. Thank you so much! 
Melissa Truman (August 2013) 
Hi, On the day you arrive, both Hamilton/Southampton and Southampton/Somerset combinations are doable and equally easy. For the first option, take a blue route ferry from the dockyard to Hamilton (20 minutes) and from there bus #7 or 8 for Southampton (about 25 minutes). For the second option, take bus #7 to Somerset and then continue on the same bus to Southampton (about 35-40 minutes from dockyard). However note that all shops and establishments are closed in Hamilton on Sunday. So the second option is better. 
On the second day, take orange ferry from the dockyard to St George. After sightseeing, take bus #10 or 11 for Hamilton (about an hour), transfer to bus #7 and get to the south shore beaches (25-30 minutes). From there continue on bus #7 for the dockyard (cruise port). The Destination Dockyard festival is held on Mondays. Shops at the clocktower mall in the dockyard remain open until late hours. 
On the last day check out some of the dockyard attractions. You don't have much time. You may like to take the Train Trolley tour of the dockyard. 
Note that the south shore beaches are along Southampton and Warwick. So on day-2 you will be revisiting Southampton if you plan to go to Horseshoe Bay Beach etc. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) August 2013 
Dear Raj; 
Your site is extremely informative, well written, and easy to navigate. We will be on the Norwegian Breakaway 8/18-8/25. We dock for 3 full days which works out quite well if you are booking an excursion. Besides Elbow Beach, can you suggest another Hotel that would offer a day pass. Not concerned about the cost or fees, simply looking for a quality day at a quality hotel. In addition, is there anywhere in Bermuda that rents ATV's? 
We have a Noon slot for Jet Skiing on the day we arrive and really looking forward to that. Not a big fan of booking through the cruise ships and find that dealing with the local people from the island has proven to be some of the best trips we have done. I would appreciate your input and any suggestions you can offer. Thanks so much and I look forward to your response. Regards, 
Carol Cohn (August 2013) 
Hi Carol, 
Coco Reef Resort offers day passes (not known to many). I have discussed this in the section Bermuda Honeymoon Ideas towards the bottom of the page and under the title "A Romantic day in a resort with its private beach" 
ATV rentals are not available in Bermuda. I have discussed some of the best Jet Ski tours and rentals in Bermuda Jet Skiing 
Hope this helps! 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) August 2013 
Hi. We are taking a Bermuda cruise the first week in June. Our ship docks at King's Wharf Dockyard 11am Sunday, which would probably mean we wouldn't get off the ship until 1pm due to the crowds. We will have to be back on the ship by 3pm Tuesday for 5:30pm departure. 
There is so much we want to do, but not a lot of time due to the 2 half days. We are thinking of renting a scooter for the first 2 days, then taking public transportation on the last day if necessary. 
Day #1: St George's Island, Tobacco Bay, Crystal Caves 
Day #2: Southern Beaches, Clarence Cove, Hamilton 
Day #3: Exploring the Dockyard 
I read some forums that it is not good to go to St. Georges or Hamilton on Sunday because everything is closed. Also, I hear a lot of stories of people missing their cruise ship due to straying too far from the dockyard 
on the last day. 
Do you have suggestions of how to plan our schedule? Should we rearrange our schedule to do Hamilton in the AM on Day #3 and explore the dockyard in the late afternoon since we wouldn't arrive at Hamilton until late on Day #2? Or should we do the Dockyard on Day #1 and switch St. George to Day #3? My main concern is that everything closes at around 5pm. 
Teresa Pham (March 2015) 
Hi, you can consider the following plan: 
Day1: Explore dockyard. Clocktower mall and several attractions in Dockyard remain open on Sundays. 
Day2: St. George (by ferry), Tobacco bay, Crystal caves and back by ferry from Hamilton. You can add couple of south shore beaches on day2 while returning from Crystal caves (in that case you will need to take a bus to Hamilton, then transfer to #7).  
Day3: Hamilton (by ferry) and Clarence cove. Frequent ferry services and shorter ride will help you get back easily. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) March 2015 
Hi. We are taking a Bermuda cruise the first week in June. Our ship docks at King's Wharf Dockyard 11am Sunday, which would probably mean we wouldn't get off the ship until 1pm due to the crowds. We will have to be back on the ship by 3pm Tuesday for 5:30pm departure. 
There is so much we want to do, but not a lot of time due to the 2 half days. We are thinking of renting a scooter for the first 2 days, then taking public transportation on the last day if necessary. 
