Bermuda Love Festival

Bermuda International Love Festival has been an exclusive event for the couples who like to have an unmatched experience during the Valentines week. World’s some of the most beautiful pink sandy beaches, breathtaking marine life, wonderful scenery, lovely architecture, great hotels and dining have all been attracting romantic couples to Bermuda since ages. 
But Bermuda Love Festival is simply unique in its offerings. There are few things that you get only in romantic events like this. Dining with Elite guests and in exquisite ambience with food prepared by some of world's best chefs, VIP seating to attend performances from Grammy Winners or other world renowned performers, playing golf in exclusive environment, are some of the unique offerings of Bermuda Love Festival. In 2006, Bermuda International Love Festival was introduced for the first time and the island committed itself to be the love patron for guests all over the world. 

Schedule and Event details


2010 Schedule

Check out 2010 Love Festival Celebration to know how the 2010 Bermuda International Love Festival was actually celebrated in the island. 
Update: Love festival is no longer held in the island. Those who experienced it until 2010, would keep cherishing the unforgettable memories, knowing that this may not be held ever again. 
Update January 2012: Bermuda Department of Tourism has introduced a special travel program for the romantic couples called the Feel The Love Month which is open between January 16 - March 3, 2012. The couples can avail great deals that includes many free events, visits to attractions, discounted golfing, dancing, dining and even free night at the participating hotels. 

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