Where to find Bermuda Travel Brochures?

We are coming to Bermuda August 10' for our Honeymoon. This will be so special for me as My Dear Moms honeymoon in 1958 was on a cruise from New York on a the Queen cruise line to Bermuda. My Dear Mom absolutely Loved Bermuda.  
I am honored to be going to the same beautiful place for us to enjoy our Honeymoon. I could not have been happier anywhere else. We are getting married August 8th, 2010 on the beach in Cape May N.J. We fly to Bermuda on Thursday. We are staying at The Fairmont Southampton. Is there any possibility of receiving brochure in the mail about travel etc. in Bermuda? I thank you so very much for your time. We can't wait! 
Lori and Bob (April 2010) 
Hi Lori and Bob, You've chosen a great place for your honeymoon. Bermuda continues to be one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. Fairmont Southampton is very special to our family as well. This is where we stayed during our first visit to Bermuda many years back. You will find almost all of the Bermuda travel related information in my website bermuda-attractions.com itself. But you need to spend some good amount of time and go through the details. 
However, if you are looking to print some brochures, take a look at this Bermuda Government's tourism link where there are some downloadable brochures and fact sheets given. You will need to copy and paste the address on your address bar: 
My best wishes for your wedding and honeymoon. 
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) April 2010 
Update January 2015: The above link now allows you to order printed brochures and the Handy Reference Map of Bermuda which will be delivered free to your address provided you are in the US, Europe or Canada. 
P.S: You will also get free pocket maps and brochures with self guided tours at the Bermuda Visitors Information Centers. In case you are not aware, there are such information centers not only in Bermuda, but also in U.S, UK and Canada. Check out the link Visitors Information Centers to know the location and contacts. For books and travel guides on Bermuda, check out Bermuda Books.  
For eBooks take a look at Bermuda eBooks. If you are looking for Tourism or other Maps of Bermuda, Check out Bermuda Maps
Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) April 2012 
Can you (or give my address to proper person) mail me information about Bermuda. Your web sites are amazing but I need a book to thumb through, prices would be good, beeline tour prices, we are looking to come to the island next April/May and want to have all the info I need before I book anything. I appreciate your time. I have the capture Bermuda book, but I need MORE info. I have dial up computer service so this is painful and time consuming doing this. Thank you very much, I look forward to your reply too. 
Heidi Wilson (April 2012) 
Hi, There are several travel guides and books on Bermuda including the ones from Frommer's, Fodor's and Lonely Planet. You can also look into the following books: 
  • Bermuda Country Guide by Glenda Bendure and Ned Friary 
  • Bermuda Travel Adventures - by Blair Howard (Hunter Travel Guides): Nice travel guide but some sections are quite dated. 
    You can get the above books from Amazon.com or other internet portals. I don't think any book store in Bermuda or any person would be in a position to mail the books to your address. 
    Raj (bermuda-attractions.com)  April 2012 
    Thank you very much about reminding me about travel guides. I backpacked Europe 23 years ago and never put my "Lets Go" book down. I am rusty I guess!! I would not expect anyone to mail me such books I will check at the Library first then book store.  
    However, is there a travel guide that the Bermuda Tourism has for interested travelers? Here the Chamber of Commerce has a "travel booklet" quite extensive about festivals, places to stay, things to do, advertising, how to get here, etc and hand them out free. Is there such a brochure (if you want to call it that) that Bermuda Tourism puts out? 
    I am putting together this holiday for my husband and my 14 year old son for next year at this time, and I hope that from what we are seeing that we will be making a yearly trip to Bermuda. I think it has everything that we are looking for. Not to many people that we know have been there so it is hard to get someone's opinion about Bermuda, but the 2 people that we have met that has been there said that it is their favourite place to go. One is a travel agent so that tells me a lot!! 
    I appreciate your time and if there is ANY information that you think the Bermuda Tourism sends out I would greatly appreciate this information, maps anything. But I will get the books you reminded me about, thanks again, I look forward to hearing back from you. 
    Heidi Wilson (April 2012) 
    Bermuda Tourism Department does offer a few brochures in their website (all of them are in electronic form i.e. pdf files that you can download in your PC and then take a print). I had already shared the link earlier. 
    When you arrive in Bermuda, you can collect some printed and free pocket maps, brochures and self guided tours from the visitors information centers. These are however available only in the island. 
    Have a great vacation in Bermuda! 
    Raj (bermuda-attractions.com) April 2012 

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