Bermuda Triangle
Supernatural or Trash Theories?

In the past, many believers of paranormal activities tried to justify the Bermuda Triangle disappearances with a number of supernatural (or unusual?) theories. There were several authors who brought in the paranormal element in their books in connection to the incidents. George Sands in his 1952 article in the 'Fate' magazine was the first to do so... but note that the 'Fate' magazine itself tried to champion the paranormal and metaphysical in most of its publications. 
Charles Berlitz in his highly popular book 'The Bermuda Triangle' published in 1974 also mentioned about the Lost City of Atlantis and other paranormal elements and tried to connect that with the triangle incidents. However subsequent investigations, research and findings of the wrecks and most importantly the facts have trashed all those theories. 

The Lost City of Atlantis

One such explanation is based on the mythical lost city of Atlantis and the advanced technologies the city had left behind. The Atlantis story talks about some under water rock formations on the ocean floor which is known as the Bimini Road. These rocks are located near the coast of Bimini island in the Bahamas. Famous psychic Edgar Cayce once predicted that eventually this city of Atlantis will be discovered and the Bimini Road will be found. In fact researchers did find stones and other formations in this area in 1968, but called them naturally occurring. 
Those who believe in Edgar's theory (and there are many of them) argue that those stones are so well arranged that they actually represent roads and walls of the Atlantis. 
So how is the mysterious disappearances connected with this supernatural story of Atlantis?  
The legend says that the city of Atlantis heavily depended on some special energy crystals which were extremely powerful. Those crystals radiated huge amounts of energy (also known as death rays) and caused the navigational instruments of passing ships and airplanes to malfunction. As a result they would have been lost or sometimes get completely destroyed by the sheer power of the energy. 
NOTE: There have been several underwater expeditions carried out in the Bahamas water area. While the ocean floor in some areas and several structures appear like man made, they are natural formations, and no energy crystals have been found so far giving evidence that it ever existed. 

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

Some writers attribute the events to UFOs. This idea was used by Steven Spielberg for his science fiction film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which features the lost Flight 19 bomber planes abducted by the aliens. 
Even Charles Berlitz, the author of the best seller The Bermuda Triangle, in his book has used the concept of unexplained and strange forces in several cases of disappearances. 
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Your Comments/Imaginations