Day #1: St George's Island, Tobacco Bay, Crystal Caves 
Day #2: Southern Beaches, Clarence Cove, Hamilton 
Day #3: Exploring the Dockyard 
I read some forums that it is not good to go to St. Georges or Hamilton on Sunday because everything is closed. Also, I hear a lot of stories of people missing their cruise ship due to straying too far from the dockyard on the last day. Do you have suggestions of how to plan our schedule? Should we rearrange our schedule to do Hamilton in the AM on Day #3 and explore the dockyard in the late afternoon since we wouldn't arrive at Hamilton until late on Day #2? Or should we do the Dockyard on Day #1 and switch St. George to Day #3? My main concern is that everything closes at around 5pm. 
Teresa Pham (March 2015) 
Hi, you can consider the following plan: 
Day1: Explore dockyard. Clocktower mall and several attractions in Dockyard remain open on Sundays. 
Day2: St. George (by ferry), Tobacco bay, Crystal caves. You can add couple of south shore beaches while returning from Crystal caves (you will need to take a bus to Hamilton then transfer to #7).  
Day3: Hamilton (by ferry) and Clarence cove. Frequent ferry services and shorter ride will help you get back 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) March 2015 
Hi Raj, 
Do you think we could fit all this in 1 day? We really want to visit Tobacco, Warwick, and Horseshoe. But it seems like if we spend ~2hrs at each beach we will have no time. I don't want to end up missing Horseshoe Bay as I heard that is one of the best in Bermuda. Do you suggest just driving by one of the 3 beaches or maybe just skipping it all together? Thanks, 
Day #2: Monday: St. George Square (1st ferry at 9:30am), Rent Scooter for Island trip, Tobacco Bay, Crystal Caves, Warwick Long Bay, Horseshoe Bay 
Teresa Pham (March 2015) 
On your return, drive along south road and you can see Warwick Long Bay beach. But you can't make a stop there if you want to visit Horseshoe. By the way, both Tobacco and Horseshoe would be crowded, while Warwick Long Bay remains relatively quiet. Unfortunately you can't have best of all worlds :( 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) March 2015 
My daughter and I will be docked at Kings Wharf Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon in late June. During that time we would like to spend time seeing St. George, the Crystal caves in Hamilton Parish, BAMZ, Kings Wharf, and if time allows, Southampton Parish. At this point, we have one excursion tentatively booked (Turtle Cove Glass Bottom Snorkel Adventure) for the afternoon we arrive. Do you have suggestions as to the best order in which to see these sights, and the logistics of getting to them to maximize our time there? Also, is that excursion a good one? Thank you, 
Deborah Fischer (May 2015) 
Hi, on Thursday take the morning Orange route ferry from the dockyard and reach St. George. Spend some 2-3 hours, take bus #1 or 3 and get to Crystal caves. From the caves walk towards Bailey's Bay Ice Cream Parlor (about 150 yards). Here you will get bus #10 or 11 for BAMZ. From BAMZ continue on bus #10 or 11 for Hamilton and take the Blue route ferry back to Dockyard. Next day, take bus #7 in the morning and go down to Horseshoe bay beach in Southampton, spend couple of hours and get back and go around dockyard. Your excursion is good. But you would have saved a lot had you taken the same through a local operator at dockyard. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) May 2015 
Hi :) First I want to say thank you for your blog/website, it has been so helpful! I am trying to see a lot on my short trip there and was wondering if you could tell me if I am trying to fit in too much and if I am on the right path with my itinerary. We arrive in port at kings wharf on a Sunday at 3pm and I was planning to go straight to the crystal and fantasy caves for a quick tour then was planning to go to tom moores jungle for a bit, get ice cream at baileys and then go to see the unfinished church and st peters church (I am afraid this will be too much and it will be dark by the time we make it to the churches) I am ok with moving the churches to another day and maybe just finishing the night with dinner at the swizzle inn then heading back to the ship. On day 2 we have the entire day and do not mind getting up for sunrise to start. but I would love to visit Church bay cave, Horseshoe bay, Jobsons cove, Elbow beach, and at some point do some snorkeling (somewhere near a shipwreck, preferably a paid tour with snorkel Bermuda since I have never been and have no equipment). If possible I would like to also see the cathedral of most holy trinity and maybe finish the day with some shopping in Hamilton. (recommendations on restaurants are welcomed). On our last day the ship leaves at noon unfortunately but I am hoping to visit the dockyard, rum cake company/glass blowing and do some seaglass searching on a beach, again not sure if this is possible but willing to get up at sunrise. I contacted a private driver and will have his help if need be but am willing to walk places as well. Thanks so much for all the insight from your website and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon :) Thanks again! 
Tammy VanSkiver (September 2015 
Hi, you've done a great job with the itinerary, well done! Your  concerns are valid too... it'll be dark on day1 by the time you reach the churches. On day2, visit the beaches in the morning and take the snorkeling tour in the 2nd half. If you like harbor view from balcony while dining, try out Bolero Brasserie or Pickled Onion on Front Street, Hamilton. On your last day, if you start early, visit the sea glass beach first, then get back to dockyard and visit the places around. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) September 2015 
Hi Raj, 
I am planning a 3/4 day trip to Bermuda with my girlfriend and wondering if you can suggest somethings to do.  The trip is planned for September and would arrive on a Friday around noon and depart on Monday around noon as well. 
