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In Nassau and Paradise Island, taxis are available in plenty. Other than in airports and cruise port, you can get them at several taxi stands (locally known as taxi ranks). There are taxi companies and you can also call a taxi over phone. Your hotel can also help in calling a taxi. 
Taxi at Nassau 
Taxi at Nassau 
Photo: Philip Nelson, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 
Taxis in Nassau usually have a 'Taxi' signage on top but not always. And the vehicles do not have any fixed colors that can make it convenient to identify a taxi. Any vehicle can be a taxi. You can identify a taxi with their yellow number plate and the signage (if one exists). 
In Nassau and Paradise Island it is possible to get metered taxis. However most taxis in Bahamas including in Nassau operate on fixed point-to-point fares between various places. Fares are regulated by the government. The Road Traffic Department of Government of Bahamas issues a fare chart showing fares between various destinations. 
Note that the Road Traffic Department published fares are the highest fares a taxi driver can charge you, and all such fares are negotiable. Before you get into a taxi, it is always better to confirm the fare for your destination in order to avoid dispute later. If you get used to the prevailing fares, you can even negotiate a fare with the driver based on your past experience, most locals do so. 
Taxis can be small cars/vans or large vans and rates are same for all. Note that taxis here can operate in shared basis. This means that based on seat availability, the driver can pick up other passengers from the stand or along the way. You can however check with the driver before getting in and he can agree to offer you a private ride, and this too is quite common. 
If you are on the road and see a taxi passing by, you can stop it and take a ride if seats are available. When empty, the taxis usually wait at one of the stands for passengers. It is easy to find taxis at Downtown Nassau, Airport or Cruise Terminal. But, if you are staying at an interior place, then it can be difficult to get one and you may need to take help of your hotel staff to get one. 
You can also call a taxi over phone. Here are few well known taxi contacts: 
  • Meter Cabs (Davis Street, Nassau): (242) 323-5111 
  • Bahamas Taxi Cab Union (Nassau Street): (242) 323-4555 

    Airport Transfers

    Once you land at Lynden Pindling International Airport at Nassau, you can easily walk across to the taxi rank located just outside the baggage claim section of both domestic and international terminals. The captain at the taxi rank will help you to get the next available taxi from the queue. This is the easiest way to take a transfer from the airport to your hotel. 
    If you are travelling with a group, just ask the captain and he will help you get the taxi with adequate capacity to accommodate your group. As mentioned earlier, taxi drivers are not supposed to charge more than the rates fixed by the government. However, there are some unscrupulous drivers who try to add up some extra charges including tips in the final fare which is illegal. While availing a taxi from the airport, the possibility of such cases is low. In case a driver does so, just refuse to pay the extra fare, or even better, ask the driver if he follows the regulated fixed fare chart before you board. 
    Some visitors tend to book a private transfer by taxi in advance. There is actually no need to do this because the taxi system at the airport's taxi rank is quite efficient and easy. Moreover, if you book a taxi in advance, you might face two issues... first, you might end up spending more time finding the car and walk further, and second, the charges might be higher because most of these companies offering private transfer services might add up additional charges for 'meet and greet' service and waiting time, etc. When you compare several quotes, you might find varying offers and rates. 
    If you prefer to book a private taxi transfer in advance, go through the Nassau Tour Operators listed below, all of them offer transfer services as well. 
    Also, check out this list for all the taxi companies offering transfer services from and to the Nassau airport and their contact details. 

    Taxi Fares

    Below are the government regulated fares between Lynden Pindling International Airport of Nassau and various destinations within New Providence (Nassau) and Paradise Island. 
    Nassau Airport To
    Bain Town & Grants Town
    Cable Beach
    Coral Harbour
    Elizabeth & East End
    Lyford Cay
    Mount Pleasant
    Montague Shores
    Paradise Island
    Prince George Dock
    South Ocean
  • The fares in the above table are applicable for two passengers and are the maximum fares to be charged for two persons. Each additional passenger would attract an additional charge of $4 each. Children under 3 years of age are free. 
  • There is a one-way Bridge Toll of $2 per taxi while going to Paradise Island. There is no bridge toll on return. 
  • Only two bags (one suitcase and one carry on bag) per person are allowed free. Additional piece of luggage would be charged extra at the rate of $2 per bag. Oversized bags, golf bags and boxes are subject to an additional fee of $3 each. 
  • 15% tips on the fare is the usual norm, if you like the service. 
  • While availing transfer in a taxi, if you stop the taxi on the way for some reason such as for picking up groceries, withdrawing cash from ATM etc, the taxi driver can charge you extra. So mention about your stoppage time with the driver and work out the stoppage charge in advance. 
    As an example, if 5 of you travel from Lynden Pindling International Airport of Nassau to a hotel in Paradise island, the total taxi fare would be: 
    $38 for the first two passengers, plus 
    $4 x 3 = $12 for the additional 3 passengers (assuming no kid below 3), plus 
    $2 for the Bridge Toll (not applicable while returning) 
    = $52 + any fees for extra luggage + 15% tips 

