Garden House Bermuda

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Located in the western end of Bermuda in Sandys Parish, Garden house offers combination of apartment units and cottages in a quiet secluded place. The property with its 3-acres land area is owned by Rosanne Galloway, who is an fervent gardener and spends most of her time maintaining the beautiful landscaped garden. 
Garden House Bermuda 
Although the property is not on a beach front, but there are a number of interesting places to explore as you go around. Overall, the property provides an informal homelike atmosphere. 
There are three apartments and two cottages in the property. Rooms are furnished with Persian rugs and antique furniture. All units have patios that lead out to the gardens. The units have safe and kitchen with refrigerators. There are DVDs in some of the rooms as well. 
There is a swimming pool within the property. If you want to swim in deep water, you can walk across the long garden towards Ely's harbor and take a dip. Howeever the water quite deep. 
There are some interesting areas that you can explore around Garden House in Bermuda. There is a residential street called Wreck Road. This is a close to the Ely's harbor and there are beautiful mansions lined along the side of the road. At the far end, you will see a small beach. You can also go to Somerset Bridge from a dirt path that leads to Middle Road. 
Laundry service is available in Garden house. Smoking is not allowed inside. Credit cards are nor accepted. Garden House generally remains closed between December to February. 

My overall opinion

This is a nice quiet affordable accommodation. The location is also quite interesting to explore. However there is no beach nearby although Ely's Harbor is within easy walking distance. Rooms are quite large. Don't expect much services though. Overall it's a nice and relatively cheap stay option in the island. 

Location and Contacts

4 Middle Road, near Somerset Bridge, Sandys Parish, Bermuda. 
Phone: 441/234-1435 
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