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There are some great cottages and villas in Bermuda with picture perfect settings and ideal as vacation rentals. Such accommodations can be a great choice if you are looking for privacy and homelike atmosphere in a self catering type unit with a kitchen. There are also Bermuda Cottage Colonies which are typically up market, and most have their own beaches, pools and gardens. They also have a main building, Front Desk, restaurants, sitting room, lounge and bars. 
Cottages and villas that reviewed below are inspected and licensed by Bermuda Department of Tourism and are highly rated. Many of them require a minimum number of nights stay, usually a week, sometimes the owner can agree to 3-4 nights as well. However, some of them charge on the basis of per night stay like hotels. 
The rates vary. The cheapest ($) category can be between $150 - $175 for two persons per night. Keep in mind that there is generally a 9.75% occupancy tax and 10% resort levy applicable. Extra charge is applicable for additional persons, and sometimes even for children above some age. Ask the property owner about any extras that you might have to pay. In general, the rates do not include any meals or breakfast unless explicitly specified. 
Also note that all Bermuda Villas or Cottages may not have wi-fi or any form of internet access. You may like to check that before booking if that is your key requirement. 

The top villas andácottages

Here are my select Bermuda Cottages, Bermuda Villas and Cottage Colonies. 
Category: $, Location: Hamilton, Pembroke 
Mazarine by the sea has a lovely cottage and 7 apartments in Bermuda. It's right on the oceanfront and offers a great budget accommodation for a quiet stay. It is only 10 minutes walk from the city of Hamilton on the North Shore Road. This is where it gets as quiet as it can be in Bermuda. Great choice for a romantic vacation. 
Category: $, Location: Hamilton, Pembroke Parish 
Kingston House Bermuda offers a superb BnB lodging option if you prefer to stay a little away from the main city of Hamilton. The house, which gives a casual relaxed feel with home comfort, is located at an elegant garden suburb on the west of Hamilton city. If you like tranquility but want to be close to all the city actions, Kingston House can be a great choice. 
Category: $, Location: Sandys Parish 
There are three apartments and two nice cottages each with their own unique decor. The property has a pool and you can do deep water swimming as well in the nearby Ely's harbor. Overall it provides an informal, private and home like atmosphere. 
Category: $, Location: Paget Parish 
Greenbank Guesthouse and Cottages in Bermuda is located right on the salt Kettle Peninsula of Paget parish. The property has beautiful water view of Great Sound. 
Category: $$, Location: Warwick Parish 
This property has an old manor house with several units and a wonderful cottage. It opens out to the water views of the Great Sound. The south shore beaches are within easy reach. 
Category: $$, Location: Hamilton Parish 
This is a nice cottage colony located in Hamilton Parish between City of Hamilton and St. George's town. There are some rooms that have wonderful view of the ocean. 
Category: $$, Paget 
Cottage Colony of Fourways Inn Bermuda was opened in 1986, although the property with its typical Bermudian style, is over 250 years old. There are 11 units ranging from suites to deluxe cottages. The central location in Paget gives an easy access to beaches and city areas. 
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Category: $$, Location: Paget Parish 
Horizons and Cottages is located in Paget parish Bermuda. It offers a cottage colony having an array of 13 cottages with wonderful view of the ocean and the surrounding landscape. 
Category: $$, Location: Sandys Parish 
Spread over 18 waterfront acres on the western-most tip of Bermuda, it offers a spectacular setting for a relaxing vacation in an ecologically sound resort. The overall atmosphere is casual. There are 84 nice cabanas, many of them on the water. They are available on daily rates. 
Category: $$$, Location: Paget Parish 
Grape Bay Cottages are located on a private beach side in Bermuda's Paget Parish. There are two cottages with excellent view and access to the private Grape Bay beach. These are self catering units with modern amenities included like the wi-fi internet access. Ideal for romantic and beach vacations. 
Category: $$$, Location: St George Parish 
Although famous for golf, Mid Ocean Club offers excellent cottage type accommodations with private balcony and ocean view. 
Category: $$$$, Location: Smithĺs Parish 
Built in 1947, accommodations at Pink Beach Club Bermuda consist of two and three-story cottage buildings having a total of 94 rooms. All of them have beautiful ocean view. 
Category: $$$, Location: St George Parish 
Although known for golf, St George Club Bermuda offers excellent cottage accommodations over 18 acres of landscaped gardens. There are 71 cottages with private balconies or patios, and more units coming up. Although these cottages are part of timeshare properties, you can also rent them based on availability. 
Category: $$$$, Location: Paget Parish 
Coral Beach Club Bermuda is located in Paget parish and perched on a 26 acre lush gardens overlooking the south shore beaches. There are 13 cottages and 32 rooms and suites, all uniquely designed with modern amenities. 
Category: $$$$, Location: Sandys Parish 
This is one of the finest Bermuda resorts in Sandy parish. With a magnificent and exclusive private site, it overlooks Mangrove Bay and Long Bay. This is an up-market property for demanding visitors having high expectations. There are lovely cottages in the property. However, they are available by daily rates like in any luxury resort. 

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