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What to do in Bermuda during winter? (New: December 2013) 
November to February is the peak winter in Bermuda when the tourist flow comes down drastically. But many do not know that this is the time when Bermuda offers so many amazing activities, guided tours and events that are not available during summer.
Bermuda Geocaching (New: October 10, 2013) 
Like to do real life outdoor treasure hunt using a GPS device? Bermuda Department of Conservation has now introduced a GeoTour and hidden geo caches all across the island. You not only get to see and experience some amazing sights, forested lands, landscapes and beaches, once you find all 20 caches you will be rewarded with a Geo Coin... Read on to know more about this great adventure.
Great beachfront Hotels in Bermuda (New: September 21, 2013) 
All talk about the great beaches of Bermuda. But are there actually any hotel right on the beach, or they are all on the cliff tops?
Heard of Geocahing adventure in Bermuda? (Update: September 20, 2013) 
There re 20 geo caches hidden by Bermuda Conservation and if you can find all, you get a lovely geocoin. Read the Visitors Reviews and Comments section for more details.
What is the max stay allowed in Bermuda? (Update: September 20, 2013) 
Do you know the the maximum length of stay allowed in Bermuda for visitors?
Fond Memories of Bermuda (Update: September 8, 2013) 
Visitors sharing their memories of Bermuda, what they loved and lot more.
Places for great Breakfast and Brunch (New: September 5, 2013) 
Looking for the best restaurants and top options to have a sumptuous breakfast or a Sunday brunch in Bermuda? Then read on...
Transport - Quickest route from dockyard to airport (Update: September 3, 2013) 
Do you ever need to reach the airport from the cruise dock at Kings Wharf and take a flight back home? Find out the quickest way to do so (Read the section on 'Visitors Reviews and Comments').
Dockyard Brewery - Beer Tasting Tour (Update: August 22, 2013) 
Have you ever tried the tour of Dockyard Brewery? It includes 5 course meal paired with five different beer which are all handcrafted to amazing flavors. The tour is led by a Brew Master.
Bermuda Vacations (Update: August 22, 2013) 
Planning a great vacation in Bermuda and getting confused how should you go about planning it out. Then read this step by step guide.
Cycling and Bike Rentals in Bermuda (Update: August 18, 2013) 
Are you planning to bike around in Bermuda? Know about the best trails and places to go on a bike and the bike rentals.
Train Trolley Tours (Update: August 16, 2013) 
This is a great way of touring Bermuda and learn about its history, fortifications and many other important landmarks. Trolley train tours are available in St George, Dockyard and Hamilton.
3-day itinerary in Bermuda (Update August 10, 2013) 
Round trip cruises from the US give you about 3 days in Bermuda. Find out all you can do in the island in 3 days.
Snorkeling - Good hotels near snorkeling beaches? (Update: August 6, 2013) 
Looking to stay close to a great snorkeling beach in Bermuda at an affordable price? Then read the Visitors Reviews and Comments section of this article.
Bermuda Visa and Passport Requirements (Update: August 6, 2013) 
Are you a visa controlled national who usually require a visa to enter Bermuda, but planning a return cruise from the USA? Then there can be an exception for you. Read the 'Cruise Travelers' of this article.
Soca vs Reggae (Update: August 4, 2013) 
This is a musical event (actually a competition between two teams) which is held on the Sunday following the Cup Match. Know about this year's event.
Cup Match Updates - The biggest event in Bermuda (Update: August 4, 2013) 
Have you watched the cup match in Bermuda that was held on Aug 1 and 2? If not then read on and you will find a brief summary of the match updates along with a lot of information about the cup match itself and its history.

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