    Taxi Tours

    You can also hire a taxi by the hour. The hourly rate fixed by the Government is $60 for the taxi. Which means that irrespective of the number of passengers, you pay $60 per hour for the whole taxi - large or small. You can even negotiate the rate if you are hiring for several hours. 
    Hiring by the hour is very useful when you are in a group or family, and would either like to tour around the island, or like to shop or dine around or do pub hopping etc. The taxi will be exclusively yours for the hours you pay for. However you need to tell the driver in advance the duration you want to hire. 
    Look for the insignia showing 'BahamaHost' on the taxi (mostly on their windows - written on a blue circle). These taxi drivers have been certified by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and have special knowledge about the island, its attractions and history, and also about its people and culture. So as you tour the island, the driver would provide you a lot of information along the way. 
    Guided Taxi Tours 
    While hiring a taxi from the stand or over phone at an hourly rate is one option, if you want a proper guided taxi / van tour, it is better to pay a little extra and avail a professional tour customized for you. There are taxi tour operators whose drivers are themselves great guides. 
    They will work out a tour plan for you according to your group or family choices. You can have half day island tour for 3-4 hours, or a full day island tour of 8 hours. You can specify the kind of places and attractions and activities you would like to pursue (like historical sites, beaches, swimming, snorkeling, visiting museums, sightseeing etc) and they would come up with several options. Not only that, they also include lunch, snacks and beverages as part of the package. 
    Such guided tour package usually works on a per person rate. The indicative per person rate for an 8 hour tour in New Providence Island (i.e. Nassau and Paradise Island combined) would be around $75 per person including homemade lunch and beverages. The rate however depends on the group size.  
    There are taxis with certified tour guides available for touring Nassau and Paradise island at a per person rate. Which means that even if you are not in a group and like to avail a taxi tour, you can pay a per person fare and avail the tour with other fellow passengers who too would book similarly. 
    The entry fee to the historical sites are usually outside the tour rates (admission fee to most historical sites in New Providence island is $1, entry to public beaches are free). 

    Taxi Tour Operators

    There are small as well as big taxi operators in Nassau. The smaller ones are usually run by individuals who are often the drivers themselves and double up as the guide. These taxi services tend to be more personalized and informal. And there are large operators who run a fleet of vehicles of all kinds... budget as well as luxury cars. Below are some well known taxi tour operators in Nassau: 
    Taxis for private tours and transfers, Nassau 
    Nassau Taxis 
    Photo: Bahamas Experience Tours 
    Cheryl's Taxi Tours 
    She is registered under Bahamas Taxi and won Tripadvisor "Award of Excellence". She has three Luxury 15 Seater Hiace Toyota Taxi Vans and a 30 seater bus for tours and transfers - all are air conditioned and very nicely maintained. The guided tours are available for touring Nassau and Paradise island. 
    Office Hours Phone (9am-5pm, 7 days a week): 
    1 (242) 423 4982; 1 (242) 393 9899 
    Phone during Out of Office Hours: 
    1-242-423-4982 or 1-242-525-5729 
    Sandra Ferguson Taxi & Tours 
    Sandra has air-conditioned vans and provides customized tours including historical tours, beach tours, cultural tours etc in Nassau / Paradise Island. You can design the tour with her help. Tours usually last from 3 to 5 hours. 
    Her drivers are 'Bahama Host' certified knowledgeable and professional tour guides. Tours can cover sites such as Historic downtown, Queens Staircase and Fort, Ardastra Gardens, Fish Fry at Arawak Cay, Graycliffs Chocolate tour, Gambier, Clifton Heritage Park etc. 
    She also offers transfer services, dinner pickup, transport for shopping etc in Nassau / Paradise Island area. 
    Phone: 242-525-9532 
    Jermaine's Taxi & Tours 
    Jermaine is a well behaved, friendly and knowledgeable driver with a lot of experience of touring in New Providence Island. He is never tired with questions. He has air-conditioned van. A typical 2-hour sightseeing tour for five or more persons will cost $36 per person which is quite economical. He will of course customize the tour and duration as per your choices. He also offers airport pick up / drop and transfer services. 
    Phone: 1-(242)-425-1789 
    Majestic Tours 
    Founded in 1959, they are one of the largest taxi service operator in Bahamas and have a modern fleet of cars of all types.  They offer service such as shared shuttle bus transfers from/to the airport, private transportation in limousines, town cars, SUV's, 10/15 passenger vans, 29 passenger buses, as well as handicapped transportation. Drivers are all well trained professionals. 
    Majestic has tour desks at most of the major hotels in Nassau. 
    Phone: 1-242-322-2606; 1-242-677-2600 
    Bahamas Experience Tours 
    Operating for over 30 years, they too are a large operator with about 80 vehicles that includes air conditioned 29-passenger coaches, mini-vans (11-15 seats), 3-seater sedans, SUV's, limousines, small and large luggage vans etc. 
    They offer round trip transfer services from/to Lynden Pindling International Airport, Prince George Wharf, and hotels in Paradise Island, Cable Beach, and South West New Providence. 
    Address: Bay Street, P.O. Box N-4846, Nassau, Bahamas 
    Phone: +1 (242) 397-5000 
    Open Hours: 8:00am - 10:00pm, daily. 
    Leisure Travel & Tours Ltd 
    They have been in operation for over 25 years and are well known for sightseeing tours. Their fleet of vehicles comprises of air-conditioned coaches (22 and 12 passenger), sedans, luxury limousines, SUV's and luggage vans. 
    Phone: (242) 325-6848 
    Dan Knowles Tours 
    They provide guided tours and ground transportation and transfers. 
    Phone: (242) 393-2220; (954) 284 5401 
    Hours: 7:30am 6:00pm 
    Taxis with Certified Tour Guides 
    While entering the Festival Place (just outside the cruise terminal at Prince George Wharf in Nassau), look at the top corners of the large gate, you can see the rates and phone no. for certified taxi tour guides displayed by Bahamas Tourism. These taxi tours operate on a per person fare ($30 per person), show you the main attractions of Nassau and Paradise Island over a duration of 2 hours 30 minutes. 
    For booking one of these guided taxi tours, call: 242-302-2031, 502-9150, 322-7623 
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