Sea Venture Monument, Bermuda

In 1609, Sir George Somers and his men landed in Bermuda when their ship Sea Venture got wrecked at a reef close to St. George. 400 years after the death of George Somers, a monument dedicated to the survivors of Sea Venture has been erected in St. George Bermuda. Dr. George Cook, a well known historian of Bermuda mentioned that this monument marks a fitting end to Bermuda's 400 anniversary celebration. 
The monument is a nine-foot wooden cross. It is a recreation of the original cross that was made by the survivors to claim the island for England. The wood from the original cross has been salvaged to build the new monument. It is decorated with coins of King James I of England for who the claim for Bermuda was made. 
Both the original and the new cross also have names of King James I engraved in English as well as in Latin. Additionally, the new cross has names of the survivors of the wrecked ship Sea Venture. 
It is estimated that there were some 150 survivors. However, name of some 50 are confirmed and are engraved in the monument. 
The monument is placed at a high point near Barry Road at St. Georges. The location is significant because there are two important points that can be seen from here: 
1. The reefs location where the Sea Venture had struck and got wrecked; 
2. The Gates Bay area that survivors had used to actually land on the island and started the British settlement in Bermuda for the first time. 

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