Maori of NZ: The Lost Tribe of Israel... by Ngairo Heretaunga 
Raised amongst my tribal leaders and knowledge holders, they frequently spoke about the Cosmos and the heavens above and the spirit world below and surprisingly the ''Bermuda Triangle'' being the ''Portal'' to travel between the different worlds above and below. 
It is the belief that Hawaiki or ''Hawaii'' is an exact physical replica of the spirit world of which we call ''Hawaiki Maananahu''... 'Hawaiki' the maori name for space, worlds, and 'Maananahu' The creation of time within a certain space. Now, this is only a small part of what I know, the journey out of Israel to Atlantis city is another story to be told, further more I'm only 37 and the only knowledge holder left with this information. Please respect it as I have been raised to do, God bless! 
Jeremy Westermann 
Ok I have a theory. It's a little out there but here me out. Ok our government is very secretive and look at all of the things that have disappeared, almost 80 percent of them were either military ships or military aircraft. most people overlook that fact or say that it is coincidence but I think differently. Look at all of the things that our government hides from us, like for instance Area 51. There are many theories about it but no civilian has ever entered the facility.  
I believe that the government knows more about the Bermuda triangle than they tell us. It could be many things. It could be a worm hole or a portal. It could be a place where an alien race has settled or it could be a secret military base under or above water that contains things that could either cause panic or chaos in everyday life. The fact that all devices go crazy could be something as simple as a magnetic cloaking device to help conceal whatever is hidden. Call me crazy but think about it. The government gets away with anything even killing people. What makes you think they won't kill to protect something that secretive and important to them. What if they have made contact with another race?  
What if they found some type of ancient portal. They have found pieces of the ancient city of Atlantis near the Bermuda triangle. I think the theories of the Sargasso sea and the electronic fog and the methane pockets are all cover ups framed by the government. I know this all sounds pretty off the wall but it's just a thought from myself after years of research. 
The only way to truly find out is a very simple answer involving a little hi tech technology. Build a vessel such as a boat with cameras, microphones and recording devices and send the ship into the triangle while anchoring it to a secondary vessel strong enough to pull the venturing vessel back to its original starting location. It may not work but it's worth a shot. 
Tree of Life... by Nyaga Dishon Ngari 
The Bermuda triangle is the Biblical garden of Eden. When God chased Adam and Eve from the garden, he put angels with flaming swords to guard the garden. However, there was a time when the sons of God were intermarrying with daughters of men and they were gaining considerable knowledge. In order to safeguard the tree of life, God turned the world upside down. The then dry land became oceans and the then oceans became dry land. Geologists should attest to this. 
This way, God hid the location of the garden of Eden. The reported disappearance and the phenomenon of the Bermuda triangle attest to a force that is protecting its turf. The tree of life is located there. Any threat to its exposure and the vessel and its crew disappear for ever. The heavenly angels are doing their job. Dig out and you will discover the reality. 
When you look at fault lines especially on rift valley, layers of sediments depicting depositions of materials into the seas/oceans are observed on today's dry land. There is no way that one can explain the deposition of these materials on dry land unless an unusual event like a big bang took place that changed the status quo at that time and the dry land became oceans and vise versa. 
If researched why we have sands in the desert there could be some light of what took place then. It would appear that, the civilization that existed then may have had more powerful weapons than the existing nuclear bomb that may have exploded and affected the core of the earth for the change to have occurred. In effect if the said tree of life is there, and it is still being guarded, Bermuda triangle could give a clue. Maybe its time the area was mapped and underwater research carried out. 
Sudhir Mukkerjee 
Since 1962 being an airline worker I am inclined to believe Martian like bodies that run a goose-hunt like earmarked projectile in the Bermuda triangle logistics! Literally seeing an unmanned ship cruising at break neck speed, finding wreck ages and debris but no trace of human crew members, may be a point to ponder very seriously. 
Astral visitors have been heard to takeaway automobiles including vegetation samples from Euro regions? After the methane gas fissures and electronic foibles, I personally think that supernatural factors may be more real ! Fairy tale like now, may be the rock bottom ? 
Liyona Johny (14 year old girl, born in Kerala, India) 
The story behind the Bermuda triangle can be something related to Bible. While I was reading the Bible, a portion stuck on my mind. While Jesus passes through Gadara, a devil came and requested not to destroy him. At that time Jesus ordered him to get into the nearby herd of pigs. The devil, got into that herd and they moved on to the nearby water body. They all died in that. Bible also said that they moved through the eastern tape of the country to the water body. Presently this Bermuda triangle starts from Florida. When I referred on internet about the map of Gadara and Florida, I understood that they are neighbouring places. So I think a supernatural force acts there. 
A previous civilization might have created a mini singularity causing this effect. It seems quite unearthly, and therefore more like something we know less about. That would be the effect of some kind of magnetic field that could be a porthole to time-travel. Perhaps such places exist where we can naturally bend time, and through that we can travel to other worlds similar to ours. Naturally one would think that we are one with the universe, and not just marooned on earth. Perhaps such porthole got damaged with an earlier polar shift. 
Or whatever you believe to fit the puzzle, we can view as true even if your contribution doesn't fit the puzzle right now... imagination is after all what initiate free thinking, and to be wrong is just as relative as being right. 
Alexandra Sofia Melendez (A 10 year old girl from Puerto Rico shares her imagination) 
I think that inside the Bermuda triangle is an island where time can be tricky, an island that dinosaurs have grown bigger, stronger, smarter and faster and when a plane flies by, a dino jumps and with its jaws it crushes the airplane and then a bigger, stronger, smarter and faster megalodon opens its jaws and crushes a boat and maybe even more prehistoric creatures roam in that island but remember its a theory it may not be true but it can explain all the disappearances of boats and aircrafts that go in the Bermuda triangle not including abandoned ships etc.