Honeymoon in Bermuda - Plans & Ideas

Having worked 16 years in the travel (airline) industry, I had the good fortune to fly and stay, virtually gratis, to many lovely, and some not-so-lovely, destinations... I had become somewhat disenchanted by the time I had to choose a honeymoon destination for myself and my husband-to-be in August of 1985. 
One night friends of ours who had just returned from their own honeymoon in Bermuda, invited us over to view the home movies of their vacation. I sat there ready to be bored to tears at yet another sunny vacation spot with the usual pretty beaches, crystal clear water, and tourist trap attractions. 
Suffice it to say that when we left their home that night we had seen enough to decide to book a Bermuda honeymoon. I should mention that we are both diving enthusiasts and history buffs... 
On August 31st, 1985, our American Airlines 737 touched down on a Bermuda runway, and this jaded traveler has never been able to find a subsequent vacation destination which can even come close to all that Bermuda is and has to offer... 
For ten days we experienced fine service, unsurpassed hospitality, a pristine island devoid of the usual littered streets, tourist traps, unsavory types who roam the beaches intent on taking advantage of unwary tourists. 
We actually DRESSED for elegant dinners, enjoyed tea and the infamous Rum Swizzles, were spared the sight of g-string bikini clad tourists (sans tops) on our stretch of pink beach just outside our room.  
We dived some of the most beautiful reefs and even explored several shipwrecks... We rode our mopeds around the island from St. David's light to Sandy's Parish, visited the forts, the Maritime Museum, the crystal caves, and we strolled Front Street in Hamilton and later stopped at the Hog Penny for Rum Swizzles. 
Everywhere we went we were treated to genuine friendliness and hospitality, invited to tea, and the pleasant company of Bermudians who were happy to suggest places we might enjoy seeing that were not on the little map of the island we carried with us on  
our daily jaunts... 
I should make mention of the fact that while we were there, Robert Ballard of our hometown's Woodshole Oceanographic Institute discovered the wreck of the R.M.S. Titanic and we spent several nights over cocktails with fellow tourists and Bermudians in deep discussion about that... 
We left on day 10 with heavy hearts; a feeling new to this world weary traveler. We took with us not only our duty-free purchases, but phone numbers of new friends we had made and an abiding love for the tiny little jewel of an island we had discovered. 
Each year thereafter, we returned there on our anniversary, until my husband passed away in 1996. I treasure the memories of our time spent in Bermuda and hope to return someday soon. The last few years we traveled to Bermuda we stayed at The Reefs. 
The accommodations are exceptional, the beach, amenities, food, service and attention to your every need is unsurpassed by any hotel I have ever stayed at. 
Christine Contilli, April 10, 2012 
Hello, I have been reading this site with great interest. We are hoping to come to Bermuda mid November this year to celebrate my birthday and have the honeymoon we never had when we got married:). The kids are being left behind with grandma and its just the two of us. We are coming from London UK and planning on a one week stay.  
We are limited in funds and even though I would love to stay at the reefs or grotto hotels I don't think we can manage their prices. My questions are which cheaper hotel or apartment would you recommend for us. We both love the beaches and water plus we want to see and do as much as possible in the week we are there. Where would we be best basing ourselves and in which accommodation?  
I would love something that was really nice suitable for a romantic stay and wondered if the boutique hotels are any cheaper than the reef and grotto. Finally do we think we are best booking now or nearer the time my birthday is 16 November so we definitely want to be there on that date. Many thanks for any help or tips you can provide.  
Kind regards 
Sue Sykes (February 2013) 
Hello Sue, Great to know that you are finally planning your honeymoon :)  
There are several budget accommodations in Bermuda that are excellent for honeymoon and romantic stays. If you are looking for a BnB with nice rooms along with harbor views, and at the same time conveniently located close to the great beaches, then consider Watercolors run by Carole Holding. 
If you are looking for self catering type units where you can cook your own food while having a central location with easy walkable beach access, then consider Calirfont Apartments. If you want to stay on a beach of your own in a secluded quiet location with lovely romantic setting, then take a look at Sand Pebble Studio Apartment. You may also like to consider Mazarine by the sea as an alternative to this. 
