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Several scooter rental companies are available in Nassau as well as Grand Bahama. In Nassau, riding a scooter is tricky because of the road conditions ... roads are often crowded particularly in the downtown area, sometimes quite narrow, winding and with different elevations. 
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Also remember that you need to drive on the left side of the road in Bahamas. So scooter ride is recommended only if you are an experienced rider. Otherwise better to rent a car. 
On an average, a scooter would rent for $35 per hour. However for more number of hours, the average hourly rate comes down... for example average rental rate for 2 hours is $45, for 4 hours is $65, for 8 hours is $85 and so on. The rates and packages do vary between rental companies. 
Some companies also offer daily or 2-3 day special rate. There is separate charge for insurance (around $10) and full tank fuel which is provided at the beginning (around $10). 
Taxes (VAT) would be further added. Most companies would also take a security deposit (of around $20) which is given back when you return the scooter. Up to two persons can ride a scooter. Helmets, instructions (often very short to none), island map etc are usually provided. 
Note that you need to have a valid license to drive a scooter and minimum age should be 21. For driving cars, the minimum age required is 21 (some companies insist for a minimum age of 25). Helmets, basic driving instructions, map etc are given by the operators. 
Here are some of the well known scooter rental companies: 


Location: Nassau - outlets at Prince George wharf cruise terminal and Cable beach. 
Operating since 2002. 
Rents: Scooters, cars, buggies/Jeeps, ATVs 
Hours: 9am - 5pm (seven days a week)  
Phone:  1(242) 477-6778 / (242)422-JEEP (5337) 
C&C Scooter Rentals 
Location: Nassau, Prince George Wharf Cruise Terminal 
Phone: (242) 456-1905, (242) 558-3146 
Fathia Investments 
Location: Nassau, Prince George Wharf Cruise Terminal 
Phone: (242) 326-7211, (242) 356-5739 
Fax: (242) 324 6001 
J&S Scooter Rentals 
Location: Nassau, Prince George Wharf (Cruise Terminal) 
Rents: Scooters and Buggies 
Office Hours : 9am - 5pm. 
Office No. : 242-363-1283 
Mobile No. : 242-424-2844 
Office Hours : 9am - 5pm. 
Knowles Scooter Rental 
Location: Nassau, Prince George Wharf Cruise Terminal 
Phone: (242) 356-0741, (242) 357-7032 
Unique Rentals 
Location: Nassau, across the street from cruise terminal 
Rents: Scooters and Buggies 
Open all seven days 
Phone Nassau - (242) 457-1906, (954) 640-3106 

Grand Bahama

Bowe’s Scooter Rentals 
Location: Freeport, Grand Bahama Island. Scooter outlet is available at the main entrance to the paking lot of Port Lucaya Marketplace. 
Phone: (242) 374-2540 
Celebrity Rent A Car 
Location: Freeport, Grand Bahama Island 
Phone: (242) 351-6676, (242) 351-6632 
Island Jeep & Car Rental 
Location: Outlets at Freeport International Airport, Lucayan Cruise Ship Harbor, Island Seas Resort (near Port Lucaya), Memories Grand Bahama Beach Resort. They offer free pick up and drop offs. 
Rents: Scooters, Cars, Jeeps, Vans 
Main Office: (242) 373-4001/2 Cell: (242) 727-2207 
Airport: (242) 351-4810 / Lucayan Cruise Ship Harbour: (242)351-7333  
US: (954) 237-6660; Canada: (905) 231-1689 
Lucaya Watersports & Tours 
Location: Outlets at Port Lucaya (Seahorse Road) and Taino Beach Resort (Jolly Roger Drive) 
Office: (242) 373-6375 or (242) 350-2242  
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