Getting Around Grand Bahama
Local Transportation

You have several options in local transportation to get around the island of Grand Bahama including public buses (actually minibuses locally known as Jitneys), taxis, car rentals, and scooter rentals. You can even hire a taxi on an hourly rate and tour the island. Several taxi drivers are quite knowledgeable about Grand Bahama, its landmarks, historic sites, people and†culture, and are themselves great guides. You can also experience the island on a bicycle like locals or even on a motorized bicycle. 
If you are looking for shuttle or transfer services between Grand Bahama Airport and Freeport or other places within the island, or between the Freeport Cruise Port and Downtown or other places within Grand Bahama, go through this Viator Website Page get several options that you can book online. 


This is the cheapest form of public transportation in the island. The minibuses (i.e. Jitneys) are convenient to reach out to almost all places in the island including Downtown Freeport, Port Lucaya, as well as eastern and western end of the island. 
The service is quite frequent and starts from 7am in the morning until sunset (6pm). There is no fixed schedule as such... the buses start as soon as enough passengers have boarded. Bus fares are fixed and depends on your destination and would need to be paid in exact change.  
Here are the main bus routes and fares: 
  • Between Downtown Freeport and Port Lucaya Marketplace. The bus depot at Freeport is at the City Market (formerly Winn Dixie Plaza). In Port Lucaya the bus depot is about 400m west of Port Lucaya Marketplace on Seahorse Drive. The bus fare between any two points in Downtown Freeport and up to Port Lucaya is only $1.  
  • From Downtown Freeport, the bus service extends to several destinations both towards the eastern as well as western end of the island. In western end, you can reach up to West End along Queen's Highway. Fare along this route can be $1.25 to $4 (one way) depending on your destination. At the eastern end the bus service extends up to Mclean's Town along Grand Bahama Highway. Bus fare along eastern end can be between $1.25 to $8 (one way) depending on the destination. If you are unsure about the fare, ask the driver, but carry enough change. 
    Although there are public bus service at the cruise terminal (i.e. Freeport Harbor) that costs $5 per person one-way to get to the Freeport city or to return, you should note that this bus service is not geared for cruise ship passengers and is mainly meant for the locals working at the cruise terminal. It is not quite practical for cruise passengers to plan bus trips from/to the cruise port. You can avail taxis, or rent a car or a scooter at the cruise port... more information below. 
    Note that several hotels in Grand Bahama offer free shuttles to downtown, Port Lucaya and beaches. There is no bus service available at the airport. However you will get ample taxis there. 


    Taxis are available at the Grand Bahama International Airport, Cruise Terminal, most major hotels and†resorts, shopping centers including Port Lucaya Marketplace and even at several popular beaches. You can also call a taxi over the phone ... either directly calling a driver whose phone number is known to you from your previous trip or calling up the taxi service such as Grand Bahama Taxi &†Tours run by Grand Bahama Taxi Union. 
    However taxis are expensive compared to any other mode of transport in Grand Bahama. Taxis in Grand Bahama operate in two types of fares - Zoned and Metered
    Zoned fares are flat rates between two places. There is a chart (approved by the Road Traffic Department) which is followed by taxi drivers although deviations can also take place. So know the fare to your destination before you board in order to avoid disputes. Also remember that the chart fares are the highest that a taxi driver can ask for between two designated places. 
    The other fare type is metered fare. The metered fare rates are fixed by the government and are quite reasonable. If you are not comfortable with flat fares, you can always request the driver to turn on the meter so that you can pay by the meter. Metered fare is $3.25 at taxi start and then $2.42 for every kilometer (0.62 mile). There is extra charge for waiting time at stores, ATM etc ($70 per hour). 
    Note that all taxi fares in Grand Bahama (flat or metered) are for two persons with two small bags. If there is an extra person or a bag, there is a surcharge. Taxi fares within Freeport and Port Lucaya would range from $11 to $24 for two persons depending on the distance. There would be a surcharge of $3 for an extra person and $1 for an extra bag. A 15% tip is normal. 
    Both Grand Bahama Inter National Airport and the Cruise Port (Freeport Harbor) have taxi stands where good number of taxis are usually available. From the cruise port, one-way taxi fare to the Port Lucaya Marketplace would be around $30. Although taxis at the cruise port and the airport are usually metered, it would be wise to agree on a fare before you board. 