All these offer great experience in their own unique way. You will need to choose the one which is right for you. I have discussed all these accommodations under the section Bermuda Honeymoon Hotels andáPackages 
Since you plan to visit in November, there won't be any more cruise ships offloading thousands of tourists, and the island would become quiter as the winter sets in. The prices would drop and you should expect 40 to 50% discount in the room rates. So while booking, ensure that you get the discounts. While you have enough time, you should try to book well in advance. The accommodations I have mentioned above have very limited number of rooms (for example Watercolors has only two large rooms). They are some of the best value accommodations in the island and easily get full. Regards, 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com, Feb 2013) 
Hi, Your website has been an incredible help so far! My fiancÚ and I are getting married on July 25th and have made the decision to honeymoon in Bermuda! I have noticed that the best beaches and sightseeing options are spread throughout the island and was wondering how accessible everything is? We are secluded beach people and are interested in snorkeling and trying the diving for the first time! 
It seems as I said before that Bermuda is surrounded by reefs and shipwrecks and we would like to experience many of them! How long is travel time say from Warwick to the north end of the Hamilton Parish? Do you usually rent mopeds when you travel? Thanks for your time and again thank you for this site, it has been an awesome tool so far! 
P.S. if you have any tips or suggestions for a honeymooning couple on a budgeted trip feel free to share!  
Beth (March 2013) 
Hi, Glad to know that you like my website and using it to plan your honeymoon in Bermuda. Here are some tips for you. 
  • Buses and ferries are quite convenient. Moped gives a lot more flexibility. But Bermuda roads are narrow and winding, plus it's a left hand drive there. So if you are not comfortable with a moped, don't try it.  
    From Warwick you will get Bus #7 or #8 for Hamilton City (capital andámain hub). It takes about 30 minutes. You will need to take another bus from here to Hamilton Parish (about 35 mins). There are regular bus andáferry services.  
    Check these links for schedules: Bus Services, Ferry Services, Moped Rentals 
  • For snorkeling tour, try Jessie James Cruises. They have a small nice boat and take you to some great reef and shipwreck areas. Jimmie and Jill operate the boat. If you do decide on it, mention my name to Jill and also my website. She knows me through my website. Who knows you might get some special attention :-) 
    Check: Jessie James for more details. If you want to charter a boat for snorkeling, try SailBermuda run by Capt. Zuill. He should remember me too when you mention about my website. Check this link: Sail Bermuda 
  • For diving, check: Blue Water Divers 
    Hope this helps. Best wishes for a great honeymoon!!  
    Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) March 2013 
    We are taking our honeymoon cruise to Bermuda. We will dock from Wed 21st 8am. to Fri 23rd leaving at 4pm. We want to get as much in as possible. What are your suggestions how to arrange our days to snorkel(where), shop (better deals) get ferry tickets, see lighthouses, try your best food place(s) etc. Any local tips would be appreciated! 
    Debbie (April 2013) 
    Hi Debbie,  
    For beach-side snorkeling, go for Church Bay (in Southampton) or Tobaco Bay in St. George. For offshore snorkeling (much better than beachside), try out Jessie James Snorkel Cruise. You will find info of all these from Snorkeling in Bermuda 
    Buy 3-day transport passes from the Kings Wharf Visitors Info Center. It will give you unlimited access to both public ferries and buses, would be a cheaper option for getting around the island, and will help avoiding the queues at the ticket counters. 
    There are two lighthouses - Gibbs Hill Lighthouse (in Southampton close to Horseshoe Bay Beach), and St Davids Lighthouse (at St Davids island, at the eastern end). 
    For best shopping, check out: Bermuda Shopping Guide 
    For our favorite restaurants, go through Top Bermuda Restaurants 
    Transport Tips: 
    For St. George, take the orange route ferry from the dockyard (Kings Wharf). Takes only 35 minutes instead of 2 hours by bus (requires a transfer at Hamilton City). For Hamilton City, Take the direct blue route ferry (takes 20 minutes). For South Shore Beaches (like Horseshoe, Church Bay, Warwick long Bay etc), take bus#7. 