We are in our mid 20s and don't mind walking and having a busy day to make the most of our time day.  Is is possible to rent a scooter and drive around instead of taking a bus? What would you recommend? 
Also, I understand that things may be closed on Sunday, so what can you recommend for the Sunday? 
Thank you and look forward from hearing from you. 
Adam Salem (June 2016) 
Hi, scooter is perhaps the best way of getting around the island. Ample scooter rentals are available. Read this page for scooter rentals: 
On Sundays the shops and establishments would be closed. Beaches, reserves and several attractions are open. Drive down to Cooper's Island Nature Reserve in the morning. Take a walk through the reserve, visit the nearby Clearwater beach and then Gombey's beach bar and restaurant for early lunch. You can then visit Crystal Caves, followed by the Aquarium (both in Hamilton Parish). Check out the open hours from my site. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) June 2016 
Hi Raj, 
Your website is spectacular with a wealth of information about Bermuda.  My family, consisting of 2 adults and 2 children (ages 9 and 10), are visiting Bermuda for the first time.  We will be there for 3 full days, arriving on Monday, August 22, 2016 at approx. 3pm and leaving on Friday, August 26, 2016 at approx. 2pm. 
We are flying in and staying at the Fairmont Southampton. So, we are interested in relaxing on nice beaches, crystal and fantasy caves, some historical sites (ruins) jet skiing, and of course restaurants on a budget. 
Can you suggest an itinerary that is fun and kid friendly, but sprinkled with some beach time and much needed R&R? Also, would you please include bus routes and any other tips would be much appreciated.. Thanks in advance. 
Marty (July 2016) 
Hi, you can consider the following itinerary and modify as required: 
On your day of arrival, visit Horseshoe bay beach. You can walk down, otherwise take bus #7 from the nearest south shore bus stop. Check for the shuttle service at the hotel. Once in Horseshoe, if you want, you can take the sandy trail along the south shore towards east to explore several other beautiful beaches like Jobsons Cove, Warwick Long Bay etc (1.25 miles from Horseshoe). Horseshoe would likely be quite crowded. 
On Tuesday, take a Jet Ski tour in the morning through Sea Venture Water Sports... they operate from the premises of Fairmont (Jews bay at Waterlot Inn dock). After that visit the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse (on bus route #7). You can take your lunch at The Dining Room - a restaurant located at the base of the lighthouse. Post lunch, continue on bus #7 for Royal Naval Dockyard at the western end. Dockyard too has several nice restaurants where you can take your lunch (e.g. Frog & Onion Pub, Cafe Amici, Bonefish Bar & Grill etc). 
There are several attractions at dockyard including the National Museum, Dolphin Quest, Clocktower Mall, glassworks, Art Center etc. Choose the ones you like. You can also book a Glassbottom boat tour through Island Tour Center booth located at the dockyard and watch great marine life and corals. 
On Wednesday, take bus #7 for Hamilton City. From here take bus #4 to Admiralty House Park. There is a small beach here where you can relax. Local kids do Cliff Jumping here. There is also a cave and some ruins to explore. Get back to main city for lunch and visit City Hall & Art Center, walk along Front Street and Church Street, do some shopping if you want. Hamilton is full of restaurants. You can try Mad Hatters or Pickled Onion. Post lunch visit Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) followed by Fort Hamilton, both in Hamilton. 
On Thursday visit Crystal and Fantasy Caves in the morning (bus #7 to Hamilton then #1 or 3 to the caves). Walk down to Bailey's Circle (Blue Hole Hill) and have an island flavored ice cream at Bailey's Bay Ice Cream parlor. Few steps ahead and across the street is Bermuda's oldest and famous pub... Swizzle Inn. If you like, take your lunch here. Take a bus (#1, 3, 10 or 11) to St. George. If you hadn't taken your lunch already, for a quick bite (like sandwich or wrap), visit Gojo's Cafe (small eatery at Kings Square) or CV Cafe at York Street. For proper lunch, you can try Tempest Bistro or Wahoos Bistro. 
From Kings Square (the town center) take a shuttle for Tobacco Bay Beach and relax (you can buy tickets at Visitors Information Center at Kings Square). There are plenty of water sport activities here to keep your kids busy. Snorkeling is great. You can also plan to take your lunch here at the beach cafe. Watch the sunset. After sunset, visit St. Catherine's Fort (nearby) for a Lantern Tour that starts at 7pm (held only on Thursdays). 
