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The Department of Tourism in Bermuda has introduced an attractive offer for couples (both resident and visitors) to celebrate specially designed romantic events and activities during the love month of February. 
Following cancellation of Bermuda International Love Festival in 2011, the tourism department (and now Bermuda Tourism Authority, an autonomous body appointed by the department) is making an offer which is tailor-made for couples planning a romantic getaway in Bermuda. And the events and offers remain valid through the whole month of February instead of just for couple of days in Valentine's week during the earlier love festival  
To give you an idea about the events and activities, following were the offerings of love month in 2013: 
The package included many free events, rides and activities including visits to attractions, love cruises and train rides, dancing and salsa nights, shopping tours and lot more that provide a deep insight to the rich culture and heritage of the island. The deal also included discounted green times at the Port Royal course, free night at select hotels and resorts and more. 
The promotional deal was valid from January 21 to March 3, 2013. You could book your travel for two or more nights. The package included accommodations in beach side hotels, resorts, historic properties or clubs. You would get a free night stay if you booked for a minimum of 3 nights. Here is the complete description of the offerings: 
Mondays and Thursdays (8:30am - 12noon): Couples Golf Tournament 
The couples can avail 50% discount on the green time at Port Royal Golf Course located at Southampton which includes the cart. This is a PGA Grand Slam course. There will be tournaments held. The winning couples will receive great prizes from Department of Tourism. 
Tuesdays (1pm to 3pm): Masterworks Museum and Art 
You will be taken through a complimentary guided tour of Bermuda's one of the best art galleries known as the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art located at the Botanical Gardens. Following this you will listen to Bermuda's one of the top Saxophonists playing in the adjacent Rose Garden while you enjoy Champagne, chocolates and fruits. 
Wednesdays (11am - 12noon): Love Train Tour 
This is a free guided Train Trolley Tour of the Hamilton city. This mini train with wheels, runs on road. You will pass by great historical sites and learn about the historical background of the island. The tour will also offer great photographic opportunities of the City of Hamilton. You will board the train from Flagpole on Front Street. 
Thursdays (2pm to 4pm): Dockyard Glassworks 
Visit to the Dockyard Glassworks and watch the free demonstration from the artists using glass blowing method and making exquisite glass items. You will receive a free glass blown Love Bird. 
Fridays (11am - 12noon) City Shopping Tour 
The Town Crier Ed Christopher will be your personal guide as you go through the Shopping Tour in Hamilton City. He will narrate the historical facts about the city as you visit some of the best stores in Hamilton and avail special discounts. 
Fridays (2pm to 3:30pm) Love Cruise 
This complimentary cruise will take you around the Hamilton Harbor and show you some of the best romantic spots in the water area. On board you will listen to soft music and enjoy light refreshments. You will board the cruise from Albuoy's Point on Front Street, Hamilton City. 
Fridays (5:30pm - 7:30pm): Love Music 
You will listen live vocals from one of the top Bermuda's Musicians singing love songs. The event takes place at the Bermuda National Gallery located at City Hall in Hamilton City. There is no entry fee for the couples availing the Feel The Love Month package. 
Fridays (8:30pm - Mid Night): Salsa Dance and Musical Night 
Romantic music and dance at the Victoria Grill in Hamilton City. You will enjoy complimentary beverages. The couples will also receive special instructions in Latin dancing. 
Saturdays (10:30am - 11:45am): Walking Tour of St. George 
A personal guide will take you through a walking tour of St. George's Town - the world heritage site which is steeped with history. As you walk and discover the places in this romantic historic town, the guide will tell the tales of great love stories of Bermuda. The walking tour starts from the Town Hall of St. George
Saturdays (9pm - 12am): Robert and Jamie in Heritage Court 
Performance by Bermuda's one of the best duos .... a number of hit songs at the cozy lounge of Heritage Court of Hotel Hamilton Princess, in Hamilton City. 
76 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke. 
Update February 2015: This year the love month in Bermuda will include Yoga on the beach. The yoga classes will be conducted by the Bermudian Kallie Marcus on Chaplin Bay Beach (a lovely south shore beach in Southampton) on several days of the week during sunrise and sunset. Other activities targeted for romantic couples (although anyone can participate) would be Rum and Romance at the sea, rose garden tours at some of the most lovely garden villas in the island, pottery classes, workshops giving lessons on making fragrances and perfumes etc. 

For More Information

Contact Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) 
22 Church Street, Hamilton, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 296 9200 
Toll Free: 1.800.BERMUDA (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST) 
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