    Some Ideas: 
    Consider taking a boat rental (a small motor boat for two of you, which you can rent by the hour), and explore some of the beautiful islands offshore and the coastline. Check out Exploring Bermuda's islands andácoasts on rental boat for details: 
    Beach Tips: 
    During high season, most beaches will be crowded with tourists. Try out Daniel's Head located close to the dockyard but not known to many. It's also a great snokeling spot. Here is the link: Daniels Head 
    Have a great honeymoon in Bermuda!!! 
    Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) April 2013 
    Hi There 
    I just want to say how much this site has helped me and my excitement over the past few weeks. My Husband has booked a week in Bermuda for us from 25th October 2012 as a second honeymoon and using your site has given me so much information. 
    My Husband visited Bermuda in the 80's while he was in the Royal Navy and has always said he would come back at some point. Having retired from the Police Force he decided to splash out for us and booked this week. I have spent hours reading everything on your site to get as much info as I could.....a week is such a short time to be in Bermuda, so I have been able to pick out all the things I want to do while I am there. Your site is fantastic and gives more than enough info for anyone. I feel as if I already know the islands like the back of my hand !! 
    I cant wait to visit!! 
    Keep up the good work 
    Emma Gemmell (April 2013) 
    A Romantic day in a resort with its private beach 
    Very few tourists know that Coco Reef Resort located at one corner of Elbow Beach in Paget offers a day pass. It's actually ideal for couples who come to Bermuda by cruise although it can be availed by any individual. For $59 per person, you will get a day pass and have an access to the entire property (common facilities though) including the lovely private beach. 
    The hotel will give you towels and you can go down to the beach and lounge there or swim. The pass also includes excellent two course lunch with a glass of wine. You can have salad, sandwiches, fries, seafood etc. 
    While the resort is not too large, it does have nice amenities. There is a small but quiet pool. Although there is no pool side service, it'll be a perfect way to finish off the day by taking a dip into this nice charming pool. 
    If you are coming from the dockyard, there is a shuttle service in a minibus which will drop you for $10 per person. On your way back, the hotel reception staff will call a taxi for you. 
    This day pass in Coco Reef Resort as I mentioned is hardly known to anyone. You can actually just walk in and take the pass. The resort does not promote this aggressively, probably for the reason that all hotel guests may not like cruise passengers sharing the resort facilities with them. But the fact is this can be a great romantic day plan. If you like to make a reservation for a day pass, then email them here: [email protected] 
    Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) June 2013 
    Hello Raj, hope you find this email well. This will be my first visit to Bermuda and I am going there from 25th of Dec to 29th of Dec for my honeymoon. I am staying at Hamilton and thinking of renting a scooter. Is to possible to go around the entire island with in 3 days via scooter? I have created a list of places to go and divided them in area by different parish. 1st day thinking of going to Hamilton parish and St George and tucker town. 2nd day sandy parish and 3rd day Southampton and Warwick. Do you think this is possible? Do you have any suggestions for our short trip. It would be really appreciated if you could respond to this message and help me and my wife with an unforgettable trip. Sincerely, 
    Riz Hoque (December 2014) 
    Yes it's quite possible. Go through my parish descriptions to know about all the attractions in each parish and shortlist what you want to visit. You can't do all. The following link is a good place to start: Parish Map 
    Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) December 2014 
    Thanks Raj for your prompt reply. I will definitely share the site in FB and google plus. It's one of the best site to visit to before traveling to Bermuda!!! Loads of useful information! I have few for inquiries, is it safe to travel by scooter in the roads or u suggest to take the bus? Also is it easy and safe to park the scooter to go to beaches and other attractions? Thank you for your time!! 
    Riz Hoque (December 2014) 
    Scooter will be much better if you are well experienced in it and follow the driving norms carefully. There is enough parking for scooters almost everywhere. Do not carry valuables when travelling around the island. If you keep something in the scooter basket, keep it locked. Buses are good as well and the service is excellent. It will be much cheaper (if you buy passes or properly make use of ticket booklets). But bus will be slow, will go along the main roads and all places are not accessible by public bus like the beaches and forts in St George, or the secluded beaches like Daniel's Head etc which are ideal with scooters. 
    Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) December 2014 

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