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Bermuda Chess Tournament

Bermuda International Open Chess Tournament was created when several chess players from all over the world including players from Bermuda met at another chess event in Malta in 1980. They decided to create the tournament to encourage friendship among the players from different cultures, languages and backgrounds. 
Many tourists from all over the world also come to see the tournament. Dr. Michael Radford, a local player, said "It since has become the most sought after social event of the Chess Olympiads and has grown to over 1,000 guest attendees from over 150 countries". 

2011 Bermuda International Open Chess Tournament schedules

2011 Bermuda Open Chess Tournament will be held in the Fairmont Southampton Hotel between Feb 11 - 13. On Thursday Feb 10, there will be a Cocktail Party and Welcome reception at 6pm followed by the Traditional Bermuda Blitz at 8pm. 
O5 rd. Swiss: Friday, Feb 11: round 1 at 8pm; Saturday &Sunday 9 &3. on Sunday evening, round 5 is followed by a full buffet dinner and open bar in Somerset &exciting Blitz playoff if necessary to break ties. Most Bermuda players taking part are rated. FIDE ratings are available. 
Entry fee $125; Call the hotel @ 1-866-540-4497 or 1-441-238-8000 for further information. 

2010 Updates

In 2010, Michael Scott, the acting Minister of Tourism and Transport welcomed the players and their families. Mr. Scott opened the tournament by making the first move of the day in a game between Grandmaster Larry Christiansen and Denis Strenzwilk, both Americans. Stenzwilk has been participating in the tournament since it began many years back.  
In total 58 players will compete in the tournament in 2010 including four Grandmasters, among them is last year's winner Pascal Charbonneau of Canada.  
Also playing are promising juniors, from the Gilbert Institute, Lishon Martin and Luca Legrenzi. 
Update 2012: The Bermuda Chess Tournament is no longer taking place. 

Contacts for further info

Bermuda Chamber of Commerce. 
1 Point Pleasant Road, Hamilton 
PO Box HM 655, Hamilton HM CXI 
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