Bermuda Wedding Music & Entertainment

Music and live entertainment can create wonderful atmosphere during different stages of a Bermuda wedding. The selections of the wedding music would typically depend on whether it's the bridal party’s procession or post marriage romantic moments or the wedding reception. 
During live musical entertainment, usually local musician are appointed in Bermuda weddings. At the time of marriage ceremony, chamber music or steel pans are often used. During the wedding reception,  a more up-beat or romantic rhythms are used to get guests on the dance floor with the newly wed couple. 
Here are some of the top DJ's in Bermuda who can be appointed for such live musical entertainment during different stages of the wedding in Bermuda. 
A & P Mobile DJ Services 
Paul, one of the top DJ performers in large Bermuda events, owns and operates this DJ services. He also plays in some of the very popular pubs in Bermuda including the Docksiders and Robin Hood
Contact: 68 Shelly Hall, 1 Shelly Hall Drive, Hamilton Parish, Tel: 441/ 293 6014 
Kevin Michael Ingham 
Being a local and entertaining veteran in Bermuda for over 20 years, his unique style stems from a blend of Christian, Island Pop, Reggae and Rock genres. During the last several years Kevin has been composing his own material. Email: [email protected] 
Danny Garcia 
They can be appointed for any type of  occasions including weddings, cruise party, cocktail parties, dinner dances, from Classical to Calypso, Solo Keyboard to Dance Bands  
Contact: PO Box SN280, Bermuda, Tel: 441/238 1777 
Tempo Entertainment 
They manage a wide variety of musical variations including piano, steel pan and vocal. Tempo has been one of Bermuda's very popular bands. 
Contact :PO Box SN 599, Southampton SN BX, Tel: 441/238 0474 
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