On Friday, visit Horseshoe bay beach early in the morning and spend a few hours before getting back to hotel and checking out. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) July 2016 
Hello I hope you can help me with my possible itinerary. I have been doing a lot of research and we know everything we would like to do we are just trying to put it together. We are sailing on the Norweigan Breakaway on April 23rd to 30th..... 
We will have 3 days in Bermuda and want to use it to the fullest 
Day 1... We would like to explore St. George and do the Crystal Caves and Tom Moores tavern/ jungle. Then return and explore the dockyard a little and see if any nightlife happens around the dockyard 
Day 2.... We will be doing a Jetski tour in the AM that ends at 930.... Today we do not know if we would like to do the south shore beaches and Gibbs lighthouse or try and go to Hamilton for a while... and the same thing whatever we missed at the dockyard continue around there 
Day 3... Whatever we do on day 2 the opposite. So either do the south shore beaches and hopefully a little snorkeling or take the bus to Hamilton and explore Hamilton.... 
Hopefully you can help me maybe put my ideas together and come up with a better plan. Also if there is certain attractions that you recommend we must see in any area please let me know.  
Thank you so much for your time and hopefully helping me out!! 
Connor (February 2017) 
Day-1 is good. In St. George the key attractions are Kings Square, St. Peter's Church, unfinished Church, Tobacco Bay and Fort St. Catherine. Unless you are having lunch at Tom Moore's Tavern, try out Swizzle Inn just to feel the vibe of the oldest island pub (easy walk from Crystal Caves) followed by Ice Creams at Baileys Bay (opposite to Swizzle Inn). 
On day-2, do South Shore beaches, snorkeling, lighthouse and explore Royal Naval Dockyard. The main attractions at the dockyard are National Museum and Dolphin Quest (inside the museum complex). If you have time walk down to Dockyard Glassworks, Art Center, Clay Works, Clock Tower Mall etc. 
On day-3 take the morning ferry and get to Hamilton. Try to visit City Hall, Cathedral of the most holy trinity, BUEI etc (an easy way to do this is by taking the Train Trolley Ride, but you can not get off the trolley though). And of course explore the Front Street stores and the alleyways. Have your lunch at one of the harbor-side restaurants with balcony. 
Good luck. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) February 2017 
We will be docked at the Royal Naval Dockyard from 8:00 am on 5/1 to 3:00 pm on 5/3. Here is a general idea of what we might like to do while there. 
Day 1 visit St George by ferry and bus & taxi if needed 
Day 2 visit Crystal Caves by public transportation 
Day3 take a glass bottom boat and snorkeling cruise 
We plan to get a two day transportation pass. My husband is not a big beach person, so that won't be our main focus but that being said I'd like to view some of the beautiful beaches of Bermuda. We were last there over 40 years ago. I'd appreciate suggestions and how to's for these three days. Thank you, 
Eileen(March 2023) 
Hello, here are some thoughts on your itinerary... 
On day-1, visit St. George in the morning by ferry. After lunch, take bus #1 or 3 to Crystal Caves. You can also take lunch at the cafe at Crystal Caves (arguably serves one of the best fish sandwiches on the island). You can then take a bus to Hamilton and get back to Dockyard by ferry. 
On day-2, visit Hamilton by ferry. Walk around and visit some of the important landmarks such as the City Hall & Arts Center, National Library, Perot's Post Office (which has been now temporarily converted into a vaccination center), Queen Elizabeth Park, etc. Do some shopping at Front Street. After lunch, you can take bus #10 or 11 and visit Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo. Or alternatively, take bus #7 and visit some of the lovely south shore beaches like Warwick Long Bay, Jobson's Cove, Horseshoe Bay Beach, etc. You can also visit the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse near Horseshoe Bay, before returning to the dockyard. 
On day-3... do a glass bottom boat tour combined with snorkeling in the morning. Get back and walk around the dockyard or take the free electric tram trolley to get around... visit the Clocktower Shopping Mall, Bermuda Craft Market, Dockyard Glassblowing Studio, Rumcake factory, etc before returning to your cruise ship.  
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) March 2023 
Thanks Raj, 
Can you string together some sights we should see in St George without any steep hiking or long walks? 
Are there any walking tours we might take to see the highlights? Can we take a bus to and from Tobacco Beach? Thank you in advance, 
Eileen(March 2023) 
Hi, I have described a self-guided walking tour of St. George in the link below. You need to customize it according to your interests and the time you have. 
There is no public bus service from the St. George bus terminal to Tobacco Bay. Earlier there was a minibus shuttle... it was discontinued since the time of the pandemic... it is not known if the service will be resumed by the time you reach. Other than walking to the beach, you can take a taxi from near the ferry dock or Kings Square. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) March 2023 

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