Sandys or Paget for Honeymoon?

Hi, Thank you so much for your help and the advice! We are definitely booking our honeymoon in Bermuda and are looking forward to the adventures it holds! I am a bit stuck and need an outside opinion on the best place for us to stay. As I mentioned before we love beaches and exploring and would love to try our hand at snorkeling and diving.  
We have two options for accommodation. The first is in the center of Paget Parish which is about a 20 min bus ride to the southern beaches. The other is in Sandy's Parish overlooking the PGA Port Royal Golf Course. This seems to be about equal distance to the beaches in Warwick we desire to visit.  
Is the cost of living any different in either of these parishes, or is there somewhere you and your wife have preferred to stay? (I did read about Hog Bay Beach which is making me a bit partial to Sandy's!) 
We are a bit stuck on this decision and any suggestions would be great! I again appreciate the time you took to respond and we will be using all of the information when booking our tours and activites :)! 
Many thanks! 
In general, there is no difference in cost of living across the parishes of Bermuda. Other than few hotels or restaurants, all others should charge similar in their own categories. 
Both Paget and Sandys are excellent to stay at. Note that during summer, many of the Sandy's attractions (particularly the dockyard) get crowded due to the cruise ships docking at Kings Wharf. You need to time Hog Bay Beach carefully or you wont see a beach there. In high tide, it disappears. 
There are many other secluded beaches in Bermuda. Go into my website and use the Search with "Secluded Beaches" and see what you get. I have recently written about the parishes of Bermuda. I recommend that you go through the Paget and Sandys links in details before taking a final call. 
And on your question about our own preference, we try to mix it up and stay at different places at different times to know the island more. That's how I write my website :-) 
Feel free to write to me if you have questions. I may be slow at times in responding, but will surely get back. 

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