Marsh Harbor

Getting Here: If you are coming by flight… this is probably where you are landing. The main dock and the major airport of Abaco are both in Marsh Harbor so it has best accessibility from all points. 
Many tourists prefer to base their stay in Marsh Harbor as it has easy accessibility to many tourist points in Abaco along with the best dining and shopping options. This is the largest settlement on the Abaco and most of the islands population lives here. 
There is also a lot of variety in terms of accommodation options in Marsh Harbor... lots of condo complexes and hotels are clustered around the main beaches. Great ones include Abaco Beach Resort & Harbor, Conch Inn Hotel, Pelican Beach Villas, Lofty Fig Villas, Turtle Hill Vacation Villas etc….all of these have private marinas and docks so in case you want to take your own boat to reach, these are ideal choices. 
Marsh Harbor is linked to a tarred main highway (roads all over the islands are not this good elsewhere) and you can drive down visiting all the settlements with interesting names like Snake Cay, Mango Hill, Fire Road and Hole in the Wall
Marsh Harbor is close to many beaches… Crossings Beach is to the North, Snake Cay is to the South, Cemetery Beach is the North East and Garbanzo beach is to the South East. 
Some of the nice places you can check out in Marsh Harbor are Colors by the Sea, Jip Room Restaurant and Bar, Snappa’s, Jamie’s Place and Bliss Coffee Shop. Maxwell’s Supermarket is where you should go to stock up on your groceries. 
Map of Marsh Harbor, Bahamas 
Nearby Places & Attractions 
Great Guana Cay 
Getting Here:  This 7 mile long island is only 8 miles away from the Marsh Harbor Airport. A short taxi ride takes you to the ferry that will transport you to Great Guana Cay. Any place on this cay is accessible by walking, bicycling and travelling via golf cart rentals. 
In case you want an authentic Bahamian experience which is all about swimming and relaxing on not so crowded beaches then visiting the Great Guana Cay is a must-do activity. The beach is about 6.5 miles long making it one of the longest beaches in Bahamas. Not many people stay around here and you can get to imbibe the Bahamian way of life with plenty of local liquor options, all day pig roasts and not much of glamor. On weekends beach parties with live music and beach dancing take place. Great Guana Cay has a bar called Nippers which gets impossible traffic on the weekends… the bar overlooks the Atlantic. The drinks here are called Nippers…the dancing and music here makes this one a winner. Other bars to check out are Blue Water Grill, Grabbers Bar etc. 
In case you want to try out boating and snorkeling you can contact Maria and Troy at Dive Guana (Phone: +1 (242) 365-5178; Email: [email protected]
Black Tip Cove is 1.5 miles away from the settlement harbor at Great Guana Cay so that’s one place you can check out too. You can visit the 3rd largest reef on the world (it’s saturated with exotic marine life) that’s just 100 yards away from the Cay. 
Little Harbor/ Cherokee 
Getting Here: Cherokee Sound and Little Harbor can be easily reached by car from Marsh Harbor (it’s a 45 minute ride and you will need a tough vehicle). Also if you drive south for an hour from Treasure Cay then you will reach Little Harbor. 
Little harbor is a sheltered anchorage that lies on the south end of Great Abaco Islands. This is not a glamorous place but it’s good for tourists who want to experience the local culture. There are caves in here that sailors have occupied for months back in the ancient 1800’s. 
The harbor is beautiful with great views. There is an art gallery called Pete’s Club here that is a must visit spot. There is an underexplored little beach at the back side of Little Harbor ad there is the Jhonstons Foundry that displays good work. 
Other places to visit here are the winding bay trails, lighthouse and Ezras Picnic Spot. The most prominent place to stay here is the Abaco Club that happens to be a Ritz Carlton enterprise. You can also take a kayak ride from Little Harbor to Cherokee by following the Yellow Wood Creek. 
Blue holes are aplenty around (tom curry’s point is a famous one) but you would need a trained guide along to show you the places. One interesting point about this place is that the homes here run only on solar power. 
Cherokee is a quaint cute little fishing town that’s also a good place to visit. There is a long dock here where tourists go for a swim and then they interact with the locals. You can spend a nice quiet day by combining a visit to both Little Harbor and Cherokee… get lunch at Petes club and check the art… admire the ocean and then drive around to Cherokee…. swim in the waters and check the long dock before heading back. 
If you are driving back from Cherokee Sound to Great Abaco and turning southwards then there is a pretty little fishing village called Casuarina Point where there are lovely stretches of sand and blue flats (good place for bone fishing). Some distance away southwards is another fishing hamlet called Crossing Rocks (this is where Great Abaco shrinks to its narrowest point). 
Man O War Cay and Albury’s Boat Studio 
Getting Here: to reach Man O War Cay you need to cross the waters from Marsh Harbor Dock… the ride will last a good 20 minutes. Albury’s Ferry runs reliable rides (phone: 242 367 3147/ 242 365 6010) and leaves from a small dock which is near the Abaco Beach Resort. 
Abaco has always been famous for boat building and Man O War Cay is believed to be a boat building hub. The cay is sparsely populated by residents who are descendants of the early settlers and boat builders like Billie Jo and Joe Albury. Albury had legendary skills in making handcrafted boats and these skills have been passed on from generation to generation. 
There are many tourists who visit Joe Albury’s boat studio to admire the array of model boats and dinghies. These make for nice souvenirs in case you are interested to pick up something that will remind you of the beautiful sailing vessels of Abaco. 
Norman Albury Sail Makers also make customized tote bags out of sailboat material (these aren’t available online making them an Abaco specific collectible). Other places you should check out while you are visiting Man O War Cay are Hibiscus Café, Dock N Dine and Joe’s Gift Shop. If you want to see the boat making process first hand then stopping at the Edwin’s Boat Yard is a nice idea. One point to remember here is that Man o war is a dry zone… you cannot buy alcohol here. 
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