    Taxi Operators

    Other than Taxis operated by Grand Bahama Taxi Union, there are several individual taxi drivers who offer transfer services and taxi tours in their private taxis which may be a normal air-conditioned car accommodating up to 4 passengers or a larger van with a capacity of 15. For point-to-point transfers, they too follow the same fare rates as any other taxis in the island. 
    You can also hire a taxi by the hour to tour the island or visit places of your interest. You can book a small taxi for an approximate hourly rate of $50. If you book it for several hours, you can even negotiate the rate. While taking your first taxi ride in the island (for example getting to your hotel from the airport), it can be a good idea to make friends with the driver if you happen to like him. Most drivers would be more than willing to offer their mobile numbers, provide pick up and drop service, or even go with an hourly rate if you tell them in advance. 
    Here are some taxi operators that have earned good names for themselves: 
    Grand Bahama Taxi &†Tours 
    (By Grand Bahama Taxi Union) 
    This is run by the taxi drivers association in Grand Bahama. You can call them up for any taxi service. They will either send a taxi to you, or sometimes ask you to call an individual driver who may be free at that time. Since you may not know the driver who gets assigned to you, this service is mostly suitable when you are looking for a quick transfer or have no other option left. 
    Their office is located at the Old Airport Road in Freeport. 
    Phone: 242-352-7101 
    She is an individual driver, very polite and†patient. She would also advise you about the places which may be of interest to you, answer all questions you have and guide you. Like most taxis in the island, she too is registered with Grand Bahama Taxi Union. She is available on Whatsapp in the following number. 
    Phone: (242) 807-6079 
    Hayward Forbes 
    A very courteous, professional and well dressed man who is highly knowledgeable about Grand Bahama and is a great guide himself. He too is registered with Grand Bahama Taxi Union but would be glad to provide taxi service if you call him directly. 
    Phone: (242) 375-5100 
    Queenie &†Co 
    Another very nice and friendly lady driver, Queenie is great driver to take you around the island. She will wait wherever you ask her to and is a very kind natured person. 
    Phone: (242) 352-2819 

    Scooter Rentals

    If you are comfortable with driving on the left, then scooter is one of the best ways to explore the nooks and crannies of the island. You have the flexibility of stopping anywhere you like, plus this is a relatively economical way of taking a tour of the island. The operator would provide you with helmet, riding instructions and an island map. 
    There can be single seater as well as double seater scooters... rates accordingly vary. On an average you can rent a double seater scooter in Grand Bahama @ $45 for two hours. The rate comes down with more number of hours. Insurance and fuel charges are extra. You should have a scooter driving license and be 21 or over to be eligible to rent a scooter. 
    There are several scooter rental companies in both Freeport and Lucaya. You can find rows of scooters on a depot next to the Tourist Information Center at Port Lucaya Marketplace. 
    You can walk down to the kiosk of Island Jeep &†Car Rental located at the cruise port to rent a scooter, car, jeep or a van. Celebrity Eco Tours also has a shop at the cruise port to rent cars or scooters. 

    Car Rentals

    While there are several local and international car rental companies in Freeport and Port Lucaya, you need to ensure that you are comfortable driving on the left. Although the rates for the International companies like Avis, Dollar, Hertz etc are higher, the condition of the cars offered by them are also often better than what you get from the local companies. 
    You need to have a valid driving license and be minimum 21 years old to rent a car here. Your home country driving license can be used to rent a car for a maximum of up to 3 months in Grand Bahama. Average rental rate from a local company would be around $50 - $60 per day while from an international company it would start from $90 per day. 
    Here are some of the well known car rentals in Grand Bahama (International and Local). 
    Grand Bahama International Airport, Freeport. 
    You can also book a car online. 
    Phone: (242) 351-2847 International Terminal 
    Phone: (242) 352-7666 Domestic Terminal 
    Brad's Car Rental 
    They are one of the cheapest and located at the Grand Bahama International Airport. They have cars of different sizes and†makes, SUVís and vans. 
    Phone: (242) 352-7930; Email: [email protected] 
    CarWrights Rent-a-car 
    Located at Grand Bahama International Airport, Freeport. 
    Phone: 242-351-3002 
    Celebrity Car Rental 
    Located at Grand Bahama International Airport, Freeport. They also have a shop at cruise terminal. 
    Phone: (242) 351-6676; 351-6632 
    Dollar Car Rental 
    Grand Bahama International Airport (International Terminal) 
    Phone: (242) 352-9325 
    Grand Bahama International Airport (International Terminal) 
    Phone: (242) 352-9250 
    Island Jeep and†Car Rental 
    Grand Bahama International Airport and Freeport Harbor (cruise terminal). 
    Phone: (242) 351-4810, 373-4001/2, 727-2207 
    KSR Rent-A-Car 
    Location: International Terminal of the airport and also on Queen's Highway, Freeport 
    Phone: (242) 351-5737; Email: [email protected] 
    M&K Car Rental 
    Grand Bahama International Airport 
    Phone: (242) 351-3830 

    Bicycle Rentals

    This is a great way to move around in the island like locals as you ride your bicycle along the tree lined streets and alleyways and experience the island. Bicycle rental rates can range from $15 to $20 for four hours and $25 - $30 for 8 hours. You †an get both beach bikes and mountain bikes. The rental companies also offer helmet and map. 
    Here are the well known bicycle rental companies: 
    Lucaya Watersports &†Tours 
    They are located at Port Lucaya Marketplace (Sea Horse Road, Lucaya) 
    Phone: (242) 373-6375; 350-2242 
    Mac Cycle &†Sports 
    Lot 4 East Atlantic Drive, Freeport (about 1.4 miles from downtown Freeport towards south). 
    Phone: (242) 352-2629 
    Grand Bahama Nature Tours 
    They offer bicycle sightseeing, beach and shopping group tours on per person rate which includes the cycle, light lunch, guide etc. Tour costs $89 per person. 
    Phone: (242) 373-2485; Toll free: 1-866-440-4542 
    Coconutz Cruisers 
    They offer motorized bicycling tours taking you along the coastline, showing you some of the great landmarks of Grand Bahama and letting you experience authentic Bahamian cuisine. Tour costs $119.99 per person. 
    Port Lucaya Market Place area. Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:30am - 4:00pm  
    Phone: (242) 808-7292; Email: [email protected] 

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