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A major scuba diving operator for wrecks on the western side of the island, Blue Water Divers Bermuda offers lessons, tours, and provides diving gears on rentals. This is Bermuda’s longest serving scuba operation with PADI, 5-Star SSI facility. Blue Water Divers operates with two custom designed 36-foot Newton dive boat with shades, platform and boarding ladder. 
There are lessons and dive packages for first-time divers. Such package would be typically for 3 hours inclusive of scuba gears. For experienced divers there are one-tank and two-tank dives. With two tanks a diver can explore one or two wrecks and a reef in a four-hour outing. 
Extra charges are applicable for scuba gears and also for wet suit (if you need it, particularly when the water temperature is low). There are special rates available for groups. 
The morning trip starts at 9am and offers a 2-tank dive. It usually covers a wreck and a reef. However the exact sites are determined by the captain prior to the trip because a lot is dependent on the weather.  
Sometimes they cater to personal requests as well. The afternoon trip starts at 1:30pm and usually offers a 1-tank dive. It includes a shallow reef or a wreck. These trips take place from their Somerset Bridge center that offers boat dives. 
If you are a first time diver or not a certified diver, there is a course available which is guided by an experienced PADI instructor. The maximum depth allowed in this course is 30-ft and usually takes place along with the afternoon 1-tank dive. The divers can also get certification courses at Blue Water Divers Bermuda including Scuba and Instructor certifications, and also the new Wreck Historian Distinctive Specialty. These courses are offered round the year. 
Indicative Rates 
Single tank dive: $90; 2-tank dive: $130 
2-tank lesson/dive: $210 (gears included) 
Snorkel trip: $50 (gears included), under 12 - $40  
Passenger: $20 
Refresher (only for experience divers): $210 (gears included) 
Wet Suits (short suit): $8 (1hr),  $10 (2hrs); Extra $5 for full suit 
Snorkel Gear (mask/fins/snorkel): $14 (1hr), $18 (2hrs), $20 (4hrs) 
Kayak, Single: $25 (1hr), $30 (2hrs) 
Kayak, Double: $30 (1hr), $40 (2hrs) 
Paddle board: $25 (1hr), $40 (2hrs) 
DPV Scooter (mask/snorkel/fins): $50 (2hrs)                                     
Sailboat (Inflatable): $25 (1hr), $30 (2hrs) 
Surf board: $5 (1hr), $10 (2hrs), $20 (all day until 4:30pm)          
Life vest: $5 (1hr), $10 (2hrs) 
Operating Hours 
Blue Water Divers and Watersports is open daily all round the year between 8am to 6pm except for 25th and 26th of December. During the low season, they operate from 8am to 5pm. They also rent underwater cameras. Snorkelers can also join the trips. 
Location and Offerings 
Blue Water Divers and Watersports operates out of the following locations: 
1) Somerset Bridge Dive Center, in Sandys Parish at Robinson's Marina. It offers boat diving. It's on Bus route #7 and 8, and takes only 10 minutes from the dockyard. The center provides access to more than 22 wreck sites and 25 reefs. From here they use the dive boat named Tsunami, which is a 36-foot Newton Dive Special boat. It can accommodate up to 20 divers and can cruise at a speed of 18 knots. It is equipped with a dive platform, boarding ladder, benches and tank racks, oxygen cylinders, first-aid kits, marine toilets, radio communication and safety equipment. 
Location: Robinson's Marina (near Somerset Bridge), Sandys parish 
Phone: (441) 234-1034; Email: [email protected] 
Open Hours: Summer 8am - 5pm / Winter 9am - 4pm 
2) Elbow Beach Hotel, Paget. X CLOSED 
This center offers shore dives and underwater scooters. You can take the dives in the morning, afternoon as well as at night. You will ride a Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) which is like an underwater scooter, and go past a wreck and through caves and canyons. They cover multiple sites in the same dive. The reefs and wrecks that are covered are close to the Elbow Beach. The popular wreck which is dived from this center is the Pollockshields. They also provide kayaks from here. 
Phone (Elbow Beach Center): 441/232-2909. 
Road Map 
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Visitors' Reviews and Comments

Jim Melhuish (April 2018) 
Enjoying a two week vacation with some friends I got the chance to get in a few dives with blue water divers. I have dived all over the world with a few different standards of dive teams.  Blue water divers are a pleasure to go with. They are a happy crew always looking out to ensure you have everything you need. Chris the Boss there gives great pre dive briefs so you can get a feel of what to expect. Humpback whales on my first dive out, mind blowing. For a nice chilled experience I highly recommend these guys. The club members often join you if you go on a weekend and are more than happy to guide you around the sites and wildlife. Thanks again Chris