Hamilton Beach in Bermuda

Trying to find the name of a beach fairly close to downtown Hamilton. We were there about 10 years ago when cruise ships docked in Hamilton. Seems like it was within walking distance but was located over and down a big hill from the cruise ship dock. I think it was on a bus line.  
The middle picture on your Favorite Beaches button looks like it. Beach was very protected by rocks almost around the perimeter. I think it had changing rooms and a concession and was favored by local families because of its calm waters.  
Can you help identify it? Coming to Bermuda in 2 weeks and would like to re-visit this beach. THANKS!!  
Stan Snarski 
Hi, The middle picture on my Favorite Beaches page is of Tobacco Bay Beach and the beach is located at St George (east end of the island). 
From your description, it appears you are referring to Clarence Cove. There is a trail to the beach that winds down from the hillside. You will find the beach at Admiralty House Park, along Spanish Point Road. 
There are two other beaches close by - Spanish Point Park (at Stovel Bay, Spanish point) and Deep Bay (Off North Shore Road, just before the eastern part of Admiralty House Park). 
Have a great trip to Bermuda. Drop a few lines about your experience once you are back and send some pics if you can. 
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